Garland ISD: Rowlett vs Fossil Ridge Football

[music] from Homer V Johnson Stadium in Garland
Texas a very pleasant good evening welcome to another edition of garland
ISD football here on GRS TV hi again everybody Scott Powell along with Bobby
George we’re so glad you’ve joined us tonight and Rowlett comes in with a
record of one and two but having played one of the better schedules you’ll find
anywhere in the area they type take on an undefeated Keller Fossil Ridge team
three and oh and they’re also ranked number 15 in the area and Bobby this
will be a great test for Rowlett with district play starting next week of
course yeah they you know the Panthers are get it 44 points per game so it’s
really gonna test this rule at Eagle defense and they are led by chest chase
Taylor Sam Dan ler and Chris Abbott and I tell you those three guys right there
or something to be reckoned with and they’ve got a really really played good
tonight in order to hold that team down of
course rallied is only scoring about 29 points per game so they’re gonna have to
keep that school they’re gonna have to keep the Panthers from scoring at least
29 so that they can have a chance in this game well we’re gonna see the
Fossil Ridge offense right off the bat here is they’re going to receive the
opening kickoff rally in there maroon tops gray pants charcoal gray pants
they’ll go right to left here in the first quarter with the maroon helmets
and the eagle across the helmet Fossil Ridge the Panthers black pants white
shirts and black helmets for the Panthers and we’re gonna see right off
the bat their star quarterback Kobe crafty stone for 913 yards 304 yards a
game through the first three weeks 14 touchdowns only one interception 65%
passer he’s got he’s the third leading quarterback in the Metroplex and he’s
got the third and sixth leading receivers Stefon Cobbs 19 catches 401
yards 21 to catch at 8 touchdowns and Cobbs on the kickoff return a big hole
up the middle and he’s out to the 37 yard line gives Fossil Ridge good field
position here on opening possession jaylen Hearst the six
leading receiver 12 catches 341 yards he catches them at 28 yards a reception so
two big play receivers and a big play quarterback and not a bad running game
the average 304 through the air 501 yards a ball game and 44 points they are
number two in the Metroplex in total offense yeah I mean it’s it’s easy to
have that those receivers catching that many balls when your quarterback can put
it right on the money to them so I’m telling you today Emmitt seals and these
guys playing defensive backs and safeties are gonna have to really shut
these guys down and put a lot of pressure on the quarterback
Colio Nevins takes the first handoff up the middle from the quarterback Crafton
it’s just a short gain of one to the 38 yard line and in on the tackle or d8
chase Taylor just sits in there quick one of those linebackers you mentioned
up just a moment ago second and 9 at the 38 two receivers either side alone back
to the left of craft who was in the shotgun he looks to throw deep down this
near sideline lofts it up it is incomplete Cobbs got a hand on it but a
great play defensively over here by the cornerback Lance Canyon to knock it away
yeah Lance Canyon comes from playing too deep and they kind of just put Cobb in
the middle of them they the Emmitt seals drops back number 22 drops back about
ten yards and and then 21 over the top of them Canyon and is able to knock that
ball down I thought it was going to get caught it Canyon comes down with his
hand and just slaps it out of there three receivers left side one to the
right here on third and nine at the 38 of Fossil Ridge craft will throw again
same play deep near sideline caught Cobbs
he’s tackled immediately but has a first down all the way to the Rowlett 32 yard
line that time one-on-one coverage yeah one on one that time and again they see
it at the line of scrimmage and say okay go up and get that Cobb and they just
toss it out there too it seals was pretty close to him but Cobb comes down
with the long reception these receivers also good size both at six to
Sandhurst and they’ve got four receivers out there now look for cobs though he’s
got solo coverage here on the near side three receivers left on first and ten at
the rel at 32 craft is gonna look to throw left same play down the left side
it’s caught inside the toy trotted away at the last second was a good defensive
player just a flat drop by Jalen Hurst looks like combing hold the two-year
starter comes up limping right there Tim that’s just a drop maybe was going
through his hands even before the defender was on top of him we’ve got an
injured Eagle Coby pool down there about the 20 yard line why don’t we take a
quick break here we’re just underway its Fossil Ridge nothing right let nothing
here on GRS television go be pool being helped off looks like
he could be back though does not look very serious second down in ten at the
relative Panthers of Fossil Ridge driving on this game’s opening
possession craft takes the snap it is a handoff big hole out of the
heavens is gonna score the Panther touchdown that’s what they do that’s
what they do they get you throwing deep every time they do out of four plays you
through a deep 30-yard passes each time one side to the other
this time they fake the pass and just drop it right up the middle on them and
it is just free running right there for Fossil Ridge the modrich wade is the
only one to get a hand on him but it was just it was like a feather of a hand it
had no effect on Evans who scored on the 32 yard run here comes the extra point
kick 37 left in our opening quarter Fossil Ridge goes the distance on their
opening possession route let will get the football for the first time when we
come back here on GRS television that’s going drive for fossil ridge that
goes 63 yards in five plays a minute 16 off-the-clock
32 yard run by evans the p80 good they lead to outlet seven to nothing the
Eagles now will get the ball for the first time yeah it’s definitely not what
you wanted right there for Rowlett if you wanted to have a good defensive
stance right off the bat of course they got an injured Kobe pool and we’ll see
how that’ll that’ll affect them the Eli Baker comes in for him of course he was
a captain before the game and so he’s gonna have to really step it up here and
help that defense out Gilley and Booker the return man but it’s gonna go short
to m’dear and he is dangerous there on the little pop-up kickoff it
Rowlett will have it first and 10 at their own 28 yard line he’s really a
nice kick right there they just kind of pooch kick it right where no one’s at so
they see how the beat out the return he was set up
and then he just kicks and rot where no one’s at right there and if that ball
would have taken a crazy house you know turnover right there I mean it was just
a bounce right back up into his hands so good job right there Alec recovering
that ball Preston weeks is the quarterback he averages 173 a game
through the error with just one touchdown in one interception monta Lang
is his lone running back two receivers each way here on first and ten shotgun
go ahead I mean the thing is he’s only had one touchdown all season long so
really wing this to really work he’s gonna have to put the ball into his make
playmakers hands you know he not only throws the ball but he’s also running
the ball he’s the leading rusher yes on the team at 2.8 yards per carry so you
know he’s got to get the ball to some other people like gillies really super
fast some of these guys can really make place for him lay on the
– good johner and pounds his way out to the 49 yard line for a first down at a
gain of 17 from Aigner Lange yeah that was nice you see Dakota Gilley making a
key block right here on his receiver turning inside and letting get to the
outside just a nice job you also got a block from Antonio hole up the sideline
first in ten quick screen pass total screen it is caught by hole but is met
immediately after about a four yard gain and they’re gonna give him forward
progress to the 47 of fossil rich hole what a surprise he’s been to this team
this year great job he’s had six receptions 77 yards on the year so a
great surprise to have him on the squad second in six at the 46 of Fossil Ridge
Rowlett with their opening possession of the game a play-action fake quickly
Pettis on the slant right love the first down yardage
I think Evans is about a half it’s more like a quarter of a yard coming for the
Eagles yeah he’s their leading receiver ten receptions on the year 113 yards
Jerry Evans now weeks’s looked like he wanted to take up with it up the middle
Bobby a little quarterback draw but Fossil Ridge smelled that out and
dropped him for a three-yard loss and will see the Eagles alive – paneer could
be four down territory they just got all the pressure right up the middle and it
probably would have been a good choice to go ahead and throw that ball out
there there was nothing there they’re gonna go for it here Arnold saldo made
the stop fourth and four they need the 41 Fossil Ridge weeks now looks like
he’s changing the play at the line ten seconds on the play clock three
receivers out here to the far side the left side one receiver right Lange the
