Freedom Sunday

you men women and children families from across the continent gathered in Washington DC in behalf of human rights and Soviet joy they came from everywhere the planes train car and mostly by bus thousands upon thousands of Jews and non-jews from Maine to California and Canada as well they streamed into Washington with but one common agenda let our people go let's see not five or six or ten or twenty refuseniks released at a time but tens of thousands hundreds of thousands all those who want to go mr. gorbachev let these people go let them go let them go many times I thought that it is impossible to make American Jews to come in conscious of thousands to Washington in the winter and here you came and tweenty retreated there have been a quarter of a million with us today the largest crowd in joy I should like now to read a message from the President of the United States I shall press in my talks with general secretary Gorbachev in the coming days for the release of all refuses for full freedom of immigration and for complete freedom of religion and cultural expression we you and I cannot relax our vigil let me say to all of you and to those who wait in the Soviet Union if freedom there's one through faith dedication and perseverance I have no doubt that your efforts will ultimately prevail god bless you all Ronald Reagan's you

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