Freedom to Skif Bratok!

Vor: The cars were arguing about who was the best. “I can stop even the fastest car,” said the cop. Kasper: Take that, cop! Go away! Koza: Why are you tearing the book, Kasper? Kasper: I boom cops! Koza: What are you destroying the book for? Kasper: Mommy, may I hit the cop? So he can’t come here. Cop is bad! Kasper: Take that, cop! Take that, cop! Boom boom boom! Kasper: Freedom! Daddy, say “freedom”! Vor: Freedom! Kasper: Freedom! Vor: Freedom! Kasper: Freedom! Koza: Freedom! Vor: What Skif Bratok did was a truly noble, humane deed. And for that he deserves freedom! Freedom to Skif Bratok! Koza: We doused! We douse! And we will douse! No forgetting, no forgiveness! Kasper: Douse! Douse! Douse! Koza: Freedom to Skif Bratok!

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