running back weeks has the snap play action against later Gilly first down
inside the 35 of him Panthers and a first intent of the 34 nice he just
makes a little three yard out and then back to the middle who creates a perfect
little lane and weeks puts it right on the money
nice job right there came through 30 for Emmanuel Sutton made the tackle that
could gone the distance if it wasn’t for Sutton first and ten at the 34 weeks
with a little screen pass drops it off for Lange is couple of blocks pounds his
way across the 25 that’s enough for another first down at the 23 yard line
got just enough blocking from the three receivers over here on the near side you
know they may have fun finest I’m here you know Fossil Ridge is real strong up
the middle and they’re gonna try to put a lot of pressure on weeks so if you can
get the ball to the outside while they’re pushing the pressure up the
middle maybe you get something there and it’s turned out for them two times in a
row they pulled a two first downs Evans and hold two of the good blocks over
here on the near side fresh set of downs at the 23 first intent getting rallying
the play but we’re down below three sign me up there got to take timeout or snap
it and they get it off weeks hands it and this is going to be Amos with this
first carry he’s hit at the line squeezes forward to the 21 he basically
got two out of nothing there over right guard yeah that’s a nice job of running
right there he’s a junior running back here I tell you they were pushing that
pressure up the middle and he just found a little scene and turned nothing into
something two receivers each way on second and eight handoff again Amos want
to get it out left but he is met at the line of scrimmage might have gotten a
yard but nice open field tackle there by Francis Nando Zi they’re strong right
there there front for their linebacker from pretty big boys you have that
opening just for a second and all sudden it closes down on you in a hurry
yeah Amos wanted to cut it outside just was there yeah but Nando Zi was the man
who blew up the play third and seven could be four down territory right now
it’d be a 37-yard field goal from the left – two receivers each way they need
the 13 and a half for the first down a weeks wants to throw
over the middle almost picked off that same player nandos ‘i got a hand on it
and knocked it away fourth down coming well they really missed one right there
because they had number six Jerry Evans running a streak down them down the
outside what they did is they flooded one side of red there there inside a lot
do a little curl route and then they had their running back to an outsider out
so that’s flooding inside and then their outside guy just did a streak and the
outside guy was wide open weak stared down that slant all the way and there
were two defenders in the area fourth and seven are eyelets going at the 20
again they need the 13 weeks out now any at time stands tall now he’ll move the
pocket to his left and his hit and he does get rid of it as he goes down and
they will call that an incompletion and Fossil Ridge is held they take over on
downs yeah they had Gilly doing a little
outing up and if he would have just stepped in there and just threw the
strike right there that’s when you got to throw it he could have found the gap
he’s just waiting for him to get wide open and at that point it’s already
closing in on you so Fossil Ridge gets the ball back leading 7 to nothing they
went 63 yards on their opening possession and lead at 7 to nothing
Rowlett moved it from their 28th to the 20th Fossil Ridge but went out on downs
and let’s see what the Panthers do here with two twin receiver stacked
deep right and deep left and one back to the right of craft the quarterback craft
will hand it to Evans this time a pretty good hole cleaves is down in a hurry of
the 22 yard line and leading the way defensively for Rowlett number 5 Brandon
Stark the defensive end right there does a great job of getting around there and
closing that down because you know their third quarterback will sit back there
and he acts like he throws he makes a great fake after after he hands it off
so he carries out the fight very well doesn’t a good little operator in that
backfield that is Kobe craft who also thrown for 913 yards a 65% passer come
he’s a good one he’s third in the area in passing coming into this game this
time and the line of scrimmage is Evans yeah Chris Abbott just blows that thing
booty’s Dixie puts into the ground now that’s a nice play right there by have
it gets through there boom and chase Taylor and Evans come over at the top
and help them out good job fossil ridge with a third and 10 they’re 1 out of 1
on third down Riley trying to force a punny or threatening the Blitz
they got three down linemen four down linemen but a couple of ends and then a
threatening blitz up the middle and they bring the house craft in trouble he does
get it off to the far side he just threw that away and give credit to the rally
rush yeah chase Taylor the middle linebacker he times it perfectly gets
right up the middle Kim where he doesn’t have enough time to throw it he just
goes ahead and plays for another downgoing punt that thing away you know
he didn’t seem to have any little when you get a blitz like that you hope to
have a little safety receiver in the area and he seemed to have everybody
going deep and Riley it with a good blitz at the right time here’s a quick
punt end-over-end it’s gonna be caught on the run at the 47 a Fossil Ridge
Buckner evades one tackler and gets a 6 yard return
let’s see where they’re gonna Margaret we do have a late penalty flag at about
the 37 which is near where Booker was tackled let’s see what this is all about
by the way Rodney Allison is the referee our good old country boy that we heard
last week Bobby Bobby and his crew Denny Mathis the Empire David Hobbs the head
linesman Bill Dixon the line judge Eric Wyatt the back judge Marvin Williams the
side judge and the field judge Derek Atchison you’ll remember Rodney’s voice
in his good country accent here in just a moment when he comes on his microphone
we hope it works well we’re not getting it unfortunately but he’s gonna go
against Fossil Ridge on the punt return a 15-yard walk off back to the 47 of the
Panthers yeah I believe they got using me that’s
round I’ll let ya bringing back so the Eagles were their second possession of
the game they had their first one end at the Panther 20-yard line went from there
28 to the 20 and were out on downs trailing seven to nothing 432 left here
in the opening quarter yeah they had a good Drive going there
they went for it on a fourth down was able to put a little strike right there
into Gilley’s belly and they converted that one but they couldn’t convert the
second one and let it stall out weeks and shotgun for receivers – either way
he’s gonna play action fake gonna go deep contact is the ball right it’s
incomplete intended for Antonio a little pushing there at the last minute but no
flag yeah I think if you would have kept running that ball would have been right
on my money and kind of slowed down look back and that’s when the defensive back
was able to catch up with let’s look for some possible interference here Bobby
see what the replay tells us it’s a contact but you know hole looks as
guilty as the defender I turned around and caught was able to put his hands on
his shoulder if you’d have just kept running just outrun the defensive guy
probably bet that one second and ten peachie left to laying avoids one
tackler but let’s go down after a three yard just barely across midfield third
and seven coming under the angles Brandan Wright man
two receivers each way alone back weeks launch the throw he’s got time of the
Panthers and that is a receiver Slade m’dear with his first catch of the night
yeah nice job right there he uses hands nice fourteen good strike has a great
pass right there by mr. Weiner’s yeah Preston had some zip on that ball didn’t
he and he needed it they were in a crowd right there
Madeira sketch just his second of the year he had one for ten coming in big
one right there for 14 and a fresh set of downs for Rowlett another four
receivers set pretty much the same formation every play as weeks throws
again just drops it off over the middle caught by Evans but he’s got enough for
another rally at first down it appears at the 26 yard line
yeah they’re finding a little bit of something right here getting these
linebackers zones yeah they’re just setting those receivers right out in
those little zones and just putting a strike on him I named Dozier with
another tackle he’s very active for the Panthers so far Kuato
get there didn’t get the block this time Evans just dropped for no gain when you
run those quick hitch screens you’ve got to get blocks from your receivers and I
thought Gilly actually had him blocked to the inside he just chose me after he
caught it to take it inside and we ran right into the into the tackler there in
other words Evans might have gone the wrong way off the block but anyway
second and 10 at the 26 four-man defensive front a couple of
linebackers as weeks barks the count takes the snap it’s a quarterback drop
