Freedom Rock in Ottumwa, Iowa – Park Travel Review

welcome to Happy Trails hiking today I’m
gonna be talking to you about the freedom rocks of Iowa when I was in Ottumwa on a hosted trip recently I saw my first
one and I had to know more about them have you heard of them? Tim a travel
writer from “The walking tourists” told me about the freedom rock of Iowa. Greenfield,
Iowa the the original one the artist Bubba Sorensen actually keeps repainted
every year from Memorial Day okay so so he always has a different (For lack of a
better word) theme. Sort of a different message okay so so that that one has
changed every year and he spends you know weeks working on it and then the
ones that go around every County he puts a special finish on him so that the last
four years oh nice and he consults each county to find out you know what they
would like on the rock well what’s important to them to have on the rock so
that’s cool so this is the freedom rock according to the sign on the memorial
the Wapello County Freedom Rock was dedicated on November 11 2014
this rock is a thank you to all of our fallen heroes veterans military service
members and their families for their service and sacrifice the front of the
rock shows a soldier holding a folded American flag next to a gold star banner
and the words never forget the back side is a thank you to all who serve which
includes the eight hundred thirty third engineer company based in Ottumwa
another side honors the two members of the 12 original Tuskegee Airmen from
Wapello County the remaining site depicts the Ottumwa Naval Air Station there are 99 freedom rocks in Iowa to
see the tour of them all go to until next time this is Kay
from Happy Trails hiking thanks for watching

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