Gab and the Fate of Freedom

I need to talk to you about a website
known as Gab. It’s essentially a Twitter alternative. The main difference between
it and Twitter is that it supports free speech, up to the limits of U.S. law. It’s
been taken down, and a variety of different news organizations have
referred to it as like, “Nazi Twitter” or “racist Twitter”, or some variation of that.
Of course, the left has redefined these terms: Nazi, racist, fascist – all of these
now just mean someone who disagrees with a Democrat. That’s kind of sad because
they all had legitimate meanings, and now you don’t even know if that’s what
they’re referring to, or if they are just talking like some decent, Christian,
conservative person. It really lessens the meaning, but Gab is not a
racist website. It just allows people to say what they think, and as a natural
byproduct of that, there are some people on there who are anti-semitic (who really
do hate Jews) but they’re also, and I’ve seen this myself, some people on there who
are Jewish Zionists, who think that Israel should be expanded to encompass the
entire Middle East. What’s unique about Gab is that it allows both groups to
speak freely, to say what they want. And it’s the same with any other issue. You
can be as pro- or anti- an issue as you like. You can also argue with other
people if you so wish, and debate with them. It’s why Gab was founded. People
will read into this because I just talked about “the Jews”, and they’ll take
it out of context and think that I said things that I didn’t, so let me just
clarify. I try not to make sweeping judgments about people on the basis of
their race. I think that’s wrong. I try to judge people as individuals, on their own
merits. That’s how I’d want to be treated and so I do the same thing to others. I
do think that Israel has a right to exist, and a right to defend its own
borders, like every other country in the world. In some ways, I think it has more
of a right, because it’s existed- It’s like one of the oldest countries in the
world. The excuse that’s being given to take down Gab, is the recent shooting at
a synagogue in Pittsburgh. You know, it’s really kind of heinous to shoot at
a place of worship. I just can’t even imagine.
It just seems even worse than it would have otherwise been. Well, anyway, the
shooter had a Gab account. He also had other accounts at other sites, but, you
know, we’re all gonna focus on the Gab account. Well, before he went on his
shooting spree, he posted to Gab and he said something about refugees and then
he ended his post with, “Screw the optics, I’m going in.” If you read that at the
time, you probably wouldn’t know exactly what he was talking about. Of course,
hindsight is 20/20 and we know now what it was that he meant. As soon as Gab
found out that he was one of their users, they reached out to the FBI and offered
as much data as they wanted, so that they can make a good case against this guy. As far
as I’m concerned, Gab did everything right. But, now there’s been a coordinated
effort to blacklist or what we’re using now is “Deplatform”, but to eliminate Gab
off of the Internet. Gab’s hosting provider provided them with just two
days to move. A hosting provider, for those who are less technical, is a
company that hosts all of your data. If you own a website, they store all of your
data. So, every post that you post to Gab, every image that you upload, will be
stored at the at the hosting website, and that includes all of the data and files
that are required for the website to run. So, it’s critical. Joyent is the
hosting company that silenced Gab, but it wasn’t just them. That’s what makes this
interesting. You see, PayPal also blacklisted Gab at the same time.
PayPal’s a company that people are probably more familiar with. Also, GoDaddy blacklisted
them. Godaddy was providing their DNS. DNS is what allows computers to find, you know, when you type it in on the
internet. DNS is like a zip code for finding the location of their computers.
That’s really the best analogy that I can give you. Alright, just a couple of
weeks ago, Stripe “deplatformed” or “blacklisted” Gab. Stripe is a payment
processor. They are what, you know, connects… If you want to give Gab money
using your credit card, you go through Stripe. It’s like the
middleman between you and Visa or MasterCard. Now, all of these companies deplatformed Gab, but every mass shooter in recent memory has posted
something to some website, whether it’s Gab or Twitter or Facebook or
what-have-you. In fact, Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school
shooter; he posted that he was going to be a school shooter on a certain video
site that shall not be named. But the point here is: nobody was saying “Let’s
shut down that video site!” Why would they? That would be insane. It wasn’t the video
site’s fault. In fact, where were the big campaigns to to prevent them from
getting funding, or to cut off their DNS so that you couldn’t access–? No, none of that happened. In fact, the parent company of that video site is leading
the way toward censorship. It’s really kind of disturbing. I’ve
heard some people say that the market needs to correct. Well, but the
market can’t. You see, we don’t have a free market anymore in this area of big tech.
Gab was one man’s attempt at essentially fixing it. Right? This is what you
supposed to do in a free market: You’re supposed to look at the different
companies that exist. If you don’t like any of them, make your own. And so, Andrew Torba,
the guy who founded Gab, looked around at these different companies and
said, “I want to create one that simply supports free speech, that let’s people say
what they believe, without actually advocating violence or anything
that actually is illegal.” That was it. It’s a pretty basic idea but all these different
companies have colluded together to prevent him from doing that. So there is
no free market anymore. Now that’s what I’m trying to say here. It can’t
correct itself when there’s a monopolistic cartel in place to prevent
that — all colluding together, because that’s not a coincidence. That all these
companies just, you know, blacklisted Gab all at once. That’s not a coincidence.
