Freedom – The Five Principles of Mars

My name is Glenn Moxon. I work here at the
Waltham Center for Nutrition. The research that we’ve carried out over the years has
produced many outstanding results. The main function of our science is to make sure pets
can live healthy, happy lives. The animals here are treated as equals to the people. That was called a sensory garden. This gives
the dogs choices of heights, choices of smells, choices of surfaces and the way we carry out
our research is absolutely unique. And it’s what might call caring science. In research
because there’s so many unknowns and freedom is an absolute requirement. The Mars family
philosophy enables itself to have enough free cash to actually do the things it needs to
do and then cascade down to us here on the grass roots level. It enables us to have the freedoms to carry
out research in the way that we believe it needs to be carried out. The genome project started by collecting thousands
of different DNA samples from dogs. We have found that one gene in particular is important
for determining the size of dog and different breeds of dogs do have different genetic make
ups. The ultimate goal would be able to turn off the genes that actually cause particular
diseases. And to know that we’re pushing forward the knowledge within this area to help pets
of the future to live longer and healthier lives.

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