Freedom Top™ Removal and Installation | How To | 2019 Jeep Wrangler

Enjoy the open road or off road a little bit
more, and let some of the outside… in. This video will show you how to remove, and
reinstall, your Three-Piece Modular Freedom Top. To remove the Freedom Top, first you’ll
have to remove both front panels starting with the driver’s side. Start by opening both front doors, and folding
the sun visors down against the windshield. Now, turn the L-shaped locks from the front
and rear center of the roof panel, then turn the L-shaped lock located on the outboard
side of the panel, above the shoulder belt anchorage. Unlatch the header panel latch located at
the top of the windshield, and remove the panel. Follow the same steps to remove the passenger’s
side panel. You should store your Freedom TopTM panels
in the storage bag that comes with your vehicle, and secure the bag behind the rear seat or
in a safe location. With the Freedom Top panels removed, you can
now remove the rest of the Freedom TopTM. Open the swing gate all the way, and lift
the rear window glass. Using the provided #50 Torx head driver and
ratchet, remove the Torx head screw that secures the hard top at the B-pillar near the top
of each front door. With the same tool, remove the six Torx head
screws that secure the hard top to the vehicle, three on each side along the interior bodyside. You’ll find the wiring harness on the left-rear
inside corner of the vehicle. To disconnect the harness from the hard top,
first release the locking tab by pushing it down. Then, push the tab inward, and pull down on
the harness to disconnect. Remove the washer hose by pushing the release
button on the hose connector and pulling downward. You can now remove the hard top from the vehicle. It’s recommended that you leave the rear
window up and close the swing gate to the first detent. If left closed, the window may swing open
while removing the top. Once you’ve removed the hard top, place
it on a soft surface to prevent damage. To reinstall the hard top, follow the steps
for removal, just in reverse order. Start by making sure the hard top is properly
positioned to ensure sealing. Verify that it’s sitting flush with the
body at the sides, and check to ensure that there is a uniform gap between the lift glass
and hard top. Then follow these steps. – Reattach the washer hose and wiring harness. – Secure the hard top to the vehicle along
the interior bodyside with six Torx head screws, three on each side. – Secure the hard top at the B-pillar near
the top of the front door with two Torx head screws, one on each side. To reinstall the front panels, start by setting
the passenger side panel on the windshield frame, followed by the driver’s side panel. Make sure the locating pins are in the front
receiver mounting holes, that there is no overhang, and that the panels are sitting
flush with the body. On both sides, re-latch the header panel latches,
turn the L-shaped locks to the closed position, fold the sun visors back up, and you’re
all set. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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