Garden of Peace

the actual original idea to create a memorial to homicide victims it was at a time when a lot of homicides were happening in Boston it really disturbed me to see this violence and this needless waste of life there was one driving force behind the creation of the garden of peace it was Beatrice Nelson so I had read an article in The New York Times about how the Vietnam vets memorial had become such a healing place for so many families and I thought well maybe that's one way to help the city heal I never thought that I would have to know about victim services and memorials to homicide victims I was a suburban working mom but I do know 25 years ago I lost my 23 years old daughter sherry and her baby 18 months old my first grandson to the murder ever since then I became a voice for Sharon Cedric and a voice for all the victims it was an uphill battle because a we were all volunteers B we had no experience in doing anything like this we were trying to use public land we had no funding we procured the actual physical place to put the garden and that was done through lobbying the legislature to include it in the development of the salt and stop building obviously the next thing was to get the money and we created some partnerships with mass development with Suffolk construction who were doing the redevelopment of the building they made significant contributions our families made significant contributions and we raised over a million dollars to build this garden it wasn't meant to be just like a women's movement it turned out that most of the volunteers who worked were women and they were mostly women whose children had been murdered women get things done to me it's a beautiful healing quiet serene place I can sit there and watch other people go by there and people just sit there and quietly and close their eyes and it's so beautiful to see I think people who have a loved one's name there really feel like it's their garden and that they own it that they own that stone each stone is engraved with the name of a victim so we've filled up all the stones and we've started engraving on the seat walls I have two stones out there but that next motion but I'm proud they have a stone at the garden so not only myself or my family other people they walk by their will see their name so they're not forgotten the garden was designed by volunteer a woman named Catherine Molina what she ended up creating was something that reflected where we were all coming from and how we were all feeling about what we wanted this place to be her concept which I think has been implemented beautifully was but the journey from grief to renewal and when you walk in you see how she represented the journey through a dry riverbed in the center of that is a black Demi orb which represents the grief that people suffer when they are faced with homicide so the idea was the dry riverbed which ends in hope and renewal with Judi Hensley maki's sculpture of the three ibises taking off the Maki's only son jesse was murdered and so this was a catharsis for her I visit there whenever I'm in Boston I sit and think about my daughter and I also feel gratified that I was part of creating something that helps so many other people you you

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