Freedom to Dance

♪ We’re healthier here ♪ – April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. And at the Hartford HealthCare Chase Family Movement Disorders Center, patients with a Parkinson’s diagnosis get leading-edge treatment
and so much more. – One, join me in this moment. – [Tina] An incredible bond
shared in a magical moment. – And the set, forward. – [Tina] With his
granddaughter, Christine, a professional ballroom
dance instructor by his side, 89-year-old Armand Dieli is dancing again. – Somehow it frees me from the bonds of freezing and hesitating. It just frees me. – Ten years ago, Armand began
to notice some changes. Tremors in his foot. His balance, too, was a little off. Doctors would later diagnose
him with Parkinson’s disease, but that never stopped him from dancing. – This puts me in a different place. – Dancing as a therapeutic modality– – [Tina] Dr. Toni de Marcaida
is the medical director of the Chase Family
Movement Disorders Center. – Ballroom dancing in
particular has been studied for Parkinson’s disease, and has shown very specific benefits for balance, for freezing of gait, and for initiation of movement. – And then six walks. – [Armand] I can take longer
steps without falling over. It definitely helps. – The fact that two
completely separate people who have completely separate lives can come together, and as
grandfather and granddaughter, that really does make it unique and a special time here together. – [Tina] For Christine and Armand, dancing is all about reconnecting and sharing those special moments that always seem to shine when
they meet on the dance floor. – There are so many different
classes about Parkinson’s, and coming up on May 11, a very special Dancing With The Stars-inspired competition. If you’d like to learn more, head to ♪ We’re healthier here ♪

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