Freedom Stories – Nina | Harley-Davidson

I grew up in Northern California. My dad
is a motorcycle enthusiast who restores vintage British motorcycles. He gave me a
motorcycle of his to ride around the country roads. Adventurous spirit
is really sort of encapsulated on a motorcycle. The scenery that you get on
those smaller roads that are away from the main highway, to embrace the
adventure as it unfolds. You get in touch with the parts of your character or your
personality that you know don’t get a lot of play time in regular life. It’s so visceral being on a bike, you’re really feeling what you’re traveling through. It connects you so much more with the journey because you’re not able to close
your window against it. You’re in it, I love that about traveling
on a bike.

8 thoughts on “Freedom Stories – Nina | Harley-Davidson

  • The Heritage is the quintessential Harley. I love my 2000 heritage so much I sold my 2016 Ultra Limited…and it's great to ride on any road…but as she said…the back roads are the memories I cherish…and seek on the next ride always!

  • Thumbs-Up #167 I am, Friday night kind of late 9 November 2018! She is so right, about things are just better when you are on a bike.

  • it's not the bike that is bad, it's when you walk into a dealership like the one in Amarillo TX and they all look down at you like you cant afford anything they have and so I would never buy a harley. But when I walk into an Indian dealership I have always been treated with respect and besides there Bikes are a lot better then harley's will ever be. I choose not to give "h"arley a capitol letter for the same reason they don't respect me why should I respect them.

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