Freedom Ticket Course Review | Kevin King Amazon – WORTH IT?

This video might be your ticket to freedom.
And not only because I mention the Freedom Ticket Amazon course by Kevin King, there’s
much more to this video. And there’re still places left for that Freedom Journey to Success.
So wanna grab your ticket? Keep watching. But first, what is freedom to you? Like, for
you to be able to travel the world and to explore it freely, or being with your family
and spending as much time with them as you want, or maybe being able to have more time
to create things that you love creating. Perhaps simply to conclude it, freedom is being able
to wake up in the morning and do whatever the heck you want, wherever the heck you are.
I’m not sure what freedom means to you, but for me it is definitely the latter. I love
having the freedom to do my own stuff at my own pace. Yes, Amazon FBA allows me to do
that, but it hasn’t always been like that. I’ve worked really hard and still work very
hard to maintain this kind of freedom, but it’s so freaking worth it. But wait, Vova, does an Amazon course grant
me this kind of freedom? Absolutely not. It’s not only the course, there’s so much more
to it. Simply investing in a course will not make you free, although it might be a huge
step towards freedom. First, it depends on you and your hard efforts. Only then it depends
on the course, and of course on the instructor of the course as well. And even then your
success is not 100% guaranteed and it will definitely not come overnight. So if you’re
a person that is hardworking, committed, and passionate about changing your life, this
might be an opportunity for you, because the Amazon course that I’m going to review today
is made for people like you who are committed, who are passionate about what they do and
they’re not slackers. This course was created by Kevin King who
is a serial entrepreneur and has been in the e-commerce game since 1995. That’s like 24
years of experience. Kevin is a seven-figure seller on Amazon. It mean that his sales pass
a million dollars a year. Kevin is also a well-known speaker in the Amazon Industry.
Kevin is frequently speaking at events all round the world and he mentors students that
collectively do over half a billion dollars in sales a year, guys. That’s crazy. So this person, Kevin, actually has an Amazon
course, which is called the Freedom Ticket. Freedom Ticket is an interactive over the
shoulder walkthrough with the sole purpose of guiding you through the process of selling
on Amazon. There are eight weekly modules, 60 lessons, 21 hours of pure content, detailed
written study notes, over 30 handouts and review slides. And generally there’s a lot
of crazy valuable content. So the content comes in the form of a classroom
and a studio filmed live. And in this way you kind of feel more in this. And for me
it was much better than the other courses I’ve taken because it just feels much more
alive and easier to follow for me. It is a digital course. You also see real products
of Kevin’s sometimes and not just demo accounts. Also, there are plenty of other exclusive
bonuses coming with the course. There’re like 22 bonuses, stuff that you probably will
not find in 99% of other Amazon courses. And there’s also a 30 day money back guarantee
from Kevin in case you’re not happy after implementing these proven money making strategies. Awesome, Vova. So what? Is it even worth it?
Yes, it is worth it. Honestly, from going through other Amazon courses, I can definitely
guarantee you that the Freedom Ticket is on another level. That’s a really good Amazon
course compared to some other things I’ve done. It is great for people who want to start
an Amazon journey and are looking for the right course to invest in. It is also great
for people who are already selling on Amazon but want to grow their sales and are struggling
to do that. And even advanced sellers can find good tactics to improve their current
business there. I took this course when I already had some
products selling on Amazon. I saw Kevin spreading value in some Amazon groups and I decided
to see what this dude is all about. I then saw Kevin’s webinar and I understood that
the dude knows what he’s talking about, and me and my friend invested in the course and
we loved it. Personally I skipped the first Amazon Basics Business module because I kind
of felt that I already know this stuff, but it gets much more interesting from there.
And especially I found huge amounts of value in picking a successful product part where
Kevin explains his unique approach to finding products, and it’s kind of different from
other instructors and what they teach. I also really enjoyed the How to Create a
Highly Converting Listing part. This one allowed me to improve my conversions very well, and
you know how much I like speaking about conversions on my channel. Much of this knowledge comes
from Kevin. The Ranking, Advertising and Promotions module is also packed with a lot of value.
I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from there and this part helped me with my launches and the
relaunches of my products. Generally there’s a lot of good information
that Kevin shares and lots of gold nuggets that he continuously drops while speaking.
The bad parts, I don’t know, like the course truly delivers. It’s a good course. So look,
I encourage you to go and watch the Free webinar that Kevin King created. I’ll link it in the
description down below. See what the man knows. You’ll be surprised and you’ll definitely,
definitely get a lot of value from this free webinar. Even if you decide not to enroll in the course,
and I’m open with you, this is an affiliate link, so it means if you invest in the course
by clicking on this link and buying it through my link, I will get a commission from Kevin
and no extra fees to you. But here’s the deal. If you decide to invest in Kevin’s Freedom
Ticket course, I’ll give you my course, The Review Harvester, for completely free, no
strings attached. Simply email me and send me your purchase confirmation. I’ll give you
my course for free, I promise. The Review Harvester is a unique system that allows you
to get reviews to your Amazon products with chatbots. Plus there are tons of other ways
of getting reviews that I share, and also launching strategies. My course is almost
complete. I’m currently finishing the last touches and the editing and I’m perfecting
my creation. Once it is complete, up here is going to appear a video that is going to
say, “The Review Harvester is complete,” and in this way you will know that you can invest
in the Freedom Ticket and get my course for completely free, that is now done. You can
also invest in the Freedom Ticket today and secure a spot for my course, again, 100% free
for you. Look, I truly want you to succeed and that’s
why I’m sharing the best information and the best sources that I can get. I wish you a
great day and lots of success. The link is in the description. Enroll today and start
your journey to freedom.

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