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Yes all right. Gloria please read the first sentence on the board why me because I know how much you love to read close the magazine. Odysseys had no sense of direction. Now none of these sentences are correct I’d like you to rewrite these sentences using proper tenses and spelling on page four of your worksheets. Umm… I don’t have page four that is torn off. Okay, why don’t you just use the next blank page. What’s going on? What is that? Give it to me. What is this? Just leave it alone. You think this is funny? Tito! Would this be funny if it were a picture of you you? It ain’t. Close the workbooks. Maybe we should talk about art Titos got real talent don’t you think? You know something? I saw a picture just like this once, in a museum. Only it wasn’t a black man it was a jewish man and instead of the big lips he had a really big nose, like a rat’s nose but, he wasn’t just one particular jewish man this was a drawing of all jews. And these drawings were put in the newspapers by the most famous gang in history. You think you know all about gangs? You’re amateurs. This gang would put you all to shame and they started out poor and angry. And everybody looked down on them until one man decided to give them some pride. An identity and somebody to blame. Take over neighborhoods? That’s nothing compared to them they took over countries you want to know how. They just wiped out everybody else. Yeah! They wiped out everybody they didn’t like and everybody they blame for their life being hard and one of the ways they did it, was by doing this, see – they’d print pictures like this in the newspapers jewish people with big long noses, blacks with big fat lips. It also published scientific evidence that proved jews and blacks were the lowest form of human species. Jews, and blacks were more like animals and because they were just like animals it didn’t really matter whether they lived or died. In fact. Life would be a whole lot better if they were all dead That’s how a holocaust happens. And that’s what you all think of each other. You don’t know nothing homegirl. No I don’t Marcus so why don’t you explain it to me?! I ain’t explaining shit to you! You don’t even know how we live. We was here first man! All right, all right, all right! So what you’re saying is if the latinos weren’t here or the cambodians were the blacks or the whites or whoever they are? if they weren’t here everything would be better for you isn’t that right. Ofcause! Yeah! Right. It starts with a drawing like this. And then some kid dies in a drive-by never even knowing what hit him. You don’t know nothing! You don’t know the pain we feel. You don’t know what we gotta do. You got no, respect for how we’re living. You got us in here teaching us this grammar shit, never got to go out there. Why don’t you telling me about that huh? What are you doing in here that makes a goddamn difference to my life? you don’t feel respected is that what you’re saying Eva? Well maybe you’re not but to get respect you have to give it. That’s bullshit. What? Why should I give my respect to you? Because you’re a teacher? I don’t know you. How do I know you’re not a liar standing up there? How do I know you’re not a bad person standing up there? I’m not just gonna give you my respect because you’re called a teacher. White people always wanting their respect like they deserve it for free. I’m a teacher. It doesn’t matter what color i am. It’s all about color. It’s about people deciding what you deserve, about people wanting what they don’t deserve. About whites thinking they run this world no matter what – you see I hate white people You hate me? Yeah. You don’t know me. I know what you can do. I saw white cops shoot my friend in the back for reaching into his pocket. His pocket! I saw white cops break into my house and take my father for no reason, makes that because they feel like it except because they can… And they can, because they’re white. So I hate white people on sight. Ben do you have anything, to say? Can I please get out of here? Lady stop acting like you trying to understand our situation and just do your little babysitting up there. Is that all you think this is? It ain’t nothing else when I look out in the world I don’t see nobody that looks like me with their pockets full unless they rap in the lyric or dribbling a ball so what else you got in here for me? And what if you can’t rap a lyric or dribble a ball? It ain’t this I know that much. Damn right. And you all think you’re gonna make it to graduation like this? I made it to high school with nobody stopping me. Lady i’m lucky if I make it to 18, we’re in a war we graduating every day we live because we ain’t afraid to die protecting our own at least when you die for your own you die with respect you, you die a warrior! So when you’re dead you’ll get respect is that what you think? You know what’s gonna happen when you die? You’re gonna rot in the ground and people are gonna go on living and they’re gonna forget all about you and when you rot Do you think it’s gonna matter whether you were an original gangster? You’re dead. And nobody, nobody is gonna want to remember you because all you left behind in this world is this. You’re raising your hand? The thing that you said before the holocaust? Holocaust yes. What is that? Raise your hand if you know what the holocaust is. Raise your hand if anyone in this classroom has ever been shot at.

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