Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague address Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

Freedom: Santino Marella… Bradford: …or is it Anthony Carelli? Sounds like an identity crisis to me. Freedom: You don’t even know who you are anymore, Clan Freedom: but we know who we are! Freedom: Freedom Wallace! Bradford: Bradford Montague! Clan Freedom: Clan Freedom! Freedom: Or maybe it’s another kind of crisis. Freedom: A mid-life crisis, Freedom: because you know full well that your time in the ring is up, Freedom: and your career doesn’t need a sequel, Bradford: and neither did Jingle All The Way! Freedom: and your knuckle draggin’ partner Vladimir
Kozlov had a more successful career in film than you, Freedom: because much like in the “Double Double E” Freedom: all he ever had to play was an “uncredited Russian.” Freedom: Well we’re not here to play, Freedom: and the stage is set for Saturday night, Freedom: and when the final act is over, all that will remain for you both Freedom: is to Jingle All The Way 2 the grave… Bradford: For Whom the Bell Jingles… Freedom: Cut!

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