Freedom’s Boombox ~ American Music Abroad Tour to Uganda and Madagascar

Hi everybody! I’m Jennifer Galt, I’m Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. Here today with the awesome group, Freedom’s Boombox, on their way to Uganda and Madagascar as cultural ambassadors to the United States. Tell me a little bit what you’re most looking forward to.. Oh, I’m so looking forward to the food! You stole my answer! — I’m sorry! That was definitely my answer! [laughs] I was thinking the warm sunshine. [laughs] We’ll pretend to be warm right now. [laughs] And you all have been cultural ambassadors for the United States before, (–that’s right) traveling in different parts of the world. Tell me a little about that experience, what does it mean to you to be a cultural ambassador for the United States? I think we’re very lucky to be representing the country through music. Not a lot of people get to do, go to some of these places, and we get to go sing, and perform as musicians, and represent the country, so it’s an honor and a privilege, and we get to kind of go on vacation and sing. Throughout the ages we’ve found that American culture is one of the aspects that is the most collaborative in our society and it’s really special for us to get to share something that is so integral to who we are as people, but is also so important in creating the space to have the discussions about the tough things that are happening in the world. So we’re really looking forward to just getting to sing, and then meet people and talk to them about what’s it’s like to be a person. Awesome. That sounds amazing! I know there are audiences in Uganda and Madagascar who are looking forward not only to meeting you, but to hearing you… Can we get a sneak preview by any chance? –Absolutely. Okay, let’s hear it, Freedom’s Boombox! [beatboxing — singing] Wow! Are you sure you’re not a three-piece band? Ah well [laughs] Potato potah-to. [laughs] Sure sounded like we had amazing singers, and an amazing band all in one. I guess that’s what Freedom’s Boombox is all about. That’s what we try to do. Fantastic, well thank you (thank you) for representing the United States, we look forward to hearing about your adventures. Thanks so much. Alrighty, hello Uganda and Madagascar! Hi! See you soon! (Coming your way!)

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