30 thoughts on “Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry: The Story of Monica and Naomi

  • omg i cry everytime i watch this, thank God doma is finally gone now , maybie this will no longer happen

  • Do you actually *think* before you talk/type? First, do you think that LGBTQ people getting *married* will spread STIs? Second, LGBTQ are not responsible for the spread of STIs; people who have unsafe sex are.Third, *even if* they were responsible, how would it affect you/other straight people, unless you were having sex with them? Homophobes tend to think of LGBTQ people as purely sexual beings; they're fully human, with families and friends, and they participate in non-sexual activities too.

  • Sure the right to spread immorality and sexually transmitted diseases and this is ok how? You seriously need to check your priorities

  • drewnumbertwo,
    Your version of morality? I think you forgot that the book bible is not believed by everyone and should not have the right to rule over those who do not share that version of faith. Many Christians I know don't agree with your limited view of morality either.

    I keep wondering why you folks box your god up and don't think he can create people who are gay or that gay people should go without love as a way to prove their love to your god.

  • This makes me sooo mad! It's not right! Why can people justify this? HOW can they justify this? This is NOT what 'equal protection under the law' looks like! This is NOT defending marriage! This is awful!

  • While I don't agree with same-sex marriage, I do think if you're not moved by this story then you're likely dead on the inside.

  • This had to be the biggest, heart-warming quote from the video:

    "I will make you TWENTY failed pies when you get back!"

  • I am adamantly against all forms of state instituted benefits for married couples. But they exist, don't they? Even though I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of Obama, he is upholding the constitution in ensuring that the rights afforded to straight married couples are afforded equally to all married couples. Though I can bet there's a hidden agenda, at the very least the president is actually doing the president's job.

  • This just shows what's wrong with Facebook. Your entire life is put on display for the whole world to see. that's why I said good riddance to fb. it's also a waste of time.

  • I couldn't stop crying. I was a military wife at one time and I remember how much I missed my sailor when he was away. To not get a phone call if something had happened to him back then would have set me off. I would have gone trouncing over to the nearest base and raised hell. You don't mess with military spouses, we can be just as fierce as the men and women who serve this country (minus the weapons).

  • If we would simply listen to what RON PAUL HAS BEEN SAYING FOR OVER 30 YEARS, this video wouldn't be up on here had we followed a non-interventionist foreign policy just like the Founders believed in.

  • The majority don't hate you, sweetie. The loudest do, but the rest of us…the ones who don't know how to speak up for the people they love and the rights they know everyone deserve…they don't know how to get the loudmouths to stop giving this false perception that you are hated. You aren't! Take heart that people love you and remember that the people who spew hate will eventually fall, because hate can never beat love. Never.

  • First I was like 🙂
    Then I was like 😀
    Then I had lots of <3
    Then I was like o_o
    Then I was like 0_0
    Then I was like D-:
    Then I was like D-*:

  • I hope same sex marriages will be more open all around the world. You should always be allowed to love someone regardless of what they look like and just really for who they are.
    I mean it is pretty good in Canada but I still support lovers outside my country. Hope I'm not being nosy or anything

  • Wow! I'm posting this to Facebook! My mom is such a bitch about this -I tell her if you don't believe in gay marriage, then DON'T get one… but let others be happy! I can't believe we ever had DOMA in this country! What about gay peoples rights? They deserve to be happy too!

  • We are making a difference. We're in the federal and state courts, federal and state legislatures, and in our local communities educating people and having small conversations. Just talking about it in your family or network of friends makes a difference. We won't fail.

  • it probably would open up peoples minds more if there was no gender mention till the end. so they can see that there is nothing diff. until her not being able to get a hold of her wife. but i like the commercial it just makes me feel sad.

  • omg this is a beautiful story, with a sad ending. It shouldn't be this way. Your sexual orientation doesn't have anything to do with how you work in the military. And for your partner to be denied to know anything about you if something happens is just unfair.

  • This is what you impose on people you don't even know. You DON'T EVEN KNOW them and you condemn them! WAKE up world! Love is NOT evil! Hate is evil!

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