Freedom Stories: Warren’s story

I’m Warren, I’m 23, I live in Sydney.
I identify as just a trans person. I go by he or they or whatever, just not
she. I grew up in Darwin and I have lots of really positive childhood memories.
When I was in high school I came out as a bisexual when I was like 13 or 14 and
I remember my first girl crush, I just remember not really knowing what it
all meant but being drawn to her but I also had
lots of boy crushes so that was really confusing. I hadn’t really hidden my
queerness, but I didn’t really talk about it. 15/16 when I went to the new school I
decided that I was just going to be upfront about it. I just started
presenting in a more masculine way and I like cut my hair and kind of mohawk and
I was a baby dyke for ages and that was pretty cool. When I came out to mum, I had no fears. It was the Monday morning, I was going to school I was like ‘mom I’m going
to school now’ and she was like ‘okay’ and I was like ‘oh by the way I’m a lesbian’
she’s like ‘oh okay yeah cool well good, good talk’.
My dad walked into my room when I was 17 crying over a girl, he just knew I was
gay and I’d been frightened to tell him and there was no reason to be cause he
just loved me, and that’s really really nice yeah. So there’s no way you can tell
how your parents are gonna react but at the end of the day you know these people
are there to care for you and love you and that’s what family’s about but
you’re the one who chooses your own path Regardless of where you are in life,
people can think to themselves circular thoughts. You know get anywhere
talking to you so I think exposing yourself to lots of different colours and
lots of different beautiful things in life are really
important because the world isn’t the same everywhere. I’ve never never feared coming out to
Helen because I knew that she was just always there for me.
It’s really nice to have a friendship with someone who also feels that love
for you. It’s really important to know that there are there are options for
everybody, that’s why being different is so special. You don’t have to identify
the way people expect you to and it’s okay if you don’t feel like one or the
other, it’s alright to be somewhere in the middle and know that there are
actually people around that feel the same way as you do.
People are still gonna love you and you shouldn’t feel like you
have to hide. Come to acceptance around yourself because you’re the only person
you have to live with forever and the sooner you come to loving yourself the
easier the world’s going to be.

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