Freedom Writers (3/9) Movie CLIP – When Will I Be Free? (2007) HD

In every war, there is an enemy [Screaming] [Smashing sounds] I watched my mother been half beaten to death and watched as blood and tears stream down her face I felt useless and scared and furious at the same time stay, stay there I can still feel the sting of the belt on my back and my legs one time he couldn’t pay the rent, and at the night he stopped us on the street and pointed to the concrete he said ‘pick a spot’ Clive was my boy He had my back plenty of times, we was like one fish me and him, one army Heavy…(Clive: yeah) Real shit right here nobody will jump us now, we gotta practice cause this, this got power you shoot it- [gunshot] We sat there till the police came When they come, all they see is a dead body a gun and a nigger They took me to Juvenile Hall, first night was the scariest [Inmates Banging] Inmates banging on the walls throwing up there gang signs yelling out who they were and where they from I cried my first night can’t ever let anybody know that I spent the next few years in and out of cells, everyday I’d worry when will I be free fuck you pussy ass bitch

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