Freedom Stories: Dibs’ story

Freedom Stories: Dib’s story [close-up of high school girl standing
in front of school wearing school uniform]
DIBS: So, it all started with a girl called Sam. [another girl enters scene, puts her arm around
Dibs and smiles at her] DIBS: blonde hair, blue eyes, sporty,
hot. She was three years older than me and
I had a crush, major crush. [Sam turns and walks away from Dibs, towards
school] DIBS:
Walking past her in the corridors I don’t think she had
any idea who I was, but wow did I know who she was. She was the only girl in school who’d
come out but there was a minor problem,
she had a girlfriend. Soon after breaking up with my boyfriend… I don’t think I’d broken up with him yet…
Anyway, I wasted all of my phone credit calling her,
asking for advice about how to come out to my parents. [cut to close-up of Dibs in a classroom, with
some boys sitting at a table behind her] DIBS:
Before I could get around to that one of my closest friends
outed me in front of my whole textiles class. [another girl enters scene and hugs Dibs and
walks out of scene] DIBS to her friend:
Hey. DIBS:
I was trying not to get mad but having all the jocks
yell and throw food at me wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. [the boys in the background throw a plastic
cup and a bag of chips at Dibs] [cut to close-up of Dibs standing outside
of school with another friend but addressing camera] DIBS:
I tried to stick to my usual group of friends, who were awesome,
but it was hard to ignore when boys would yell at me: [boy enters scene and pushes Dibs lightly
on shoulder and gets right in her face] JOCK:
Kiss her, kiss her. Go on, kiss her. [boy leaves scene] DIBS:
… about me and any girl standing next to me. [cut to close-up of Dibs in bedroom still
in school tie but no jacket] DIBS:
When things settled down at school, I thought it was about
time to tell the parents. Dad was first. [Dad enters bedroom and sits down next to
Dibs] He had a few gay friends so I thought
he’d be totally cool with it. Which he was! The only reaction I got out of him was:
DAD: Hey honey, I’m glad. I’m glad you told me and I don’t mind
you being gay. [Dad and Dibs hug] DIBS:
I was overjoyed to know he wouldn’t think of me differently. [Dad gets up and leaves bedroom] I just thought mum might be a little
harder to crack. [cut to Dibs in kitchen, addressing camera,
wearing tie and backpack, with mom in the background making tea] DIBS:
I thought I’d try to avoid a long, drawn-out conversation so
I just came out with it while running out the door on my
way to school one morning. She still managed to pin me down for
a few minutes and fired off a tonne of questions, like:
MUM: Daniela, how do you know? You’re only 14. You’re too young to know. Maybe it’s just a phase or a crush. When you get older,
then you’ll know. [cut to close-up of Dibs at bus stop, wearing
tie and backpack] DIBS:
I eventually managed to run out the door, simply thankful
that I’d survived the process. It was such a huge relief to tell those
who were closest to me. I even felt comfortable to ask a girl
out, she said yes! Eventually. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. There were a few friends who I lost along
the way who weren’t comfortable with me anymore
but the friends who were supportive more than made up
for the ones who weren’t. It’s been a year or so now since the
scary days of high school, and I made it. Two crazy and incredible relationships
later, I now have the most amazing friends
queer, straight and otherwise. While it might be rough in the beginning,
in the end – those who matter don’t mind and those who
mind don’t matter. [Sound of traffic in the background] icon
Daniela Barisc Sprem and
Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher Produced and Directed by
Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher Special Thanks
Anna Worsley Burwood Girls High School
Javed Sterritt Katarina Spree
Madden Gilhooly Peter Barisic
Stefani Arteaga-Fuentes

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