Freedom Session Facilitator | Alex

I decided to become a Freedom Session Facilitator. As men, we don't often get a chance to
interact at a level beyond, sometimes, the surface. And it was something that I
know in my heart I had a passion for, something that I craved, and something
that I wanted other men to be able to experience. And three years in now, every year
God has shown up in an amazing way, and in the group of men we get to
interact with, every one has a story, has a journey, and as a facilitator you get to watch that first hand. You're not the leader, you're not leading them anywhere, you're not doing the work in any way, shape or form. You're simply there to facilitate, to push
them to a place where they are interacting with God. And seeing what God wants
to do in their life, and when they click, when something sets fire in their heart – the Holy Spirit – it's awesome to be able to just witness
that, as a facilitator it is a great privilege. When you show up at that
table, you see God work in their lives, and all the stuff that you have been experiencing through your week – you show up, you put it all aside. And then you hear all of their stories of
everything that they've been going through – through the journey of freedom. It truly is seeing God work in so many
different ways and has really re-invigorated – rekindled just my experience of
who God is and what he's capable of.

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