Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom – Inside CHANEL

[Music] [Music] concur master love for Gabrielle Chanel these three verbs combined to define freedom / freedom fear pressure sovereign unconditional conquer your independence Oh it to yourself alone work relentlessly for over half a century and pursue elegance from sunrise to sunset nothing replaces work not titles not nerve not luck every I used to say master your fruit and by nurturing it create an environment like you would design the layout of a garden to allow boldness clarity and standards of excellence to flourish man love the evolution of following an uneven path without a contract or marriage cheek to cheek with fashion hand in hand with friendship make the rickshaw home conquer the freedom of the body by reflecting the freedom of the mind Jersey outfit from pajamas supple suits and light shoes master a stylish refusal reject Hollywood and its rules paracin its society life luxury and its conventions not courtiers who thought they were artists love response corrected on the next free from heavy she knows and talk conquer and constantly reclaim your freedom with originality boldness and persistence and your only weapons revolutionized the world of perfume era with number five and make your mark in the oxygen of glass or dungeon most of the rules in order to break all of them really made either companion and indistinct a guardian love solids you’d like a gift discreetly risk freedom without ever looking back conquer your destiny even if it means the Liberty inventing certain moments becoming you if you were born without wings don’t do anything to stop them from growing master each beat of the lanes you have the moments the next second love freedom you [Music]

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