Fresh poem on Independence Day ‘My Freedom is My Inheritance’. English poem recitation

Hello friends. My name is Akshita With 72nd Independence day nearing, Here i am with a fresh poem to keep up with the air of nationalism and pride. The title of the poem is ‘My Freedom is My Inheritance’. In this poem the poet has emphasized that India’s Independence is the most important asset which each generation of Indians is going to inherit we should preserve and nourish it. the poem goes like this….. History of invasions and defiance
Spirit of persistence and resurgence Nourished with the blood of martyrs Crowned by Himalayas’ magnificence
My freedom is my inheritance Oceans of knowledge and spirituality
Culture of acceptance and inclusivity Replete with the nobility of saints United at face of divergence
My freedom is my inheritance Secure under the vigil of our soldiers
Marching with the pride of tricolor Committed to the future of nation Resplendent with youth and vibrance, My Freedom is My Inheritance…

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