FREEDOM TRACKS (Sans Attache) – Documentary Trailer English Version

“When a human reaches out to an animal…it brings him one step closer to humanity.” The horse can carry us away to another place The horse is an animal that can take us on a journey through space and time. As a child, I felt more alive than ever when I was with horses. It was my universe, my whole world. I dreamt about becoming a horse. Our fascination with the horse goes way back. Actually, men and horses have been companions for more than 25.000 years Didn’t everyone dream of one day being carried away by a horse, of galloping naked along the beach, riding into the waves..? NAMUR, BELGIUM In my opinion the horse has been used in a way that I, myself, find abusive. Being treated as an object that has to work, plough, pull… We really did think of it like an object, a machine. Knowledge of horses and horseriding mainly came from within the military world. It was the military who taught people how to ride SYLVAIN GILLIER – IMBS
So today, the living conditions of a horse in a horse riding center are military. CARINE THIRAN
We forget that the horse is an animal of movement, that the horse is a social being, and is not made to live alone in a closed stall, without any visual stimulation or contact LUDOVIC FOURNET
An unhealthy environment makes unhealthy horses. An overfed horse, kept in a stall all day long, going outside for just an hour to work in a closed arena you can’t be surprised if that horse is out of control. Imagine for a second that you are wearing a shoe with a sole made entirely of metal. And then, you go jogging… JOLIETTE, QUEBEC (CANADA) CAROLE LACROIX

I recognize now that when I enter a place where horses live, I have to observe their rules, I have to enter their world.
Somehow I have to become one of them. The horse world is essentially a silent one.
So how do they communicate if they don’t speak verbally ? In our human world, emotions are bulky objects to which you shouldn’t pay much attention. But in a horse world, emotions are just informations. If we establish communication using the horse’s language, a true dialog starts emerging. And this dialog can even become a partnership. In the past, it was horses that came to meet humans Now, we are doing the opposite.
We are the ones meeting the horse. BELGIUM CANADA FRANCE ARIZONA PATAGONIA COSTA RICA A JOURNEY GUIDED BY HORSES DISCOVER THEIR WORLD A wise man once said : “To adore someone is to possess him, loving him is letting him be free.” FREEDOM TRACKS Written and directed by Audrey Leïla Pagès TO EXIST, THIS MOVIE NEEDS…YOU! LIKE SHARE PARTICIPATE

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