We’re heading toward a totalitarian society that is truly disturbing. It’s hard to comprehend. If you’ve got the wrong opinions — and here’s where
we’re heading — you won’t be able to get a job, any place of employment, you won’t be
able to speak or express your opinions, you won’t be able to financially support
whoever it is you support. Like for example, if I right now wanted to give
money to Gab, how do I give money to them? They don’t take Paypal anymore because
they got blacklisted. They don’t take credit cards because they got
blacklisted from Stripe. You see? And also, in this new world, we’re entering an area
where you can’t read what you want to read. Why? Because people can’t publish.
These are the places where people type what they think, and other people read
them and get convinced or not. But this is where we’re headed. It’s like the Soviet
Union, maybe worse. I don’t know. If you’re over the age of 40, you might remember
when Democrats or “the left” used to argue against big companies, against big
business. To some degree, I think they acted like a balance to conservatives,
who were traditionally more friendly toward corporations. Now, big companies
are the left and the left loves its power. In fact, it’s bought and paid for
at a level that, my gosh, more than the right ever was, and nobody’s really
speaking about it. Like, those on the conservative right are afraid to
say anything, they’re all like, “Well, free-market!” We don’t have a free market,
and most of these companies were propped up by the government at some
point or another. That’s not a free market and as has been shown right here
with Gab, you can’t fix it in a way that would take place in a free market.
It’s about to get worse, you see, you’ve got the midterms coming up here in the
US, and if the Democrats take power, you’ll have a fascist-like system.
Remember, Benito Mussolini, who ought to know, said that fascism was the merger of
state and corporate power. Well, that’s what you’ll have, because we see what’s
happening, you know, in these corporations and if you have them as the state– Yeah,
that’s actual fascism. Yeah, I know they like to call us fascists but that’s
what we’re talking about, and that, to some degree, has already happened.
Some may recall that Barack Obama talked with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of
Facebook, and asked him to, you know, make some tweaks to the algorithms, shall we
say? Also, a variety of different Democrat politicians have spoken openly about how
these companies need to crack down on “fake news”. Of course, when they say “fake
news”, they don’t mean CNN. They mean dissenting opinions. They mean, well,
people like me. And of course, we get back to the redefining of words,
because, you know, their whole fake news it’s not the same as our fake news. It’s
not what’s actually fake, it’s actually what’s true, right? And this is just like
with the whole fascist and the Nazi thing and the racist thing. But these terms, my gosh, they project them, right? I mean, they project them onto
everyone else, but they call us fascists but you see what they’re actually
doing. Independent journalists and commentators like me, they’re your best
source of information. If you want the truth, we’re all there is at this
point, so you need to support them or us. You know, we can’t operate pretty soon.
It’s getting to a point where there’ll be no way that we can speak and we won’t
be able to even accept financial donations — just to try
and get you to understand how big of a deal this is. This isn’t just about Gab.
Gab was a huge website with hundreds of thousands of people there you know? And
it has mass media coverage, but what about all of the people like me
who provide independent news information? How easily could they get rid of people
like me and just cut off the availability of funding? That’s where
we’re going. Freedom is precious, and it’s a relatively new idea, relatively, in
human history. If we don’t fight for it, North America and Europe will be thrown
back into a period of darkness, and future generations won’t even know what
real freedom is. This is a big deal. Fighting this fight is essentially like
saving the world. I mean, I’m really not overstating how big of a deal this is,
and people think that just anyone can accept payments online but that’s not
true. If you just take Stripe again for a second, just using Stripe through
your own website often requires knowing some kind of code, you know, a
programming language, that is. But if you were to replace all of those
companies, can you imagine what that would be like? To start your own Stripe? To
negotiate with Visa or MasterCard yourself as just one man or woman? It’s
just not even feasible, doing that. All right.
We at HealthWyze used to use Stripe as a payment processor, and then they cut
us off and gave us a variety of different reasons as to why it was.
Eventually, they said that they were concerned that we would anger the FDA. That’s
the Food and Drug Administration, for those who are outside of the US. Well, the FDA is a corrupt governmental agency that receives most of its funding
from the very companies that it is supposed to be regulating. So any honest
journalists who is reporting about the FDA would probably
make the FDA angry, but it’s not illegal to make the FDA angry. So, my point is,
these companies are evil. These companies like Stripe and like GoDaddy and so
forth, you should boycott them. You should avoid
them, but also you should reach out to everyone. Seriously, everyone. This should
be the topic that everyone is talking about, so contact your politicians.
Republicans especially need to know that once these people get complete control,
we’re kind of done for. I mean, seriously. They’ve got so much control
already, when Republicans are supposedly in power. You combine it into the kind of
fascist, evil society, and there’s just no real hope. So, do everything that you can,
and financially support those who provide you with the news, while you
still can. All right, so definitely share this video
too, because, well get the word out, however you can. Alright, well, thank you.
If you enjoyed the video, please like it and like I said it before, pass it
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49 thoughts on “Gab and the Fate of Freedom