it’s good block their tackle the 20 first down as he dives across the 10 and
they’re gonna mark it right at the 10 yard line but a gain of 16 and another
first down for Rolla got to give a lot of credit right there – Jesse solace 58
watch us boom it turns him inside just a nice hustle job to get that corner out
there for a quarterback we mentioned weeks the leading rusher has the
quarterback on this team here’s a give to laying who is spun around
down to right at the line of scrimmage another good open field tackle and let’s
see that’s number 94 Raphael Hernandez who made the stop
second and goal coming around changing personnel Amos comes out lang will be
the lone earning back two receivers each way again Rowlett with pretty much the
same formation every play but I tell you they’re still holding with that one or
two linebackers up the middle trying to stop that run right now though a four
men four down linemen and two ends but they’re not coming past
Otacon quarter the end zone touchdown Rowlett Neruda Gilley with the catch
beautiful job right there throwing it on time boy wakes is sharp tonight nd Bobby
yeah do it on time he didn’t wait for him to get open he just threw it where
he’s supposed to throw it the dakota kill he made the defender pay nice job
right there good hands you keep mentioning on time a lot of rail lets
passing game through the years under two different head coaches has been a timing
passing attack and you saw it right there the receiver a lot of times we’ll
cut even before the ball is started the quarterback will throw it before the
receiver cuts a lot of times in this offense and Wow as I said it before the
quarterback is early on mr. weeks for a let extra point good a minute 34 left in
our opening quarter Rowlett has tied it up 7-7 with keller
Fossil Ridge here on GRS television you see the Rowlett sideline after the
long touchdown drive that’s Dakota Gilley number 11 who just caught the
10-yard pass from weeks the extra point was good and we’re tied at 7 here with a
minute 34 left in the first quarter yeah great job right there by the defensive
holding them but getting a four and out inside their territory a short punt a
penalty and then let your offense take over and they did a great job right
there good team effort and Fossil Ridge on the return this is Cobbs gonna run
the end up he fakes the end around Cobbs up the middle and if he could have
broken getting by the gotten by the one tackler he mata Connor ways but a nice
open field tackle up the middle there by Jerry sporter Reese Porter another one
of the captains before the game well he made a saving tackle right there because
that one was going to code the distance if he wasn’t able to reach out there and
get him and here come the Panthers in their white jerseys and black pants as
they trot out relative in the dark maroon tops and gray pants
charcoal gray looks a lot like my car love that charcoal gray look for man
defensive set two linebackers as the quarterback craft drops deep gonna pick
the Rowlett defender actually looked like the intended receiver Emmitt seals
ball was woefully overthrown there this is a nice job though staying with him
that long to stay with a receiver over 40 yards is very difficult to do and
seals just takes over on that one just a nice job right there by the way I don’t
think I mentioned the Rowlett scoring drive eight plays 53 yards in three
minutes off the clock so far they’ve controlled the time of
possession here in the opening quarter three receivers to the far side that’s
the near side here on second and ten but he’ll go the other way one on one
coverage caught down the sideline a he’ll step out but has enough for the
first down at the 40 or the 38 make it the 37 of Fossil Ridge and that receiver
by the way was colione Evan yeah now that was Eli Baker Baker excuse
me that well the defender receiver anyway is kuzey
trevor kuzey with cat makes a good little stop right there and then
immediately they change him out and go with Wesley so they’re trying to
experiment over there see who can can handle it over there by themselves
let’s Hurst again it was Hurst on the last catch and he has another catch in a
first down at the 49 I finally got a right that’s jaylen Hurst the receiver
so immediately Fossil Ridge is gonna go right after these corners that are they
they know that Coby Poole went out the starter and now they’re having to switch
defensive backs out there and they are going right at him right after right off
the bat first and ten Fossil Ridge at their own 49 craft has time now he’s
gonna flush out to the right looking for somewhere to go with it drops it off off
the hands of the intended receiver that was kuzey who had a step on the defender
good job by craft just to get rid of it but it’s incomplete yeah so another good
little stop right there by the Eagles they put a lot of pressure on him and
everybody seemed to be covered up pretty well so he had to pull that ball down
and and see if he could scramble outside and get somebody I thought he left the
pocket a little early Bobby I thought he had more time than it showed craft is
gonna hand this one off to Evans pretty good hole over right guard is he’s gonna
be short of the first down but it gets a solid 7 on that carry make it 5 now it is 7 to the 44 Arella
it looks like chase Taylor comes over and makes the tackle right there could be four down territory third and
three for fossil rich still a spread formation so they’ve got that defense
spread out pretty well seven minutes eight minutes about seven
in the box I might say three linebackers four down linemen and a defensive end
here on third and three craft slaps the hands once the snap he’s got it now
we’ve got a penalty that’s gonna stop the play anything interesting about this
so far Bobby I think that’s only well nope they took a timeout no penalty if I
was gonna say we’ve only had like one penalty in this game so far very well
played first quarter and we are at the end of the quarter our score rallied
seven Fossil Ridge from Keller seven back with the second quarter in a moment
here on GRS television I’ll get this time Scott Powell Bobby
George back at Homer B we’re through one you got some numbers Bobby yeah through
one now let’s done a good job of ball
control had seven first downs a hundred and five yards on those you know – nice
drives that they had 41 yards on the ground 64 in the air eight of 11 in the
passing game their craft hands off to Evans first play of the second quarter
and Evans close to the first down gonna be a little bit short thanks to a one on
one tackle up the middle by de modrich Wade who’s made a couple plays tonight
fourth and one coming let’s see if the Panthers go for it might as well at the
Rowlett 42 yeah cuz they I mean they’re doing some pretty good job rushing
they’ve got four attempts 40 yards so it’s almost 10 yards in attempt so they
they can get it Evan stop ting oh I think he got a bad mark from the lines
been on this side I thought I think he is but I think it was a bad mark I’d
let’s see the replay I thought he may have had the first down line judgment on
the other side of the field was on one side of the first down here line judge
on this side wasn’t but either way Rowlett gets a huge stop right there
let’s see where he actually got that now he’s head further than the ball boy I
think Rowlett may have gotten a little break there but they’ll take it first
antenna thrown 42 what do you think come on crazy I don’t know it’s too far for
me to look at it from this distance but it was very close and either way you
it’s two big stops in this game for the Eagles yeah I thought he got to the 41
yard line but rather it will take over at their own 42 same set they’ve used
all night two receivers both ways one back and that is Chauncey Amos Gilliam
Booker a white out here to the near side the right now gillion motion gotta hand
it to Dakota Kelly’s average per carry one here as he spins away from a tackler
and has a first down at the fossil ridge 43 boy over the years watching him he
looks like a little cat you know the cats got such good footing I’ll tell you
what watch the spit he sees the hole it gets a great block right there by number
three just got great feet right there he’s like a cat only had two catches
coming or two written to Russia’s coming in but averaged 38 yards a rush and got
a quick 15 there here’s a handoff to Lane who’s got a pretty good gain around
right tackle they’re gonna mark him down at the 37 a gain of six Manu Lang was
the one that had that lead blocked earlier for Gilley quick out pass caught by Evans but he
loses his balance and he’ll go down four oh we lost about a half yard that’s
gonna set up a third and five to Pirela I thought they had the numbers there
again I did too just have to make that block stay on your feet were thinking
that one block right there he’s got the outside just stumbled over his own feet
and it’s third and five could be four down territory it’s work weeks usually
we’ll run the ball here oh they got him free plate throw it up movement I
they’re gonna kill the play too much contact and they’re gonna say we’re
gonna have to stop this thing so we’ll see but Rodney Allison has to say this
looks like offside against Fossil Ridge it is and that should be enough for the
