FULL POLICE CHASE: Woman in custody after chase on wet Los Angeles streets (FNN)

But when y hear t words humanrafficrs you think out tusand yes ago. Two thound yt e wod is worldroblem. a f ten ns aler in that area all right nowr bring that to you live right here on news now everybody viewer discretion is always heavily advisers during these. Whole live events happening here with the police chase were being told that the suspect is wanted for a stolen. Vehicle at this time and you could see taking a lot of chances already and what’s making it a little bit more scarier is becse ohe w road. Slk roadsn theoadway there in L d see. PD you pole a i purit ghtownd wre gng t contue tfoll tt . o poce cses.e e with tse toet cght eveually goi Theynow is alloingo end o nto extend othe las moments. Of freedom the best that they can and that’s what we’re seeing now we’re hoping that everyone is just stay safe and that this. Person will eventually just want to give up and ended peacefully so that nobody — Will get hurt on the roadways terrier or these officers that continued to chas down t spect here’s or watchin a live p. Los Angel rememr whe Righ here runews nowlways. trng to ing y t lates feed as theome. he sys wha is it is alway e iersectns whethey’r owing. ese r lhts erybody and always vieweiscrion healy advise everybody weary want to st metis we goto pull ay if. It gets a little bit. Too hectic e showin you rn inhe are poce cseot goocomb s ‘re hong tt — Three one will stay safe there on the roadwaysn your seen peoplt owin through redights gng through thesenterctions. That isa reallyeally dicey here so we are continuing to llowhis reor you rightow t suspec shong f wantg. Tpullver o stop rit nhiss th ston vehie susct a we ar — rrentl wating thisive f you News . s Anlesnd continuing. To go through these intersections does not want to give up there and only Benchley. will anweometest ends ll theass jusnti the we’ goi ono oufina minu here Of e u no to ntino wah tholice cse on fox ten phoenix.com or Facebook live that’s where we are continuing Tu conews n evebodynd sck road ctin. Heache forrivers in e areand tdoa lo wor if. on ande’repen f the vy As well s tha you so mh fo forlt joinin stre. Forhis poce cseo breaki news Angeles right now

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