"Freedom Riders" Trailer

boarding that Greyhound bus to travel through the heart of the deep south I felt there I felt happy I felt liberated I was like a soldier in a non violent army I was ready I'm on my way I'm sorry I'm management does not allow us to serve niggers in here the Freedom Rides of 1961 were a simple but daring plan to put blacks and whites on commercial buses they would deliberately violate the segregation laws these people are going from town to town getting off the bus Negro man and white went to provoke back survived the idea of going into Mississippi and going into Alabama and challenging segregation so frontally is something that alarmed not only those who have post-civil rights but those within the civil rights community I don't question me a legal right to travel but I questioned their wisdom some people can get hurt that was that feeling I just like to punch some of them damn agitators right in the face that will the mob look like a thousand people they had these iron pipes they were screaming calum niggas and they had babies and on I asked God to be with me to give me the strength I would need to remain nonviolent and to forgive them take a take be willing to accept death we're going to keep coming until we can life beware yourself anything else mr. blesses our economy years buses are it was America it was interracial it was inter-regional it was secular and religious it was a shining moment your parents tell you don't start something to gain finish finish it

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