Freedom Stories: Helen’s story

Freedom Stories: Helen’s story [close-up of young girl smiling, standing
in front of wall with graffiti] HELEN VO:
My name’s Helen, and this is my story. [cut to close-up of Helen at park, then dissolve
to Helen walking through park] HELEN:
When I was 17 and I realised that I was attracted to women,
I confided in my best friend [cut to close-up of Helen sitting on grass
at park] HELEN:
She was really positive and really supportive and she even encouraged to take me out
to the scene and do things. But I didn’t wanna do that,
I didn’t want a bar of it basically because I thought
“No, that’s a scary thought! That would actually be admitting it!” [laughs] [cut to close-up of Helen at park] HELEN VO:
I was only a quarter of who I am now. [cut to outside of church] HELEN VO:
My mother interprets the Bible quite literally, so that
has heavily influenced her opinions of things. I never thought I would tell my father,
either. [cut to Helen at park] HELEN:
I said to him I didn’t wanna get married and he kept on pressing the issue. [cut to close-up of Helen in passenger seat
of car] HELEN VO:
Then we went for a drive and he actually brought up [laughs] people
in history who were same-sex attracted
and mentioned some movie star who, you know, [cut to Helen at park] he was so good at playing a straight
character, but he was actually gay. And he said to me
“Always remember that I love you, always remember that.” And it made me feel a lot lighter. It sort of smacked me in the face and
was like “Ahhh this is who you are, like, wake
up to it.” [chuckles] [cut to close-up of Helen sitting at
cafe table texting on phone] HELEN VO:
I spoke to my siblings who have been very supportive of me. [cut to Helen at park] HELEN:
I think if I didn’t have them it would have made the situation
a lot harder. Once I accepted it, I don’t know, it’s
sort of like shedding layers of your skin. I went to a women’s group at ACON and
that really helped me. [cut To Helen entering ACON] HELEN VO:
Just meeting other people in my situation was reassuring and [cut to close-up of Helen on merry-go-round
smiling with eyes closed] yeah, I met a lot of great people and
we went out and had fun and we almost like celebrated who we
were. [close-up of Helen on playground swing] Stay strong and don’t be afraid to be
yourself. It can be scary and confronting and it’s
gonna be okay. [cut to Helen at park] HELEN:
You will grow as a person if you accept yourself and love
yourself and people will respect you more and
value you more if you are that person. [background music] REACHOUT.COM acon
All round screen production

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