Freedom to innovate: MOO's Magnolia experience

mooo is an online print design company were aiming to disrupt the trillion dollar print business they're trying to bring delight to our customers by having really well-designed products and a really simple way of ordering and designing those online the website for us is core and everyone owns a bit of the website so it's extremely emotional to move from one thing to another every single decision is almost ten times twenty times more complex because the website is so important for us it was very very well welcomed it had to make marketing happy so Magnolia had to enable editors to do everything they had to do to publish a page up live without the need of developers so magnolias fulfilled that expectation so obviously their response was well this is like a million times easier than Foster in the key choice for Magnolia was the fact that it did lots of things out of the box that we wanted it to do but it was super extendable so it did everything we wanted to but fitted in with our current structure so that flexibility was the number one key issue that we wanted to get involved my idea my favorite achievement is the ability to serve a uniform experience across four viewports previously we had a mobile site we had a tablet site and a desktop site which amendment customers typically there go our mobile site first come back on desktop it was completely disjointed now we have the same experience across all devices so as a developer we have a very quick turnaround process Magnolia is separated from our other systems and we're often releasing once twice three times a week we've reached a couple of times in a day move modules up and down side to side and see what kind of bites work what actually boosts conversion and revenue we've never been able to do that and now we really have the ability to just do it ourselves from a marketing department perspective freedom to create things which are really creative I'm not restricted to an old CMS freedom for the merchandisers to go drop something in drop something out and freedom for the development teams that now no longer have to be engaged in doing fairly trivial CMS changes when that's the kind of stuff that market is should be able to do so freedom all over the place freedom for me as well but I think the world is something else

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