  • Gday Platforms that censor speech:-
    * Facebook
    * Twitter
    * Google
    * Youtube
    * Pateron
    * Stripe
    * Paypal
    * Twitch
    * Spotify
    * Apple + apple podcast
    * pin interest
    * LinkedIn
    * Mailchimp
    * WordPress
    * mastodon
    * azure cloud servers (microsoft)
    * Mastercard
    * Godaddy (removed alex jones+gab)
    * MEDIUM (Baned GAB Oct-2018)
    * Shopify (Baned GAB Oct-2018)

    Platforms that DONT censor speech
    * Tutanota (email alt)
    * (FB alt)
    * Gabai (Twitter alt)
    * Bitchute (Youtube alt)
    * Wire (skype alt)
    * Librepay (Donation alt)
    * peertube (DIY self host youtube stream style server)
    * Protonmail (Gmail alt)

    Also look into:-
    * or Duckduckgo (search alt)
    * OpenStreetmap – instead of Google maps
    * imgtc or tineye – free image upload site
    * Linux – Win/MacOSX replacement
    * – Google Play Store ALT
    * Mumble – Discord ALT


  • Very well said. I say that blaming GAB is no different than blaming the chair that Bill Clinton sat on, while he was getting a blow job from Monica.

  • This assault on free speech is the most alarming assault on the foundation of what makes America great. Without free speech our future as free people is seriously in jeopardy.

  • Obviously there is a list of websites, social media platforms, and internet commenters who are considered enemies by the militant left. And, those who are on the list are monitored closely. At any possible occasion those on the list are deplatformed/unpersoned/dehumanized. Sarah, watch out, you are probably on the list as well. THE LEFT IS WATCHING YOU.

  • Something has to be done about this. How dare these corporate monopolies take it on themselves to decide what we are allowed to talk about on the internet.

  • We better go vote Republican, like yesterday. Democrats are a hybrid of Stalin and Hitler. Socialism sure kills the mind of man.

  • If you take a good look at all the lies deception and lawlessness that continues to pour from the democrats you have to state without fear of contradiction that patriotic Americans have a DUTY, I shout again, a DUTY to vote out in every possible state and position every single democrat. To have one democrat in a position of power is one too many. Americans do your duty to save your country because if you give democrats power they will destroy America. There is no time to sit on the fence it is time to save America VOTE THEM OUT.

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    where behind taking down Gab they blackmailed Stripe and they have now shut their Twitter now

  • Very well stated, Sarah. You’re always spot on and one of my very favorites❤️. There have been at least 12k threatening tweets towards POTUS, many ignored by Twitter Support, yet Twitter remains. Threats against anyone or group of people should be taken seriously, but the website itself should not be to blame. Gab is not to blame and neither is Twitter. Gab got right down to business in helping gov officials and should be commended for that. Hate speech is fine on Twitter as long as it’s geared toward POTUS and Republicans. It is shameful what PayPal and others are doing. Free speech is dammed.

  • Obama had conferences several times with the heads of many big tech companies. There is a movie coming out about Google spying and the constant manipulation of their algorithmic changing of search results to bring up what they want you to read and see.

