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I’m Natalie or more formally known as
Ninja Natalie living my daily hustle life here in Los Angeles, California. So I’m first-generation Asian-American my parents are immigrants to this
country you know they sacrificed a lot to come here to America and they’re not
gonna let me slide by with just a casual life, they want me to be successful and
that’s what led me to have a degree in neuroscience. I used my degree a little
bit, I spent four years at UCLA doing clinical research but it was something
about being behind a desk that just really didn’t satisfy me creatively
because I always kind of itched for freedom. You know I actually have a car but I
don’t touch my car, it’s just sitting in my garage and collecting dust because I
ride my motorcycle every single day. Here in Los Angeles there’s like 4
million people who live here and it’s hard to feel like you’re in control
sometimes so what the freedom of Harley and a motorcycle gives me is I could do
all my errands I could hustle my daily life really quickly. The first thing you
need to do is get all the adulting done. Go to a coffee shop and just get all my
emails through try to maintain my life. Just make sure all the bills
are being paid but after that I have to maintain the body so I
always like to go to a climbing gym because that’s my first passion is rock
climbing. I never enjoyed a regular gym, I never enjoyed running I thought running
was painful as heck but carrying my own bodyweight was just something so much
fun it’s challenging it’s almost like a puzzle reaching point A to point B on a
rock climbing wall and it’s frustrating but that sort of frustrated struggle
keeps me motivated to get on top of that climbing wall. So like what motivates me
to wake up in the morning it’s just I want to move and not necessarily walk or
run but like climb things and just create beautiful shapes with my body. I just always want to move I always get really nervous just being stagnant in
one space or just sitting down for too long so you know whether that’s running
my errands all around the city or rock climbing, the main thing is getting to
Muscle Beach at sunset, hanging out with my friends and just
hanging off of a rope. It’s so simple.

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