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so I just like woke up actually I did not just wake up I've been sitting in my bed for the past two hours doing absolutely nothing and my allergies are so bad like they were you are I'm in pain I'm in pain pain I need benadryl I'm allergic to cats and I have three cats I'm allergic to dogs and I have two golden retrievers I don't care about my health apparently because I also ate a McDouble chicken nuggets and french fries french fries I went to McDonald's five minutes before closed and that's what I did the scene shot was not going how I planned it to go um I woke up this morning I sat on my bed and I've been looking on my phone at the past two hours at dumpy frogs like those whites tree frogs or whatever I want one I want 50 of them actually the thing is they don't sell there was anywhere near me and I want one I want a frog so I think I'm gonna get one welcome to my frog vlog guys let me get ready and we're doing this frog vlog okay guys I look less homeless now so that's cool and we are gonna go get a frog hopefully I can find the right frog like had this frog in the past and it passed away your IP oppa I'm hoping to find like the same kind of frog cuz all that I can find are frogs online I don't want to ship a frog that feels weird and like kind of like black-market ease so I don't really want to do that hopefully I could find a frog at pet store but if not I might have to break down and find like a good like ethical company that sends frogs in a kind way cuz I don't like for him to get hurt that's not cool here we go we're off to the pet store I'll see you guys later so we are at Petco right now and I'm having second thoughts it's my love you frog frog it might be a gecko vlog I want to be able to hold it a lot Antron though you're not actually supposed to hold frogs that much that geckos I don't know I've never had a gecko and I've had a frog I've had bearded dragons I've had a chameleon I've had an always or whatever but like I've never had a gecko so I feel like that'd be kind of cool I don't know this might be frog vlog without a frog instead with a gecko the gecko is at Petsmart or $10 cheaper so I might get hit at Petsmart instead but yeah little update we might not be getting Africa also the front that I found is sold fat in green and so cute but it's a barking tree frog and I don't really I didn't know frogs could bark we are back at Petsmart I'm trying to decide if I want the fancy leopard gecko or the normal leopard gecko fancy fancy leopard gecko this guy is named chicken Steve it's chicken and it's a chinese water dragon what are these guys their sole job because they're standing there stance what are you doing chicken what's he doing Oh is he throwing it back oh I paid for everything for the gecko and we wanted to go to the mall nearby to go shopping a teeny bit and we're getting Chinese food right now and I got chicken I thought it was but I guess it's freaking not I'd had two bones in my little chickens I got sesame chicken and one bone was small and I literally thought it'd be so much who broke off and I was like chewing it and then the other one it was like a frickin chicken rabba like a short of a chicken rabbit after I get done eating this immedia get my stomach pumped or something this is full I'm really sad and I'm too nice of a person and I'm too antisocial and like scared to say anything to the workers so I'm just gonna piece of frickin chicken bones I guess we are back from shopping I am so excited I'm gonna call her a call to her I call the girl for now because I don't know she looks like a girl to me oh this is Oh J usual Chi Yu let's set things up know what I got is this thing it's a terrarium I don't know lady at Petsmart told me is there the best thing I want the best for my good girl what I got let's do the unboxing of this thing so a comic with all the lighting is really bad again I hate everything I hate everything I'm sorry the lady is bad but oh you can see this and that's all that matters oh you hear that you've got carpet I'm so excited reptile calcium rep D calcium interesting little Hut you want a hut hmm do you want a hunt yeah yeah you want a high high range reptile thermo meter that's cool I love you I love you so much already and we just met I was so excited when I saw this gecko at Petsmart because the lady helping opened up the little terrarium that open we're in and literally this one the only one there's three in there and this will really like one like this at me and I was like you I want you this is what this one's my key she's so cute the lighting is so terrible it helped you went back again I really hit everything I went to the terrarium now I'm actually just gonna put on the eco carpet and it's just cute if it's like perfectly actually no it's like way too big so dark why is it so dark I really hate this okay well the carpets too big I could trim it but I can't call a straight line so I didn't know there's gonna be freaking arts and crafts project where I'll have to like sighs things now I'm gonna put this hobble hood in it there's steeples in it oh my gosh why would this staple this would being asked us oh my gosh I'm gonna put this thing through my hand this stupid staple won't come out I'm gonna use this thing these things well so if there's water in my eye I'm so sick of taking these freakin staples on wood do you like it yeah it is literally like two days later since I've got the gecko I wanted to wait to finish filming this until I got more stuff in the mail for her okay so I have her new set up her stuff came the mail is so cute that's her heat rock she seems to be liking that oh she's smacking Oh porkchop say hello oh my gosh oh she's saying Bolton everywhere I don't know why I named her pork chops oh my gosh she is so cute you were perfect honestly I thought you'd go for pork chop you gave me a spooky Dookie I literally almost shot my pants oh yeah this is pork chop I hope you guys enjoy this video of my random decision to get a gecko I thought I was gonna get a frog three days ago but we ended up this getting this little girl how do you still don't know if she's a girl I'm assuming her gender I know I know I know it's 2019 we don't do that anymore why not then you go gave me just a little bit in odd job baby so call you from the nutty from the Kannada bank well so know

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