There you see the fence and the fence has to go. I’m really a friend of open land. I love those
openness of the Americans. They always have no fence in the front gardens, that’s all open. It’s free to the street, I think that’s totally cool. Away with it! I do not dare. I’ve had it here for 20 years, we have this arrangement here since 20 years. And now I want to change it. Oh man I’ll take it away now! I’ll take it away now! I do not dare. I’ll take her away now! I’ll get rid of the fence now! Why not? Sounds cool. I’ll do it now! (Music) cool I do not dare. Then it’s over, then it’s open for all time. We only limit ourselves, we are fence people. We have to become free. Yes Step on it Why is it all so exhausting? Tip from my father: Always put wooden posts on sand, and the concrete just …. Will you please go 🙂 Always place wooden posts on sand and only place the concrete sideways so that the water can pass the wooden stick. And the wood does not rot, the wood looks like new. My dad was right, great tip. Sand down in, wood on it, concrete around it laterally. Perfect, the wooden stick does not rot. Yes freaks, that’s it for today.
Cool thing! More freedom, more openness, more freak. Thank you for watching. Until next time. Your Lawnfreak bye yeah

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