From Awakening to Complete Recognition and Liberation

[From Awakening
to Complete Recognition
and Liberation] [Satsang with Swami Atmananda Udasin] [4th March 2019
Rishikesh, India] [Question: I had experiences of merging with the Self, but thoughts came in and took me back to the
personhood… Is complete Liberation only possible when there are no thoughts… or should we only rely on Grace to transcend the mind?] So, thank you very much for your question because this will help us to clarify. So, what you share with us is very, very important because when you start this inner search, the inner enquiry, in one way or another, definitely, you will have glimpses. Because it’s a self-revelation. Because it’s so close to you. It’s the closest… than anything else, closest than even mind, I would say. So, it starts revealing Itself and you feel the inner peace, the spaciousness, the vastness, that utter silence that is the completeness itself. You don’t feel like you need anything. You are totally fulfilled. It’s profound happiness. We call it Bliss. And this is the real criteria for the intellect, the mind, because it’s something perhaps new and the mind, the intellect, may go into a reflection… a thought like… “Is this a realization of Self?” So, you see that in this process, it is experienced but not completely known because a question comes. When you come to the complete knowledge, such a question may never arise. You follow? So, it is an intermediary state on the way to the complete Recognition and Liberation. And that complete Revelation, Recognition is irreversible. You will never be ejected anymore
from that state. But it’s only possible when the “vāsanās”, the binding,
identifying “vāsanās” of the mind are totally neutralized. Meanwhile, these “vāsanās” will definitely appear
in your Awareness because, you go, you have a glimpse of that state and, you may be there, at daytime or night time. For some time, you are there. Maybe half an hour or one hour then the mind fluctuates and definitely, all this package of “vāsanās” that are related to your personal identity that have been reinforced life after life will manifest in the Awareness, one after the other, and that seems endless, actually because that is the visible part
of the iceberg, the visible part,
but the invisible is absolutely huge. No, no. No worry. No worry. No worry. But I’m telling you that this understanding should be there. It’s not by dealing with one thought that you will be forever established
in the pure seeing. No. As long as these fluctuations are there,
you need vigilance. Vigilance is needed, and that comes from a sense of discernment. You have to be sure about the realities of this world. You have to be sure about the borrowed identity, the personal identity. If that is a strong conviction in you that: “I am not the person!” “And anything that has to do
with a personal story of this form is not what I am!” “Therefore, I don’t touch it.” You follow? Don’t touch it! Don’t give permission of landing! The intellect is your control tower. Some planes, you may give permission to land. These are the useful “vāsanās”, the useful memories; the useful impressions that you need to navigate; that you need when you use ATM; that you need for your email correspondence. But anything that has to do
with the belief of being a person; the belief that all our personal stories
and relations are true; these are the dangerous ones that can, that will destabilize that insight. And you go back to the identified consciousness. So, what you need is a profound root into the teachings. A sort of new beliefs, the new beliefs that I am not
these realities, but I am the absolute Presence, Consciousness, Beingness, you see? This strong new belief, the ultimate one, the last one because Truth is not a belief. It’s a direct realization. There is no need of belief there. It’s the end of all beliefs. Yet, on the way you need a strong belief, a strong root into the teachings, and also an association with a guru, because here, the Grace of the Guru is most helpful. And we have seen that the Guru is not just
in the physical form, but in the subtle form and also, in the form of Awareness. Trust the Awareness. Trust the clarity of Consciousness
that is revealed to you. And don’t bring anything else there. Don’t spoil it. Don’t contaminate it with mind. So, some thoughts are of a nature of, you know, they are instrumental thoughts, rational thoughts, practical thoughts. That’s fine! If you are sure that they are also
not contaminated with the person. So that is a useful knowledge that is provided by your domestic computer. So that is no problem. That will help you to function in this world. Yet you are not the person. So, you need here more than ever, the power of discernment and
the power of detachment, and this, what we call “asparsha”,
the no association, no contact. And this is the powerful teaching
of the Guru of Shankaracharya, Gaudapada, the “paramguru” actually of Shankara. In his commentary of the Māndūkya Upanishad, he speaks about “asparsha”,
the yoga of “asparsha”: no relation whatsoever with anything. That means no relation with thoughts. Just remain as the witness of the thoughts. If you remain as the witness of the thoughts, there is an inner intelligence that will operate this life. And you become the witness of your actions. You become the witness of the unfoldment
of life everywhere. It’s like you feel moved and acted by a force. And you are no more the doer,
the decider of these actions. Remain always there. So never touch anything of the person. Otherwise again, you will personalize your actions
and your decisions and your achievements. So, the “sādhanā” is not over, you see? Yet there is a first “sādhanā”
that is the preparation of mind. That is the path of detachment, the path of renunciation. Again, not renunciation of anything out there; renunciation to the “I”, to the personal “I”; to the person I believe I am. That is the only renunciation. That is the only “sannyāsa”. You follow? That’s why Shri Ramana Maharshi was not in favour of “sannyāsa”. He is a unique teacher in the world because, first of all, he said “I’m not a guru”. Therefore, he has no disciples. But then many lineages have come. It’s okay. Because, you see, Shri Muruganar considered himself as the disciple, even the slave of his guru. He didn’t live for himself anymore. You see? He completely awakened, yet, he was for 27 years at the service of the teachings. And he did a great job. So, if you operate this discernment, day after day,
moment after moment, when the shift takes place, and you suddenly find yourself in this pure “I”, the “I am-ness”, then it’s easy to actually carry on with the same discernment, the same vigilance. Don’t touch. Don’t associate. Surrender completely to the inner Light,
the inner Presence. In that surrender, there’s no effort. If effort is there,
then again you shift back to the person. So, when already the pure “I” is revealed, the “I am” is revealed, it will continue to reveal itself to you. And even if it is not revealed in this way, live as if it is revealed. Act from there, from the pure “I”. That means surrender completely
the person to the Divine. When you surrender the person to the Divine, your life becomes divine. And then, it doesn’t matter
because the rest is Grace actually. Accept that, perhaps for some time, you are not in the pure “I”. Accept it totally. Totally. And the last opportunity is, of course, at the time of leaving the body. So, if it has not happened
during a lifetime, it will definitely happen
when you leave the body. Because there also, you will see
all the stuff of the mind. Don’t touch. Go to the Light only. Follow the Light. [Produced by Ajatananda Ashram] [Dedicated to the Oneness of Reality] [Music by
Jonathan Wright] []

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