first down as you look at the marks over there I think he’s gonna be at least a
nose of the football beyond that the point needed I would not be surprised as
they call this automatically a first down boy when you look at where the box
was and where it is now it’s got to be a first down at least measure the thing
make me look good thank you it is a first down it was right on
stick there I thought he had it by at least a quarter of the ball based on
where the box was before the play fresh set at the 33 of fossil rich weeks with
a couple of packs one on either side here just two receivers in the set get a
hand it off get through there’s a good home good yardage across the 25 close to
another first down around the 23 it’s kind of work and they’ve spread it out
as so much where they keep throwing the outside routes outside routes now the
linebackers are having to spread out just a little bit when they start
spreading out it creates those little running lanes great job a window
shopping by Amos and he picks the right window there and got a first down but
this time Lang is in a lot of trouble is gonna lose it yard then we may have a
fumble it looks like Fossil Ridge might have it they think they’ve got it and he
says Foster rage football he was dancing around there a little bit and I was
wonderful what’s going on right there he’s dancing and dance and trying to
find that window like you were saying if somebody grabs his arm right here he
just grabbed his arm first and ten at the 24-yard line
another long rail that drive comes up empty they were doing what they wanted
to do that was a great drive person pinball say just see right here he gets
his arm right there just pulls it out boom yeah a lot of times you blame the
offensive player no that was just a nice strip job there by number 93
Alex Alvarado deep again craft throws it Davey’s got to seven caught this may go
it’s a footrace down the sideline touchdown fossil Cobb is the number three receiver in the
Metroplex I tell you that’s what they do they get you out there by yourself and
then they throw it deep to them and just let him kind of box his guy out seeing
boxing his guy out using his arms that’s what he do and then he’s able to create
a little bit of space pull that ball in and you can’t catch 76 yards craft to
Cobbs extra point pending from Mercato well that’s tough well you’re driving
like you are maintaining the cock clock getting those 10 yards five yards six
yards getting first downs then you get a turnover in the very next play
boom 76 yards yeah quite a momentum shift the kick is good we got a timeout
913 left in the first half our new score Fossil Ridge 14 Rowlett 7 on GRS
television well we’re a little try and answer that
fossil ridge touchdown can you call a one-play drive a drive well they just
went 74 yards in one play touchdown pass from Kraft to cobs and it’s 14 to 7 yeah
big momentum changer right there when you’re controlling the game as you were
doing and you get a turnover in one play later they take it to the house and whoo
it’s just a tough one right there they need a little wind down there when I
came up here it was about 94 degrees down there on the field so now that the
Sun is going down and the breeze is coming through maybe they can feel a
little bit better yeah that breeze blowing from left to right as we look on
it’s a prat let’s back here in the second quarter kickoff goes out of the
near corner of the end zone so this will be a touchback to the 25 the problem
with that breeze is that it really doesn’t get down on the field too well
because they had that big wall on the right side of the field it’s a you know
it’s it’s three or four stories tall and so that breeze that isn’t able to get
down onto the field to look too well but anything will help them it’s hot down
there Preston weeks the quarterback will lead
his offense out after they get the play call on the sideline as that’s what’s
going on right now they’ve got their call that was head coach Doug Stephens
telling them what to run and here they come Amos will be the running back
they’ll have two receivers both ways you know what we really don’t see out of the
rallied offense is really going deep like they you know like fossil Ridge we
don’t ever see them just throw it deep same play we’ve seen all night quick
slant incomplete knocked away at the last second that was intended for Gilly
and the strip from behind I’m gonna ask to have some light in here Michael or
I’m gonna have trouble reading these names código with the play defensively
I say Michael I meant Bobby second in ten weeks kind of the same play except
left side caught down short of the first down but just a yard away is the
receiver Jerry Evans Orion one coming but he loved throwing that little little
slot receivers getting around about seven eight yards and turned around and
that’s their go to play weeks puts his head down the first try was short but
then he bounced off and surged forward and got the first down with some second
effort at the 36 yeah he’s about six four he’s a big boy so you got to really
get down at low on him to get him down so it’s perfect for him to get that 1 or
2 yards he’s got four touchdown runs on the year they love him around the goal
line quick out pass Gilly got a block got a first down as he is spilled at the
47 he needed the 46 first and 10 Eagles beautiful design play good block over
here I believe it was Christian Booker although we’ll see on the replay watch
this block no it’s Evans there but near the top of your screen that was Booker
who also gave him some air up the sideline yeah that Gilley was the inside
receiver and he just kind of flared out just a little bit and got a nice little
pass on time and quick and it doesn’t give the defense very much time to get
there play action weeks we’ll go deep Booker
who came back to the football as the pass was short but he could not hang on
let’s call that back shoulder let’s call that a back shoulder
give him some credit right there oh it’s just a beautiful right oh it’s just nice
job right there you just got to finish the play off hit him in up guy he’s got
great hands we got to give it to him he just it happens doll up second and two
quick flag out caught about seven on the play Booker spilled immediately here on
the near sideline after the 7 yard catch third and three coming yeah that’s a
nice job going right back to the receiver that dropped the
all on you so build that confidence right back up so nice job right there of
getting him about a 12 yard comeback or 7 yard comeback him and put it right on
the money this could be four down territory at the 46 on third and 3
getting relic going into a fairly good win now 1015 steady out of the
south-southeast you could really do it post play here just get it outside weeks
he’ll run with it but he’s a little bit short he needed the 43 and they’re gonna
put him down at the 44 fourth and one I think the Eagles will go for it
why not haven’t mate they’re 2 for 2 so far gonna have plenty of time 27:25 on
the play clock they may change the play as weeks will come up to the line and
then drop back in shotgun two receivers left one ride he’s got two backs here on
fourth and one oh we’ve got movement from the left tackle now it’s going to
be fourth and six Riley decide Biba Coon the left off it to tackle Rueben neba
Coon with the early movement back to the 49 of fossil river they’re gonna go with
the same exact not only are they gonna go for it they’re going back with the
same exact play they’re not even changing the play
oh here he’s going funny there you go left footed punt by the way and it’s a
beauty nose up spiral for a moment and then it drops at the 20 rolls to the 17
very effective kick from Preston weeks yeah not so nice job right there I was
thinking well you know they yeah they got two running backs right beside each
other so they they turn into you’re blocking backs and Preston weeks just
steps back about four more yards and does a little Poochie pooch punt so
turned out very nice for them I didn’t even know he was left footed he’s
right-handed yeah the quarter maybe he didn’t know he
was left footed either he sees some of the band for Rowlett warming up for
halftime performance we will have that for you at halftime the band along with
the relative silver rhythm dancers for your entertainment coming up at halftime
that’s 7:14 away as far as clock time goes 14 to 7 Fossil Ridge with the lead
and the football handoff and in trouble from the get-go in the backfield is
Evans nice defensive play there that’s Abbott your man habit yeah out of
the three you mentioned in our pregame and he’s had a couple of tackles tonight
yeah he just does a swim move right on that makes it makes that if it’s a
lineman look bad yeah boy he just right in there and almost took the hand off if
that’s a swim move which is was frame Parker framed around on the play second
down and 15 craft had time nice his yacht for anybody to get open as he
rolls right first shot line but for just a one-yard gain as he unloaded that the
last minute to avoid the sack now they have a safety coming over the top
they’ve got their corner just playing flats so that bump and go didn’t work
