Fukuoka Freedom Night Market | 福岡市にナイトマーケットが来た!

(Upbeat music) – [Micaela] Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun. With comfortably warm nights
continuing in the fall, there are still plenty of
opportunities to go outside and enjoy public festivals and
events in Fukuoka city. (Upbeat music) Whether you are just passing
through or you’ve lived here for years, one of the events
you can look forward to is the yearly night market. Lighting up the downtown
Nakasu district with red lanterns, starting in
August and occurring every weekend until the end of October. – Hey guys, how is it going? It’s Micaela. I’m in front of Fukuoka’s
beautiful downtown shopping center Canal City, here on the
river, on the canal, they might even say! And I’m here at the evening
Fukuoka Freedom Night Market. It’s a really cool setup and
they’ve only started doing this in the past few years. But it has become something
that I really look forward to every summer here in the city. And I’m really excited to
finally have the chance to show it to you guys today! I’m meeting Rachel and our
friend Sonnie, um, just at the other side of the
market, so let’s go find them and say hi. Let’s go! (Upbeat music) – [Micaela] Night markets
have always been one of my favorite things about
visiting other Asian countries. And in Japan the night market
culture doesn’t really exist but with the summer being
as hot as they have been the past couple of years,
I’m really really glad that there are events like this
that happen during the evening, where you can come
out and be so chill after the sun has gone down and
a few degrees have dropped. (Upbeat music) – I found my friends! – (All Together) Hi! – I’m so excited you guys
are here, ’cause then I can finally get food, too. – Yes! – All right so all the
friends have arrived and we’ve all kind of gathered in this one spot and we’re hungry so we’re gonna
go check out the food stalls and get something to eat. I think Rachel, Rachel is already gone! She’s like I’m on my way! – Hey! – [Micaela] Let’s go! Let’s get some food! (Upbeat music) – One thing that I’m
really excited about is this organic vegan Gelato. You wanna go and have a look at that? So I had this one last
year, the roast brown rice milk gelato, it was really good! And then I think the
white chocolate and kinako sounds really good too. – Hmmm, oh It’s like a
pretty delicate flavor that doesn’t like hit you very hard. – [Micaela] Yes! – Oh I love the texture! – [Micaela] Really? – It’s really creamy and smooth. – [Micaela] Yeah. – Oh I really like it! – [Micaela] And you are
lactose intolerant right? So normally you can’t have gelato. – Unless I take a bunch of pills! (Laughs) – [Micaela] Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna try it. – [Sonnie] I’ll feed you. (Laughs) – Hmm, oh It’s really good! – Right? – It has like that kind
of bitter caramel taste, I like that! – [Sonnie] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’m gonna get one too, I
want the brown rice milk one. – I was thinking about
that one, too, yeah. – Yeah, good choice! – Well I wanna try yours now! – Yeah, when I get it,
I’ll share mine with you. – Okay good! (Laughs) – [Micaela] So he’s got a
kebab sandwich. How is it, Joe? – It’s good, but I’m not used to using chop-sticks to eat it. – [Micaela] You should really just like shove it all in your mouth! I’m sure you could, It’s
the American way! (Chuckles) – Yeah, probably! It’s really
good though, I like it. – [Micaela] Jun’s got hotate! – Yeah with the Sea Urchin cream on it – [Micaela] Ohh! – [Jun] Really good! – [Micaela] That looks really good! – [Jun] Yeah it is really good. – [Micaela] This is
literally, I think the first Japanese food I ate when I came to Japan. – [Micaela] Look at these noods! (Laughs) – So as the night progressed, our lipstick is getting smudged. But we’re still pressing on for more food! I’m gonna go grab some
gelato finally, I think Rachel is looking for… – Kakigori – Ah, kakigori! – [Rachel] I’ve decided on
freezing myself from the inside. – Oh! Wonderful! (Upbeat music) – [Micaela] (Speaks Japanese) Whoa! (Upbeat music) – [Micaela] At a normal
Japanese, like, summer festival you might find soft drinks or
Chūhai’s or Shochu Highball’s. Um, but at the night market
they’ve got like beer from around the world. They’ve got fancy cocktails,
Sangría, Mojitos… It’s a little bit more fancy,
there’s a lot of options and you get to try a
lot of things that you wouldn’t normally see
at a summer festival. And it’s a lot of fun. (Upbeat music) – So unfortunately, It
started to rain so we’re packing it in, we’re heading home. – Heck yeah! – But It is like 10:30 at
night, so I guess It’s like bed time if we’re seniors. – If we’re normal! (Laughs) – [Rachel] Normal adults! – (Mocking voice) We’re old people! – [Rachel] With good life schedules! – Yeah, so we’re heading home but the Fukuoka Freedom Night
Market goes on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, providing
that the weather is not shit. Um, and It goes on
until October I believe. So if you’re interested
in checking it out, if you’re visiting Fukuoka
for the Rugby World Cup in September and you’re
looking for something to do. Uh, maybe throw it on your itinerary as something to check out! (Laughs) – [Micaela] Yeah, anything to add? – Um, I know nothing about Fukuoka yet. I trust Micaela completely,
everything she says is highly accurate. She’s very knowledgeable about this city. – I’m Rachel and I endorse this method! (Laughs) It’s basically what you’re saying. Where’s Sonnie? Did you have fun? – I’ve been making faces
behind you guys, yes! – [Micaela] Oh good! (Laughs) – Yes, I enjoyed it. – [Micaela] Good! – [Sonnie] It’s chill, you know? – [Micaela] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – That’s nice. – There isn’t much of like
a night market culture in Japan yet. – No… – So I think It’s really interesting that they’re trying to do something. – Yeah. – And then there’s like
something like this, when the sun goes down and like
the weather is a bit cooler that like you can look
forward to and go out and do. – I like that there’s so
much going on the city and It’s not super over-crowded,
you can actually do something. Like, we were able to get seats
for way people, basically. – [Micaela] Yeah, and like sit
down and eat our food, right. – Right. – [Micaela] Like eight people and a dog. – And a child! – [Rachel] And a child! (Laughs) – [Micaela] Yeah. Yeah,
no, it’s good. I like that there’s so many event happening in Fukuoka lately, and it
keeps things like lively and interesting. – Yeah, Fukuoka is a great city. – [Rachel] And It’s not overcrowded, and the canals everywhere are so pretty! – [Micaela] Hmm, indeed. (Upbeat music) – [Micaela] Hey guys,
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