  • Perhaps the bigger problem here is that these entities have somehow convinced us that we have no other options? That is not true. Check out Beaker Browser & DAT. We can build our own P2P internet beyond their reach. As far as payments go, we still have cash and checks and envelopes and stamps. I know it sounds old-fashioned but you younger whippersnappers out there need to go buy some checks and stamps and figure out how all of this stuff used to work. We're fighting a paper tiger here who cannot control us or keep up with us unless we let them. When they go low we just route around them. 😉

  • Tommy Robinson, Saint of Liberty and Freedom, citizen journalist in Britain has decided to go on THE DEPLORABLES TOUR with comedian Gavin McInnes in the White Western country of Australia. Now the censorship media have come out to silence their voices! To even prevent them entrance to a western country! SIGN THIS PETITION and SUBCRIBE TO TOMMY'S CHANNEL to fight against the EVIL FORCES WORKING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRIES.


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  • "They mean people like me…" And people like you are very sensible & rational, providing excellent critiques of seemingly irrational, monopolistic tech companies imposing their will. Possibly this pending law suit offers some hope of judicial scrutiny:
    Big Tech Sued For $1 BILLION By Reagan’s Anti-Trust Attorney

    "On August 30th, Larry Klayman, founder of both Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor who was part of the trial team that broke up the AT&T monopoly during the Reagan administration, announced the filing of a class action lawsuit alleging suppression of conservative speech online.

    "The lawsuit alleges that social media giants Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Instagram, and Google/YouTube “conspired by entering into an explicit or tacit agreement, in parallel to each other, to restrain trade in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act. See Freedom Watch v. Google/You Tube et. al (Civil Action Number 18-cv-2030, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia),” according to Freedom Watch USA."

  • It is time to take down the Internet and the World Wide Web. It can be done. Also, cellphones.
    The Internet is extremely vulnerable because it uses 1960's and 1970's technology and architecture.
    There are many old and new ways to stay connected. We can and we must create our own ways to stay connected.
    If we create our own, the rats must come into the light to stop us then they become exposed, known, and then vulnerable.

  • Excellent video again, dear Sarah, thanks for this very well explaining, how those 'on-line business practicing' on daily bases, so important for all subject involving (including all of us), actually work. Now I know, that the situation is even much worse then I was afraid of it might be. Let's hope conservative part of society, those smart heroes like you and your husband are, will find the way how to deal with it to get things run without those leftists services providers we depend on today.

  • Sovereignty and free speech are the two most important American values, but Democrats and the left at large are trying to destroy them!

  • Sarah Corriher I can't stress how much I wish there were more people like you that understand all these evil inner workings of society. Unfortunately most of the time these issues can't be explained quickly enough when the average person's attention span is only 30 seconds long.

  • Well done, thank-you!

    GOD strengthening the hand of Trump will be here soon enough. And there will be significant pushback on the Left's anti-democratic fascist fomenting ways.

    Some contemporary Christian prophets are confident of something akin to a 25 yr window of a Conservative/Constitutional/National/Christian reformation of sorts. A measure of respite for the Gospel to go out. An honouring of the faithful and praying contingent that have been at it for years. A beacon for the Nations and bulwark against the Goat States.

    It is upon the closing of this 'window of mercy' when darkness will rush in quickly to devastating effect, chastisement for the multitude of sins, including being struck by wicked Nations.

    But there will be a remnant. And there is always indomitable hope for those who belong to The LORD.

  • Awesome video, Sarah. Fortunately, there are a good amount hosting providers and dns server providers which support free speech. MassResistance dot org uses a good host for their website after a pedophile had them shut down for being against pedophilia. Go figure.

    As a Jewish MAN, (born……and always will be a MAN, btw), I wasn't offended by your comment in which you showed support for Israel. You sounded a lot like our current President! #TrumpTrain

  • It's a free speech thing where you can tell jokes and they might get it or not depending on timing but with twitter some words are not to be used like a nanny and I don't like that.

  • The neo-communist have been executing a planned purge of the Internet that they’ve planned for a long time. Check out this memo from media matters.

  • Twitter and the self-defeating deplatformhate losers exploited the deaths of those murdered in the synagogue to for economic gain and for the supression of free speech by prior restraint. Sad bad sowing of the wind.

  • Great video.

    One wonder why GAB was targeting but not YT or Facebook since that guy also had a presence there.

  • There is no way we can boycott them, they control the infrastructure to the internet. Just use simpler methods, like a P.O. Box. You can use Mastercard or Visa, but their rates are pretty high. When I was doing business, merchant services charged as much as 10%!

  • If it weren't for the fact i use youtube i would have pushed to have youtube shut down especially if i gots my own video sharing website Susan's loss my gain that's why gab was targeted but not why they were shutdown it's only a investigation they will be back up soon

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