for them and then he’s just starting to look for somebody to throw to and of
course he stayed in the flats just like he’s been taught seals dozen you know we
had a penalty marker that I didn’t see until now facemask according to the
referee Rodney Allison it’s against Fossil Ridge facemask
probably what that play was was the the offensive lineman putting hands to the
face on a defensive lineman there you go all that facemask but that’s probably
what’s happening they were in past protection mode shoving his hands up to
make a block and he gets his hands up in a facemask put it down at the seven
after the penalty it is going to be second and forever they need the 28 yard
line from the seven my mouth says they need 21 yards now you got to be careful
again because they will throw it deep you just make sure that you have some
safeties over the top Fossil Ridge with the 14 to 7 lead midway through the
second quarter second down craft play action gotta go
deep down little incomplete the receiver got tied
up that’s cobs he got tied up about the 40-yard line of the ball landed about
ten yards away and he got tied up with the Emmitt seals
I think seals is kind of fortunate because he actually Falls a little bit
he stumbling as he’s running and he didn’t have to pay for it here’s the
replay well they’re still out of our picture and finally here they come
Cobbs could claim interference but if it sails gets on the inside of him and
forces him to make a wider turn than the quarterback was expect you know since
early in this game Bobby Ray let’s pass defense has improved mightily here’s
third and 21 another deep one for us out one-on-one coverage got that that’s
Cobbs first down at the 48 yard line a nice diving catch
pretty good pass as craft can really get the air under the football yeah and they
do that and they don’t have any help over the top and that’s what we’ve been
talking all night you think you guys can go man-to-man you got to turn your head
turn your head yeah you got it I said it Sears her everything but turn
is in they are taught not to turn their head they got to keep the head towards
the receiver the whole time that’s what they’re taught
okay here’s a deep one penalty marker flies this is going to be incomplete
down the near sideline when a penalty flag as the play took off this could be
procedure against the Panthers let’s see what Rodney’s got to say unfortunately
as mike is not working with our microphones tonight i like to have a
couple safeties back there offsides I’ll let you know and you got third and 20 I
think you need to go ahead and have a safety because if even if they drop it
off underneath you have time to go up there and make the tackle five-yard
corners by themselves sorry Bob five-yard walk-off first and five from
the 47 a rally at 547 still plenty of time second quarter each team with all
three of their timeouts play action craft fires short right
dropped cops showed he’s human I’m no robot I’m a human being
as he just flat dropped that football yeah he’s kitchen and running before he
actually catches it and he does a pretty good job of catching and running he just
gotta wait for the ball Stephon probably wouldn’t have gotten
much out of it anyway second and five two receivers each way hurry up offense
here handoff Evans he is across the 45 gonna be just short of the first down by
a couple at the 44 Rowlett forces a third and two well the
initial holes have been there all night for Evan so they closed in a hurry once
he gets to that second level those linebackers are pretty quick a lot of
tackles don’t think yeah they there they’re really fast they get there in a
hurry let’s get the linemen crud defense line is probably creating these tackles
by tying up the offensive lineman four down linemen here on third down it’s
gonna be a deep one far side we’ve seen it all night
this time Cobbs wins the battle it has a first down hey just leave them man up
just keep leaving a man to me and see what happens to you all night come on
defensive coordinators fine find a safety back there boy Cobbs is some
counter receiver third in the area coming in 19 for four oh one and he’s
having a good night so far first and ten at the 16 evan spins out of one tackle
going to be tackled by the jersey from behind that might have gone the distance
pretty good hold there over left guard a b9t for whoever it was he showed a lot
of strength here we go on the replay grabbing by the nrz 94
for lamar long good job right there second and seven or a long six for
fossil rates pretty good dr start it back at their own 18 yard line craft
with a quarterback keeper first time we’ve seen that tonight and he is close
to the first down about a half yard short at the seven and third and short
coming for the panthers already leading 14 to 7 big defensive series here for
the rillette defense four minutes left in the first half they’re down seven
defensively they’ve done really well I just think leaving you know a 6-1 or 62
guy on a five nine guy by himself the suicides it’s just not it’s not a
smart play we got a timeout let’s take a break 347
left our score fossil reached 14 Rowlett 7 here on GRS television and coming up at half-time again the
rally at Eagle van and the Rowlett silver rhythm dancers for your
entertainment right now we still got 347 left in the second quarter
big situation here for both teams Fossil Ridge leading 14 to 7 they got a third
and one at the rats 7 yard line a drive that started all the way back at their
18 Kobe craft in shotgun gives it to Evans first down and more touchdown
Fossil Ridge right up the middle for Coley on Evans and what a drive for the
Panthers yeah really Rowlett does a good job holding them most the time it’s just
every time they got in a little bit of trouble they would throw it deep to
their main receiver and usually complete it for 25 30 yard you know Pass extra
point coming for Mercado ball down a little bit of a crooked snap
but the holder gets it down and the kick is plenty good timeout on the field 342
left in our first half at our new score is Fossil Ridge 21 ral at 7:00 on GRS
television very impressive scoring drive for Fossil
Ridge 82 yards eight plays in 3 18 off the clock and the 7 yard run by Evans
the p80 and it’s 21 to 7r a let’s got time to try and answer with 342 left
here in the first half and they’ve got two timeouts remaining yeah Stefan Cobbs
you know five receptions 163 yards in each one of them for 32 yards a
reception came in averaging 21 a catch that’s gone up yeah I mean they would
have aisle that would have them down 15 20 yards to be third and twenty third
and 15 especially after you know they got the
hands to the face and put them down inside their own 10 and then all of a
sudden you can throw these deep passes he can go up and get it so yeah it’s 6 2
he’s got the speed and the ability to do just about anything especially as you
keep mentioning in one-on-one coverage he is just burning the Eagles secondary
and almost every play they run is the same deep deep deep down the sideline
one-on-one coverage yeah once they get in trouble once rally and has put them
in you know short deep yardage third and Long’s they just throw it deep and
that’s what they do let’s see what the Eagles can do on 1st
and 10 at their 25 after the touchback preston weeks continues to be the QB has
two receivers right and left the lone back he’s having a pretty good game so
far this is laying pretty good running room pounds into a defender and backs
his way across the 30 to the 32 for a quick seven touchdown 7 for 35 yards
right now and that’s a pretty good little little running that they’re
getting they’re getting up with 7 yards of carry from him but hopefully they can
stay with their game plan now they’re down two touchdowns short passes and
running well swing pass to Lange he’s got the first down could have been a lot
more but a shoestring tackle by that looked like yeah number three you on the
shoestring tackle that’s Sidora or sävar de Saavedra Daniel
Subhadra easy for me to say fresh set at the 37 ball on the left hash that has
three receivers to the right side the white side weeks in shotgun has his snap
looking down the middle now fires to the left sideline incomplete just very
simply dropped by the intended receiver that was Antonio hole that’s two drops
that you know weeks has had from his receivers then they need to help him out
a little bit because that would have put you at right at second in one right
there if he catches that ball clock stopped at 247 left here in the second
quarter man a motion that’s Gilley weeks has his snap play action Dave all the
way over through everybody and it’s picked off goodbye and subhadra
and return to the 49er Burrell at there was no receiver within 10 yards that I
think he was looking for the shallow slant and threw it about 10 yards too
deep yeah I mean he’s had a great game so far but that one right there I it
just got away from him or he expected a different pattern might not have been on
the same page either way the turnover gives Fossil
Ridge a chance for more points here with 238 second quarter and they’ve already
got a 21 to 7 lead and wow the rallied defense really needs to stop here they’re gonna have to figure out how to
