From Total Despair to Eternal Hope

[WIND IN TREES] [LIGHT SOLEMN MUSIC PLAYING] My mom was someone I could go
and talk to about anything. It felt like something
was ripped out of me. [SERIOUS MUSIC PLAYING] [SIRENS OVER BACKGROUND MUSIC] It's been one year
since Frances Nelson and Mamie Childs were victims
in a double murder-homicide in Albany, which stemmed from
a domestic violence case. [SIRENS, WOMAN SCREAMING, HEAVY
MUSIC PLAYING] My mom and my aunt were
murdered in front of my children at our home. They were best friends. My aunt lived here too. How do you bounce
back from being in a place of so much despair? I lost a lot of hope. Life seemed unbearable. Things just felt overwhelming. I didn't want to get
up in the mornings. I didn't want to see sunlight. My plan was to take a
whole bunch of pills, to commit suicide. [THUNDER, RAIN, HEAVY MUSIC
PLAYING] Hurricane Michael is a monster
storm that's gaining intensity. Millions of people
across six states are under hurricane
warnings and watches. The storm is expected to blow
over Georgia and the Carolinas in the next few days. [THUNDER, WIND] [SERIOUS PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] I'm standing here at the
door watching the storm and I'm saying, oh my God. When am I going to get a break? I just lost the most
important people that would have been
right here with me. I can't call my mom anymore
when things got bad. [THUNDER] I was at the bottom. [SIGHS SHAKILY] I was mentally tired,
emotionally tired. It's like a battle that
I just could not fight. [OCEAN WAVES, BIRDS CHIRPING] [HEAVY HUMMING MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. Ah man. These poor folks. People can go through so much
sorrow and grief and so many trials in their lives
that sometimes they just feel like they
can't get back up again. My husband and I, when
we got to meet Cassa and to hear her story,
it was just unbelievable. She had been hit by so many
internal and personal storms in her life that she was
completely devastated. The rapid response team. They walk up in
their blue shirts, and the first thing
that they do is hug me. The warmth that they
gave was amazing. And I felt a sense of hope. This was God, you know, sending
these people to me to help me. And all of us, we started
talking, we started praying. [SWELL OF UPLIFTING MUSIC] And I said the
prayer of salvation. You're a part of
the family of God, and there's nothing like it. And I have no other choice
but to fall on my knees and trust that God
has a purpose for me. [POWERFUL UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] If Billy Graham
chaplains did not come, I probably would have still
been doing the same thing that I was doing every day– sitting in my truck
crying, because I don't want to come in this house. The chaplains gave me that hope. I feel like I met some
friends, for real. We love you. We love you, too. When you see someone
that feels so hopeless and has gone through so much,
like Cassa has, and they suddenly accept Christ
into their heart and you see the
hope, and the joy, and the tears in their face, you
know that it has to be Jesus. He is working in her heart. He is working in this community. And it can only be Him. Now when I go to my
mom and aunt's grave, I don't feel pain. Because I know one day when
we meet again in heaven, we will have peace

7 thoughts on “From Total Despair to Eternal Hope

  • You're gonna make it now, Cassa! With Jesus, and all of us praying for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • And thanks so much for giving hope to the hopeless through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ 👏👏 👏👏 👏👏 👏

  • This is a beautiful Story…!!!
    GOD BLESS JESUS, what ever would we do without HIM..!!!
    GOD BLESS Cassa and GOD BLESS the Billy Graham Ministry Response Team and GOD BLESS Franklin Graham for carrying on the vital work of his father's Ministry, bringing those in desparate need the BLESSED HOPE OF our PRECIOUS LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  • Wow.. Cassa your story is really inspiring. I bless God for your life. All praise to God who knows us and loves us.. What a loving God. Hallelujah. I praise God for the Rapid response team..oh, hallelujah!!

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