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independence means being able to do my job to the best of my ability independence means living life to its fullest without limitations independence means being able to do something completely on my own without having to reach out and ask for help independence for people with blindness or low vision independence means having the ability to exercise individual gifts and talents within society it means no longer being cut off from the world it means freedom and equality for the past 15 years Freedom Scientific has been a globally recognized leader in creating innovative blindness and low vision solutions including the world-famous jaws screen reader that empower independence at home at work and at school headquartered in Saint Petersburg Florida with the European headquarters in Switzerland Freedom Scientific reaches people in over 55 countries Freedom Scientific products adapt to individual needs allowing users to take advantage of a full line of products that meet their changing needs throughout their entire life in the workplace freedom scientific enterprise solutions help people be productive creating opportunities for advancement personal growth and career success Freedom Scientific takes great pride in our many employees with blindness or low vision including people in product management development sales and customer support at school freedom scientific blindness and low vision solutions remove barriers to the learning process jaws provides equal access to classroom content with spoken natural language descriptions of books and websites and even math and science formulas using math ml expressions plus negative 5 we're working with military veterans is another way Freedom Scientific supports independence representatives consult closely with veteran agencies and support groups to assist veterans return to the workforce and improve their quality of life as a global leader in providing products and services for people with blindness or low vision Freedom Scientific makes a significant investment in research and development for both hardware and software solutions the result is an innovative market leading line of products that provide equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments our consulting services help companies organizations and institutions support the accessibility needs of people with visual impairments organizations look to Freedom Scientific testing services to assure that their webpages and materials will work properly for people with visual and other disabilities scripting capabilities in jaws and magic make it possible to greatly enhance the usability of complex enterprise applications used in business giving employees with blindness or low vision an opportunity to succeed and advance in careers otherwise unavailable to them learning jaws and other blindness accessibility solutions may be done through online webinars in the classroom using training guides and through audible training in the Daisy format at Freedom Scientific we are dedicated to empowering independence for people with blindness or low vision as a Freedom Scientific employee I am proud that I can make a small difference in people's lives I'm proud to be a part of the team that puts the keys to success in people's hands I'm extremely proud to be part of a company that makes great products that really help people achieve independence Freedom Scientific empowering independence you

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