Freedom to Move

Cars have always been the symbol of freedom. The possibility to move whenever you want to wherever you want to go. We must regain this very positive element of the car but there are also some negative effects of cars which we need to solve and I think that this is a challenge for our business. Safety, environmental impact and the lack of space in urban areas. We at Volvo want to be the leaders in this transformation and transforming our company but also transforming our business. That is why we are today announcing That is why we are today announcing a new member in our group, M. M will redefine personal mobility and rethink traditional car ownership. We are fast evolving into a direct-to-consumer service provider with a clear purpose. Freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. We believe in the power of people. That is why we aim to bring out the best in all of us. We are people who want to change our world. With our global and multibrand presence we have the possibility to deliver freedom of movement. Both for our customers and employees. From Gothenburg to Shanghai from Bangalore to Daqing from Ghent to Silicone Valley. We are all here to make the difference. A better way to live. A better way to move and a better way to share. We are leading the switch to electrification. We are introducing new car subscription and sharing services and we are designing the new autonomous drive experience as we give you back the luxury of time. We will give you the freedom to move. We give you time peace of mind personal, sustainable and safe.

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  • "Freedom to Move" Yes, everyone should have the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. Thank you Hakan(president&CEO) you will lead us a safe life. Honor from Taiwan

  • Taking care of freedom, is taking care about your engine, no matter if this is diesel, gasoline or electric, even hybrid. Having a Volvo is a great pleasure, not because it is fancy or give to the user a high social status, but because you are taking care of enjoy the activity of driving with safety, technology, comfort and reliability.

    I can see it, when I drive my S60 2015 in one of the most difficult highways in Mexico, driving into curves at 170 Km/h. Opening the capó to check every important wire harness, battery, fuses and of course, the engine. If you enjoy to have a Volvo, you must take care of the engine and its ambiance, for the pleasure of driving, not a social status, then you are taking care about sustentability, enviroment and the future in a whole, and this only comes with education and respect for everything, respect for everyone no matter social condition and in every part of the world. For me, that is the representation of the brand, Volvo For Life.

  • Siempre e admirado esta compañia, es asombroso, mis respetos, no pierdo la esperanza en tener un s60 o s90.
    Felicidades a volvo cars grup.

  • Dear Volvo, what's wrong with their marketing/video team? please pay attention to the details… only in the first 10 seconds: 1. dirty watch 2. plaster on middle finger 3. plaster gone – nail broken. Gosh. I'm trying hard to switch from pixel-perfect BMW to Volvo, but you're not making it easy AT ALL with your marketing material…!! Just found two typos on your official website in the technical details of your cars. How can i gain trust like that??

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