Freedom Speech 2018

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation was founded just like the other foundations in Germany with one mission that’s basically to promote democracy provide political education for citizens, so they understand democracy, they cherish democracy and if needed, they defend democracy. For years now, we have kept our faith here in the Philippines and we will continue to do so that “It’s all about freedom” and we are going to be and will remain relentless and searching for ways to bring freedom closer and more understandable for each and every one Filipino in this great country. The core objectives of government is to
remain relevant to cover with firmness and fairness sooner rather than later
might makes right will prove itself the wrong path to revitalizing the social contract. Might, that is unchecked replaces fairness with favoritism and firmness with tyranny. The fatal flaw of might makes right is that it relies on fear which means that it is incapable of rectifying its own mistakes. Might, doesn’t make right. Friends, ladies and gentlemen I accept this award not as a reward but as a challenge to dedicate my remaining years to fulfilling my part in establishing a better, more relevant social contract for all Filipinos. Thank you to all. It is no longer enough to fight for
freedom for its own sake. It is undeniable that a significant portion of populations and electorates all over the world are increasingly frustrated with
freedom that gives them the right to vote but keeps them poor and hungry. To
keep the freedom agenda alive we have to make it work for the last, the least, and
the lost. That is the ultimate battle. The goal then, and always will be, that our
people should experience every fundamental freedom we hold dear. The
freedom to live dignified lives, to speak the hard truth, without being persecuted
for it. To defend people’s rights in the law especially those who have nothing
else but the law. As liberals and democrats at work our agenda should be clear as day that our freedoms are there still. And that their fight for these
freedoms, is ours too May we all be inspired by each other’s work standing together to defend the fundamental rights of our people. Once again congratulations Secretary MAR for being this year’s Freedom Flame Awardee and Happy 60th anniversary to FNF! Thank you very much and good evening everyone.

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