Freedom’s sword [3rd][Digital Painting] ดาบแห่งอิสรภาพ ดิจิตอลเพ้นท์

hi, Is a sentence that is still energetic for those who have watched a historical movie about braveheart. By Mel Gibson who starred and directed himself. He acted as William Wallace Knight, Scotland. And seduced the Caledonians to release themselves from independence from being a British colony. William Wallace, who owns the Wallace Sword He is regarded as a hero in the Scottish Independence War. And I brought William Wallace’s sword as part of this 3rd piece. 3rd piece Freedom’s Sword of sword fo war. I really enjoyed working on this image. The impression in the movie braveheart remains in my mind throughout the work. Getting back to look again makes it more emotional. design Design work, I don’t want to miss again like the previous work. Therefore determined that the design was in the concept that had been placed. Concept is a soldier with a legendary sword as a weapon. So it makes me fun and smooth working. Pants that mix the kilts and put the Scottish striped fabric down. Sketch work, I made many sketches. Until getting the beautiful lines that I want Will not remove the outline and show it as much as possible… The display of this line is beautiful in one style. Go back to the comments from the previous work. With the commons that asked why they had to be grayed out before painting? This answer is for many people who want to know it. Because I myself had wondered. There was a time when I searched for a way to do it and tried it. Knew that it was the technique that the photographer Make the image that is black and white to be colorful or is a technique that comes from composite layers from 3D animation. Which is it is a routine work in my office Thus understanding the work is not difficult. Question, how is it good? For me to see the weight of the image Mass of all drawn objects quickly Without having to worry about painting. Like seeing your drawings in a gray-black version Then gradually change the gray to black as the material as needed again. It is convenient, fast. But requires understanding of the tool And display of layers in each mode Therefore will get the work that comes out as desired. Try following the url to see how to do it. Ready to see all the steps? Let’s go!! Finished for Job named freedom’s sword Hope that would be fun. Next time is the last piece of this series. May you all have the freedom to work. Thank you for visiting and see you again next time.

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