Frida Khalo: Art, freedom and revolution

she was freedom and revolution and she
was always ahead of her time and yeah I’m talking about Frida Kahlo today she
had polio when she was six years old a few years after that she was in a very
serious accident she was impaled her spine was fractured she broke her leg in
three different places and her foot was crushed nobody thought she could survive
this accident she had to stay with a full body cast for three months and she
took a very long time to recuperate she would never lead a normal life because
even before this horrible accident her health was already fragile so I think
one of the most important things to understand about Frida and her work is
that pain was something that surrounded her all her life and all the time every
day all day but she had a good personality even when she was a child
she was very brave and very outspoken and after the polio her father who was a
very big influence in her life encouraged her to do sports and things
that girls wouldn’t do at that time so then and there with encouragement of
her father she started to do things that girls or women wouldn’t do so the sports
thing and she would dress up like a boy or like man with suits and cut her hair
short and doing and be things that women in that time would do everything free
there’s life and found intensity the way she loved the
way she endured pain the love of her life was diego rivera and he was a very
famous Mexican muralist and one day she took her paintings to him so he could
give her some criticism and saying what he thought about it and he thought her
work was amazing as what she of course not long after that they got married the
relationship wasn’t a smooth one Diego was unfaithful to her a lot and that
made her suffer very much she decided at the time to follow him
around and to be the good wife and to provide him with environment that he
would need to be the great painter the great artist that he was and like many
of us women Frida realized that she had conducted her life to please the man she
was with and she didn’t get the same thing from him she felt she was wasting
her life and wasting her talent so she separated from Diego and she got
her own apartment and she wrote in one of retirees that if infidelity is a
bourgeois thing like Diego said then I will not be bound by it anymore and she
had many lovers men and women in 1938 she had her first solo exhibition in New
York City and one year after that she went to Paris to have another one and
then she met many brilliant artists from the time like Pablo Picasso
you know and she was the first Mexican artist to have a painting bought by the
new food one thing that is very important to understand about Frida and
her work is that she was a woman that was living in pain all day every day worse days better days but pain was a
constant and she had to learn how to deal with that and how to do with being
in bed for months and months at a time so painting for her was a way to make
sense of all this pain not only physical but emotional all the problems that she
had me Diego and the fact that she wanted to have a child but she couldn’t
she had two abortions she was considered a surrealistic
painter but she didn’t embrace that title she said she didn’t paint dreams
she painted her reality in her own words she said I paint myself because I’m
always alone and I am the subject during your most she was living her life the
best way she knew how she liked to dance she liked to drink to smoke to have
people around her she had bad moments but she would continue until she could
no more and what about you what do you think about the role that
pain has in our lives because we all feel pain emotional or physical and we
have to learn how to deal with it and for some people it
paralyzes them and for others he makes them stronger it makes them never to
give up it encouraged them to overcome difficulties and be a better person or a
wiser person I don’t think there is a right or wrong
we can only do the things that we can do and it’s different for each person
but tell me what you think let’s talk about it in the comments thank you for
watching again and bye-bye

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