stop Stephon Cobbs if they’re off the far sideline well they pretty much run
this team play every time here’s a pump fake and it’s another deep one down the
sideline can you get there no cobs is a little bit sure this is gonna be
probably pass interference now which way they call it how did how would that have
happened because he was doing going on all night it was three yards away from
him he turned his the whole body he was watching the the ball in the air and
just closed on the receiver towards the end which is just blocking him out
basically who comes Rodney Allison interference defense Oh
15-yard walk will give them a first down I’m sorry but that’s just a horrible
call right there it looked like he was pretty good late the ball was thrown way
over everybody’s head well let’s see Bobby here’s our replay again he’s out
there by himself he’s way away from him 15-yard penalty when he arrived I mean
that was interference when he arrived now was it early enough to get
interference is a question but you’re running with a receiver and then towards
the end you’re basically blocking him out so he can’t get to the ball like
you’re pulling his arm down or pushing him out of the way it’s that’s a tough
one right there the timing of it looked in rally’s favor I’ll give you that much
second intent at the third make it first in tenth of 33 Evans up the middle
crosses the 30 for a gain of 4 to the 29 get another one of those holes that
closed in our hurry once it got to the linebacker level Taylor coming in there
making a quick tackle low here Red Baron’s the saxy head coaches join us
hope you’re doing all right mr. red play-action quick out pass caught by her
still be downed almost immediately at the 28 good closure there by the DBS
from relic looks like they’ve put seals now over on the right hand side and has
put Jared Wesley on the left-hand side so
now seals is they kind of switch in who he’s gonna be covering I guess the cop
had his number so they shall switch to the other side of 3rd and 6 Panthers
time to throw another deep one home craft and Hurst almost made a one-headed
catch on a dive in the end zone but could not hang on look did you see that
the contact that they had on that play versus the other one and no flag this
time well they loved that cider outside line
around well what a catch he just about pulled that one in one-handed we’re gonna go for the field goal this
will be a 46 yard attempt from Mercado he’s got the leg does he have the
accuracy no why do the less so Rowlett is held and they’ll take over with a
minute 20 left of the first half defensive stance right there for the
Eagles they needed that one minute twenty-one seconds left of the to the
half and well if they would have put punched in some more points right there
that would have really put the Eagles in a hole so if the 29 round lights got two
timeouts but just a minute 21 laps let’s see what they’ll come out where they’ll
try and run out the clock or try and move it down the field here trailing 21
to 7 again the Rowlett silver rhythm dancers coming your way at halftime as
well as the Ralad eagle band so stay tuned for that then Bobby and I’ll be
back with a second Avenue Pilots gonna be in this game by then right now down
by 14 two receivers each way weeks with time to throw stands tall fires caught
over the middle first down fighting for more to about the 46 is Jerry Evans who
just found that seam down the middle of the field that was a nice job by the
offensive linemen they gave him plenty of time for that play to develop that
was a long play he had plenty of time to set his feet throw a strike down the
middle got an injured Panther let’s take a quick timeout 1:12 left first half
fossil rich 21 relat 7 on GRS television there you go number three looks like
he’s coming off the field standing so that’s a good sign right there that’s Daniel sabab dray who had the
interception earlier this quarter back to play first and ten Eagles at their
own 46 109 left here in the first half again eyelet with two timeouts
play-action weeks wants to throw trouble maybe before he unloaded it they’re
gonna say incomplete pass but I don’t like it got I don’t think it got to the
line of scrimmage you know that’s right which could be intentional grounding I
think they’re still checking on that it had to get to the 46 no penalty marker
so they’re gonna say incomplete pass maybe they’re saying there was a
receiver in the area I didn’t see it second intent that stopped the clock at
59 seconds weeks has his snap rush coming screenplay caught first down
almost the first town had driven down suddenly is christian booker he took a
shot at the 46 well so did we look fumble did we have a fumble I think we
may have Booker being helped off the field after that shot he took yeah we
should get a replay here in a moment he took a really hard shot and then he was
stood up cuz his legs were trapped and then somebody came over the top and hit
him again I mean that’s just a tough shot so if he holds on that ball here is
good but let’s hope he’s okay there is no fumble there’s your shot nice
standing up right here and then they take him again boom man and so he’s
gonna be getting talked to over there the trainer’s are talking to him they’re
gonna have to look at see if he’s got concussion on it is short of the first
down third and 2 clock running 45 seconds and counting week’s options down
the line he has stacked up for a loss he’s gonna lose 1 to 2
to the forty a trial it probably ought to take a timeout of all is I you know
again right there you have to be smart as a quarterback in and it got to take
sometimes you got it let somebody else make the play for you go ahead and pitch
that ball clock still runnin Bobby twenty five in County right let’s let
some time run off the clock they finally took a timeout I don’t think they
realized the clock was running that entire time we’re all the way to twenty
seconds before Rowlett gets the timeout yeah I’m not exactly sure what was going
on for one thing you needed to take the pitch because the pitch would have take
you to the outside and you have a chance to get out of bounds or something of
that nature weeks tries to take it up see if he
could sneak through that little window and get a first but really it’s time is
more precious than that and you know when play ended there were thirty five
seconds they lost fifteen seconds on that clock yeah before the before the
coach even the coach needs to know right then I got to call a timeout right or
something what did I say the minute that place stopped I said well let probably
needs a timeout then they lost fifteen seconds yeah that’s that’s just not
aware of your surroundings there and it cost them fifteen seconds off the clock
fifteen seconds so you got to figure out do you want to go ahead and punt that
ball or do you want to go ahead and you know I make so to give them the ball at
the 48 yard line if you don’t hit it and then they’ll throw it to cop deeper
touch any other team I wouldn’t be worried about your scenario but these
guys can score in one play easily yeah so I would be thinking about punting
because of how dangerous their passing minute and put somebody back you know a
to safety deep so that they can’t throw that deep ball on you week’s member is
also a punter so that gives you an advantage if you’re a let here they come
they’re at least gonna line up like they’re gonna go here on fourth and four
at the forty eight of fossil rich now they looked at the sidelines now we’re
down to five on the play clock you got a hurry for three get the snap off they do
weeks quick out catches yardline m’dear with a great catch for
the Eagles yeah all the drops that we’ve seen and then he catches a tip ball boom
look at that oh and then misdirection it still catches that it gets it bound you
got to have good hand-eye coordination to make that catch
first out 242 only 16 seconds and one timeout left
you’d like to see him go deep every once in a while see what see what happens
well the one time he went fairly deep it was picked off unfortunately weeks
looking to throw a Willie go deep nobody’s open he’s gonna roll all the
way down at three seconds one shot don’t forget they’re gonna start this clock
unless you take a timeout with your outlet just did and I suspect they’ll go
for a field goal now as their kicker number 45 Luis Reyna ran out on the
field and now they’re gonna come over and probably run the field goal after
the timeout yeah why not you know early it would be a 31 yard attempt
approximately but from the left hash mark we were watching before the game
and it looks like you know he can hit that that’s that’s plenty in his range
Rowlett always has good place kicker some years they’ve had to place kickers
of equal abilities though I get the feeling they’ve got the they’ve got
enough leg to make this the accuracy will be everything again from the left
hash that does not make it an easy kick don’t forget that to the rest of the
band the rallied Eagle Band will play in halftime good lead-in for our halftime
coming up the silver rhythm dancers will also perform here come the Eagles and
they do have ray Nia the kicker out there Amos looks like he’ll be that nope
it won’t be Amos the holder it will be to Powell the backup
