Freedom River

there once was discovered the land where freedom flowed like a clear refreshing stream word of this wondrous stream spread to places where the currents of freedom were weak and dying many who heard of the river long to come and live in this new land to refresh themselves in the stream but they knew that the power of freedom was great but it would renew their hope and replenish their energy so they came tasted the waters of freedom were refreshed and they said here is the greatness of this land so long as this stream flows strong clear our people will be filled with life and hope our land will bring forth a vigorous and abundant life but if these waters cease to flow or lose their clarity our land will decay and die the new land prospered the people tilled the soil and built great cities remarkable inventions new ideas made life rich and joyous in this land of freedom the people became content I'm good to live in this most fabled land they grew proud how well our hands have cultivated and built their frying grooves grew they did not know that too much pride could blind them they did not know that too much pride could make them arrogant foolish and so it happened that because they so coveted the river they borrowed from it people who looked unfamiliar or talked differently in the false belief that strangers were not deserted little remembering that not long ago they too were strangers when new ideas were proposed the people ridiculed him for they were now afraid to change the old ways when some among them arose and selfishly took more than their share the people did not stop him but instead resolved to do the same instead of helping those who were ill and weak they despised them and chastised them for their idleness when a wise man stood up and said look the waters are be clouding they could not see it for their pride made the blind they tried again to make them see they shut him up for his vision infuriated by how could they act differently they loved the stream as they remembered it fresh and clear and could not bear to look upon its decay for the children unblinded by old recollection saw it too they cried out but their fathers called them ungrateful and punished and even as the river grew weak and muddy glid leaders said it was strong and clear and must be sent to certain deserving lands but the people believed them and allowed their precious little fluid to be spilled upon alien soil the people feeling their hopes dying and their energy waning finally looked at the river they saw it was wasted and stagnant the spirit of despair is great in that the people became confused they did not know what to do in the darkness of that hour they heard many voices some said only lowers a fancy too much freedom causes disorder now people are not ready for the river of freedom perhaps later we will stop the river and start it again what is but other voices said let us work to make the waters of freedom flow fresh and strong again where it has been told by our foolishness it can be made clear by our wisdom where it is grown stagnant from our neglect it can be kept fresh by our vigilance and the people listening said the life or death of the river of freedom is in our hands

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  • The State is the biggest enemy of freedom. That is why America's founders believed in a limited government whose powers were divided. If more freedom is what you want, never look to get it from the State.

  • It’s funny that some many folks keep arguing that it paints socialism in a bad light when in reality it’s the strongest argument in its favor.

    The whole cartoon is about how unchecked greed, corporationism, Neoliberalism, neoconservativism and other ideologies have polluted American values due to the obsession with wealth and with the rich. Essentially if workers and the common folk have more rights and freedoms the Freedom River would be cleansed because the uber rich fatcat corporates are nothing more than neomonarchists. If our society focused on letting others come in to America, focus on improving workers rights and other important social issues we would be in a prosperous time. The true American values are all about freedom and liberty and that should apply to workers and folks in general. I’m not advocating a complete removal of capitalism but more a mixed economy closer to the Nordic model.

  • I remember watching this on an animation compilation disc when I was like 7. A few mounth back tried looking for it but couldn't find it. I'm glad I found it by chance.

  • This legit made me cry as a kid. I was surprised that I understood what it was saying at that time but all in all this is still a beautiful masterpiece. I'm glad i found this again

  • It was the free movement of good, services, and ideas that made America great. Anyone who was willing to work hard could raise their family from poverty in a single generation. Then communists came along who said that the most successful were too successful, that they were holding the poor back. But their solution was not more freedom, but a stronger State which could redistribute wealth at gunpoint and could solve people's personal problems. They advocated a voluntary return to slavery where a few held all of the power so that everyone could live at the same level of poverty. Enforcing equality of outcome is the opposite of freedom.

  • This is such a trippy part of my childhood. I remember this cartoon on a Toon Factory DVD. I remember after eating way too much one night I fell asleep to this video and woke up throwing up. Trippy.

  • Ah is this about America because I'm confused they are right about all that came to America before were immigrants cause the land was already occupied by the Indians but the fact that they showing white ppl being proud because of there labor to the land was very confusing i thought it was the Africans was the ones how work the land as slaves why did they keep that part out for. BTW y they still calling negro ppl who born in the country African American it supposed to b just American they don't call a white person American Europeanjust saying

  • You can see the trend here to postmodern thinking…beyond right and wrong, beyond truth, etc. How often have we as a society wished we could hit the reset button?

  • What was prophetic about it? Things went downhill during the industrial revolution, maybe earlier, as corporations were invented.

  • "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." – Benjamin Frankin

    It's foolish to shelter a child, because the child will not learn the truth and will be at a disadvantage when the truth arrives.

  • I dearly love what this cartoon says to many people.This simply says, if we don't look at ourselves for freedom,then what freedom needs to carry on?I mean….It's fucking rediculious to me,if you ask.If you want change ,then look at you and do it .Don't just stay there and think so much about it.Remember, there is non to fear,but fear itself.Change you…….It will help. #GRASS MAYBE GREEN, BUT THERE'S HOLES AND SHIT ON IT!

  • The only problem with it is that it is not told enough to many generations of our own kind, so they won't repeat history!

  • What an absolutely amazingly poignant story!! WE HAVE TO "Wake-Up!" from our Orchestrated mind-numbing greed and materialistic trance and understand that the Whole World has been massively Lied to and Deceived by one single group of individuals; (FACT!) Please; read: wake-upbeforeitstoolate(dot)com or start researching into "Who Owns What!" because the masses are totally oblivious that this group has through their stolen wealth and nepotism stealthily taken CONTROL of virtually ALL industries

  • What an absolutely amazingly poignant story!! WE HAVE TO "Wake-Up!" from our Orchestrated mind-numbing greed and materialistic trance and understand that the Whole World has been massively Lied to and Deceived by one single group of individuals; (FACT!) Please; read: wake-upbeforeitstoolate(dot)com or start researching into "Who Owns What!" because the masses are totally oblivious that this group has; through their stolen wealth stealthily and nepotism; taken control of virtually ALL industries

  • We are always being told to give up freedom for the sake of security… national or otherwise. We end up with a polluted river. Nietzsche said "Live dangerously" and maybe we need to take that advice. Throw away those guarentees of safety and accept the unknown. along with the freedom that accompanies it.

  • @IndisguiseIam Whoops, I wasn't trying to be that general. I was focusing on the US alone. My mistake.

    I'm probably a rare breed that considers "compliment" as a pure sentiment, but point taken regardless. Still, thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  • @IndisguiseIam The phrase was always that the punishment must fit the crime and of course in modern society, the punishment is commonly worse than the crime. Crime, with each passing day, garners less and less victims. Punishment, with each passing day, is more likely to be carried out after their sentence is completed. Exceptions? Sure. Consistency isn't in many people's language.

    I appreciate the compliment. 🙂

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