Freedom Sabbath 2019

hey guys pastor de installed here with a super important announcement it is summertime in Rhode Island and summer is time for vacations and campfires and barbecues and all kinds of great stuff maybe even the beach but there's more summer is also a great time for ministry right here at our church we have all kinds of stuff going on we have Vacation Bible School happening this summer we have movie nights out on the lawn four times through the summer we have a family fun day with bouncy houses and the barbecue and a car show and all that stuff we also have some special youth group events and coming up really soon here on July 6 we have freedom Sabbath at the church freedom Sabbath is a time when we celebrate our freedom in Christ and our freedom in America the church is being decorated with red white and blue and flags everywhere and I hope you'll come join us for freedom Sabbath July 6 come right here to the church at 11 o'clock we're at 8 Church Street Ashley a Rhode Island where red white and blue as much of it as you can and we're gonna have a great worship service with some patriotic hymns and some awesome things after the service we'll have some hot dogs out on the lawn and it's going to be a really great time so July 6th 11 o'clock come on down wear your red white and blue we'll see you there you

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