back again 31 yards left hash tough angle for a right footed kicker let’s
see if Raina can do it and make it a 21 to 10 halftime lead cut into this
deficit a little bit the kick is low is it good
no it got blocked nope partially blocked and no good so that’ll do it for the
first half of play in our halftime score Keller Fossil Ridge 21 Rowlett 7 again
stay tuned for the halftime performance coming we’ll be back with a second half
later here on GRS television trailing Keller Fossil Ridge by a score
of 21 to 7 and now for your entertainment the Rowlett silver rhythm
dancers in the rally eagle band sit back and enjoy their performances
and we’ll be back with the second half of this football game in just a little
while here on GRS DB you Scot pal
Bobby George back as we’re battle ready to start the second half rally at
trailing Keller fossil rates 21 to 7 Bobby you want to run through the first
half numbers yeah total yards for Rowlett 227 yards 164 yards in passing
63 yards in rushing and we’re gonna go through a couple of these highlights
here for us so you see the brow let Eagles man they’re all out having a good
time tonight enjoying watching their team long
breakaway touchdown first quarter was Evan was the running back on their first
possession of the game weeks to gili just a beautiful post
corner route right there to get the touchdown this has been the Nemesis of
the Eagles all night long same play time and time again and
sometimes it works sometimes it didn’t you know he ran like two or three
different plays in the first half Bobby long passes down the sidelines and runs
up the middle as we have the second half kickoff some more the numbers yeah so so
here we go we got a really a pretty nice offensive game by the Eagles they’ve
just not been able to capitalize you know that they’re at the end of the half
they missed the field goal there it got blocked and to keep him within the you
know real close the game but they’ve got 227 total yards 63 on the ground and 164
in the air and mr. weeks the quarterback there Preston he he’s been pretty to
sufficient tonight 18 completions 126 attempt for 164 yards and a touchdown he
did get that interception there late in the in the second quarter weeks pass
complete to Gili for about a 7 yard gain on first and 10 but they’ve done that
play quite a bit they’ve thrown out there to Gili in fact Gilly he’s he’s
got five receptions for 54 yards now and he’s just been really good 12 yards per
carry and he got that touchdown earlier their their main runner 7 7 attempts 36
yards that’s Monty a laying he’s played really good and then Preston weeks
follows that up with his 2.8 yards per carry five attempts 14 yards but you
know he’s been able to lean through and get a couple of those deep furnace or
first downs because of his height and strength
another quick screen pass another completion and this one could be a first
down and Tonio hole depends on where they marked this looks like it’s meek
just a little bit short of the first out 234 third and one coming
just a nice play right there they toss it out there I thought he was gonna get
that first down to I thought he had it but they where they marked him there
just kind of changed it up a little bit third and one or the Eagles will have to
punt it away two receivers each way weeks and says the first down by laying
in more and he’s hit fumbles the football appeared he fumbled but no my
eyes were deceiving me but he gets some extra yardage out to the 42 and that’s a
gain of eight I could have sworn I saw the ball come loose but it did not I’d
say that if they need to run the ball with strength and downhill running
because what happens they they start to try to find where they want to go and
try to stand some people up but these pants there’s a some big boys and they
come through and they hit heavy so you need to get your get your head going
downhill and just take it straight up the field there first and ten at the 42
man in motion that’s Evans fake and I got a weak side down the hash mark
caught Gilley does a circle and gets extra yardage to the 39 of Fossil Ridge
another quick 15 yards and another Eagle first down well it’s just a beautiful
job they didn’t know who to go to right there and weeks just puts it right on
the dime Gilly showing great hands able to reach out there and snag that ball
make it 19 on the play to the 39 around let on the move here started back at
their 25 on the opening possession here the second half weeks well up he’ll keep
it good running room up the middle boy he had me fooled and obviously pulled
some Panthers also as he picked up a quick seven they had a problem you know gaining some
yards on this Panthers defense they’ve done a really good job of finding the
sweet spots they’ve just not been able to capitalize
and get it in the end zone Arnold selled over the tackle second
make it four at the 34 three receivers ride one left the lone back is laying
and Lane gets the handoff coming right and he’s going to be tackled after a
short gain short of the first down the first hit out of the pursuit there by
Alex Alvarado I was down on the field at a half time and the wind has to be going
from right to left at least 10 miles an hour 10 to 12 miles an hour I mean it is
a really nice breeze down there and so we have the wind it kind of swirls it
feels like it’s going right to left so you know I thought the Eagles were going
to get to go that direction but apparently not another short pass
completion and another route you see that you see look at the flags
right there how they’re just whipping and I thought we were you know the
Eagles were going to get to go that direction since Fossil Ridge had it the
first first half but you know they chose I guess the to defer whatever they chose
the the ball instead boy I think it’s a you can see why they were able to throw
those deep balls number 75 the offense five-yard penalty first down as you can
tell the Rodney Allison microphone is now working as that was mr. Allison
five-yard penalty Rowlett back to the 28 first and 15 you can see why their
quarterback cubby craft has been able to throw those deep balls to Cobb because
the wind is just really going down there yeah it’s really picked up since the
game started laying on another hand off and a to the 26 for a gain of two and a
half or was that Evans the Jersey is all
wadded up yeah it looks like a laying on the carry second and 13 coming opening
possession of the second half so it’s been a long where that started all the
way back at the rally at 25 they’re playing a real good possession game time
of possession has been really good but trailing 21 to 7 Lange breaks a tackle
as he turns the corner he’ll be shoved out of bounds at about the 18 that’s
gonna be 5 yards short of the first down third down coming probably four down
territory for two reasons they’re going into a pretty stiff wind and also down
21 to 7 are the Eagles he gets the outside just a nice job right there
showing some speed it puts it manageable when you got 3rd and 5 or 3rd and 4 you
know you can manage that 2 to 2 down territory if you want but weeks changing
the play that’s why that’s 2nd down so important to pick up some yards when you
when you’re deep in your own hole for receiver is set play actually that’s
keeping trying to get the opening and he’s gonna be short of the first down as
he reaches the 15 and we’re gonna have a 4th and 2 coming not a bad time for a
timeout to discuss what you run here a field goal again would be difficult
because of the wind at their face and they’ve already missed a field goal
tonight I might add yeah it definitely looks like they’re gonna just line up
and go for it it’s gonna take two yards to the 13 weeks in shotgun on fourth
down they’re gonna looks like they’re gonna blitz from the outside so they
change the play real quick if he’s people it’s just from the outside you’ve
got a corner route that you can hit right here waiting on the snap on 4th
and 2 weeks has it rolling to his right look at he time to throw now he’ll tuck
it and go yeah he’s got it by a good 2 yards the 11 yard line so rally with a
fresh set of downs it’s been really hard to run right up the middle
on fossil Ridge but once they’ve been able to get outside they’ve been able to
create some space in there and pick up some nice yardage so the drive continues
it’s now in its sixth minute of this drive morality needs points down 21
seconds green boy that might have gone a ways if Klein Milan go it held on and
he’d have something to tell his grandchildren the defensive lineman for
the Panthers I mean it was set up very nice c-money Lange hops right outside
there and he was there to catch that ball he might have had some room to get
to the corner the vers loma long ago he had to go up tall about that one away
second and ten Eagles Amos will take that off and he’s tripped up in the
backfield for a loss certain long DeMarcus Jones did the tripping and as
Bobby said third and long again probably four down territory
Rowlett needing points need something out of this long time consuming drive
actually he just looked like he tripped over the the turf monster Bobby yeah but
they got there pretty quick on him there was a kind of a collision as soon as he
got han’t the ball handed to him third and 13
