Freedom Stories: It gets boring

Freedom Stories: It gets boring ——————————- [Young male sitting in seats of empty theatre] RHYS:
Oh hi there I’m Rhys Nicholson but if you squint I could pass as a tired Tilda Swinton. You know I used to think I was unusual a little bit different I was worried who I was wasn’t quite right,
a little bit not like other boys or as
my high school bully would put it [wipe transition to bully on stage with basketball] BULLY:
Oh hey so piece of BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP Swinton! [close-up of Rhys in audience seats] RHYS:
I always want to do it, how can I put this, bang dudes, so I did, and I
still do yeah high five Rhys [high fives himself] It’s awesome. I used to do it all over the shop. No really I once did it literally in a shop. It was like.. [wipe transition to lookalike Rhys and another
person standing naked behind a rack of clothes on theatre stage] LOOKALIKE RHYS in red wig:
I really want to have sex with you but I’m just wondering about the privacy
like I’m just saying it’s not really suitable for us to be doing OTHER PERSON wearing baseball cap and
fake moustache: Shh no talk, no pants. [Cut to Rhys in audience seat shouting down
to stage] Rhys: Clean up on aisle sexy! [turns to camera] So recently I’ve started meeting people like me, you know, [shows quotes with hands] heterosexually challenged, and they told me their stories and I filmed them so let’s have a listen. [on television set] [Tom Ballard] TOM: I had to pretend to like girls [close-up of Tom] So when people asked me if I liked girls I said I did, but
I didn’t really. [Geraldine Hickey]
GERALDINE: In high school I really liked the band All Saints, but um I didn’t like their music [Adam Richard] [standing on a talk show stage] ADAM: I went to school in the 80s when Boy George was big so even though I was kind of… the jocks and
stuff didn’t like me.. the girls thought I
was amazing! [Monique Schafter]
MONIQUE: I hated dolls. The closest thing I had to one was a ninja turtle action
figure. [Kyran Wheatley]
KYRAN: Because I’m bisexual and I knew that thinking about boys was bad. I would..
I would think about boys, [motions with one hand] but at the end I would switch, and think about girls, so that way I wasn’t gay.
[Benjamin Law] BENJAMIN: I spent a lot of time watching channel 7 shows like ‘Man Oh Man’ and ‘Gladiators’ and being captivated by the men and not really understanding why. [Rhys in empty theatre foyer, walking toward
camera] RHYS: Boo! God that is so boring! Look me in the eye. Do you really think that you’re
one of a kind, a rare precious gem? Do you really think you’re the only one at school fantasising about One Direction tickling you in a ball pit? [pointing finger at camera] No you’re not and yes ball pit is a euphemism. Being gay is not the most interesting thing about you. I mean look, there are definitely going to be people out there that don’t like who you are. I was standing
on the street the other day and a guy drove
past me in his car and yelled [wipe transition to male on stage wearing
a prop to look like he’s driving a car] BULLY in car costume: Nice hat faggot! [pan to Rhys on stage in scene] RHYS: I was like, ‘You are correct on both counts, sir.’ Look, fuck’em there is
nothing less original than yelling ‘faggot’ from
a car. Of course there’s gonna be people out there that don’t like you because
you kiss boys, or girls, or both. But then
there’s other people out there that aren’t gonna like you because you wear bow ties. Most people are gonna find being gay interesting for a couple minutes, then
they’re going to move on because it’s actually
quite boring. I know im bored of it. Please let’s just move on and talk about something
else. [Tom Ballard] TOM: I normally win at chess. Like if I don’t win a game of chess, that is abnormal. [Geraldine Hickey] GERALDINE: One of my favorite things to do is build Lego. [shows built Lego machine] I really love it. Like that! That’s fun. [Adam Richard] ADAM: I really like Doctor Who. I’m obsessed with it I have Doctor Who dollies in my house sorry action figures I call them dollies thank you. [Geraldine holds up another Lego model] GERALDINE: This dude he’s fun ooh gotta thing like here. [Monique Schafter] [
Monique is holding her dog] MONIQUE: I love hanging out with my dog Blanche. We go for walks and stuff. GERALDINE [with another Lego model]: Ooh, talons! [Kyran Wheatley] KYRAN:
I have got a very large… [showing large measurement with his hands] collection of books that at some point I’m hoping to read. [Benjamin Law] BENJAMIN: I recently subscribed to The New Yorker and I enjoy cooking with kale. [Rhys Nicholson] RHYS: I can talk to animals. They can’t understand me but I still talk to’em. [Beau Gunn] (the BULLY from earlier) BEAU: I always yell like, ‘Faggot!’ at’em and then just drive away. Fuckin makes me feel so brave. [looks off camera] What’s wrong babe? [cut to female sitting with Beau at dinner
table on theatre stage. Disgusted, she stands up and walks off.] BEAU: Hey babe where you going? You haven’t touched
your chicken parma. [Rhys pops up in scene] RHYS: What a guy! Now look, being gay is not what defines you. It might seem like the biggest thing in the world right now it’s not. That wears off. It doesn’t just get better, [points to banner on stage over dinner table
that says ‘IT GETS BORING’] It gets boring! [cheeky music stops] RHYS: So what else can you do? Hmm? [Rhys sits down to dinner with Beau. Italian
dinner music starts to play] RHYS: Hey this looks great, this looks really… There’s no cutlery though this is what I’ve noticed. [picks up plate of food] Maybe I’ll just do this. [eats food directly from plate] Oh good..delicious. [shouts to imaginary waiter] Can I get a Pinot please? [Italian dinner music fades out] WRITTEN BY Kyran Wheetley & Rhys Nicholson DIRECTED & EDITED BY Brendan Cain DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Jack McAvoy CAST Rhys Nicholson Steen Raskopoulos Susie Youssef SPECIAL GUESTS Tom Ballard Geraldine Hickey Adam Richard Monique Schafter Kyran Wheatley Benjamin Law CREW Alastair Wharton 1st Assistant Director Nick Stabbick Lighting Technician Chantell Basiacik Sound Recordist MUSIC PERFORMED BY The Spyglass Gypsies MUSIC SUPERVISOR Andrew Scott SPECIAL THANKS TO The Enmore Theatre acon BUILDING OUR COMMUNITY’S HEALTH & WELLBEING CONTENT PRODUCER Shona Curvers

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