look for Gilly two receivers each way wide side to the right weeks weights and
shotgun has his snap the defenders to go to Gilly nice job there he goes he he
just runs a little fake route and nobody picks him up and I didn’t know if it
took so long for the Paulding you know be thrown there and he almost was at the
back of the end zone get rid of he was looking left he sees he boomed those
rocket right there and Gilly shows great hands good feet presence drops it right
into the back of the ends of nice nice drive right there by eight plays 75
yards 634 off the clock attend coming to theatres boy block and returned this
my goodness number eight on the return and looks like he is going to outrun
every Eagle for the conversion for Keller fossil rich and what do you do
you get what two points out of that yeah I tell you what meant two blocks in one
game now there’s something that you can work on and yeah don’t forget that sexy
game and that was returned City a week ago we seem to see a lot of returns and
we do a game together so yes the bank’s right there that
you’re gonna have to work on here’s your block I mean right up I mean nobody
blocked him that’s the second time they’ve just went right between the
center guard gap and nobody even touched and the block was performed by Nando Z
Francis Nando Z and he also was one of the blockers for the return man and at
virtus McGill timeout 526 left third quarter
it is now Fossil Ridge 23 Rowlett 13 on GRS television so on the same possession relat gets six
points Fossil Ridge gets two points on the Block kick return and it’s 23 to 13
fossil reads still with a 10-point lead as Rowlett will kick off again the
encouraging part of that a 75 yard six and a half minute drive to start the
second half by the Eagles but they’re still down by two possessions and here
is the kickoff by Ray Nia it short caught it to 20 they faked the end
around and keeping it is Sutton and he’ll be down at the 34 yard line Wade
with a stop for a lap so Fossil Ridge with their first possession of the
second half Fossil Ridge 249 total yards at halftime nine first downs 62 yards on
the ground and 187 in the yard in the in the air and Kobe craft I’ll tell you
he’s just been pretty pretty good 187 yards in the air one touchdown his
favorite target is Cobb and craft rolling a ride he’ll drop it out of
bounds just threw that away as he was outside the pocket so it will not be
intentional grounding it was forced out of the pocket yeah
chase Taylor on chase huh he’s chasing him down and you know he’s got a lot of
speed for a linebacker and he was able to put the pressure on him from the
outside and he had your defensive in putting the pressure from the inside
boy the linebackers make a lot of plays in this relative ence second intend to
receivers each way craft quick out pass too tall for the intended receiver Cobbs
third and ten coming mirela trying to force a punt here on a
third down play coming at t third and long guess what they’re gonna do
probably throw down the sidelines I’m shocked we haven’t seen a long pass down
the sideline yet this out here it comes the only ran like a couple of different
plays the entire first half they tried that long throw down the sideline time
and tight guards and he’s wide open oh he caught he drops it he broke away from
the defender at the last second double coverage over there and almost made the
catch but fourth down coming again you had no safety over the top he’s left out
there by himself you know it’s coming and he’s behind all the defenders and
they’re just rout let’s just real lucky that wasn’t hauled in for a long to
catch right the craft in shotgun but I’m gonna put it yeah almost blocked it head
over n lands at the 32 right into the waiting arms of Gilly and here he comes
good return so far across the 40 and he’ll be spilled at the 42 yard line pretty good return there by Dakota Kelly
boy he does it all for these raledi goals he’s had a good night yeah 17
yards right there on the return he’s just quick I’m telling you you can’t
hardly cover the guy he’s kind of like a Beasley on the Cowboys he’s very tough
to cover and he’s got great hands and when you hit him you think he got him
down but he’ll spin right out of it that’s a good point he’s like he’s not a
big kid he wears number 11 he does look a little bit like basil yeah
square shoulders first and ten at the 42 453 left here in the third quarter
Rowlett now with the ball trailing by 10 in this final non-district game they’ll
start district next week this is where you prove your character see what you
got week’s is in the shotgun he’ll hand it
to Amos who will cut it up early in the sweep and get a couple to the 44 yard
line and Marco believe us along with kadhi yo
and on the stop 2nd and 8th coming looks like the Eagles are gonna stick
with their game plan just lining up in that two wides you know two wides on one
side and two on the other that and just spread them out and those short little
passes don’t have to get out of your game playing on the third quarter down
by ten quick out pass incomplete tried to hit the running back lang coming out
of the backfield and just too tall it’ll be third and eight yeah fossil bridges
seen that play more than once this half and they knew exactly when he was coming
in motion the ball was gonna be swung out to him and they were sitting there
waiting for that one relic going quickly here on third and eight at their 44
gonna need to get the first down or probably will have to punt it away here weeks may have changed the call Waits
and shotgun five on the play clock got to get it off he does owe that guy a
rush up the middle he’s in jail and down for a loss well that’s probably going to
punt it away here on fourth down yeah they’re definitely gonna have to punt
this was his third and long I mean they just timed that blitz right up the
middle just boom just nobody really needed kinda Lane needed to be there to
pick up that blitz monday laying but they they kind of miscommunicated him
and the linemen both went for the same guy Alex Alvarado defensive lineman made
the tackle waits in punt formation when they blitz like that the lineman has to
pick up one of them and then the running back has to pick the other guy up and
they both they both converged on the same guy and that’s why that was a
little breakdown right there great directional kick very effective for the
Eagles it’ll be down at the 19 so they flipped the field nicely from there 36
to the 19 so that’s a 45-yard punt unreturnable
even though it was a line dry because of the directional part of it yeah and nice
thing about that the ball didn’t get hung up in the air yeah with that wind
it was kind of a little bullet that he kicked over there took a nice little
bounce for morality goes so each team trades a one two three punt defenses
have kind of taken over here late in the third quarter three sixteen left it’s
still 23 13 Fossil Ridge undefeated Fossil Ridge 15th ranked in the area
relat spin ranked on a couple of different occasions but they fell out
this week after losing last week and come in here one and two against this
craft keeps it all the way across the 25 on the hold that was uncalled to the 27
yeah Gayle comes up from the safety position makes a great move on the ball
reads it perfectly sure it is yeah he just holds him in the back there Evans
the running back trying to lead the way holds and gets him around the corner for
a gain of 8 second and 2 Panthers three receivers to the far side the right
craft will keep it for the first down and maurice finally tackled by a host of
eagles but at the 34 and they’ll move the chains several defenders in on this
time but craft showing some craftiness there it’s a straight quarterback draw
got initially good blocking and one of the leading tacklers there was Xavier
Gayle Hurst lost the ball when he hit the turf there
a penalty marker early in the play around the time of the snap yeah I’ll
start 9750 well thank you Rodney Letts Rodney
Allison we’ve heard from Rodney I believe he did last Thursday’s game was
sexy that was you know it’s a free play and he knew it and he threw it up there
for his receiver to make the play well he did go up and get it out of 14 like a
high jumper though you know wincing cobs go up very high he’s more of a
horizontal to hyper Hurst he’d really got off his feet they did get a 5 yard
walk off first and 5 at the 39 two receivers each away and Evans breaks one tackle he’s to the 30 20
before he’s finally caught from behind inside the 20 and let’s see who made
that touchdown saving tax Hill’s elight Baker saved six there yeah 18 43 yards
for Evans maybe his longest run of the night he did have a pretty good lengthy
touchdown run earlier in the first step good job Mike Baker to save the
touchdown wasn’t easy bringing him down either Baker a smaller defender showed a
speed though he was able to get out there quick pump faked the corner
incomplete he let his receiver away too much and there was also a defender in
the area a little safety playing over the top over there now Lance Canyon playing safety second at 10
Panthers they lead at 23 13 driving at the rally at 18 with 206 left third
quarter Kraft has his shot shotgun snap he’s
gonna tie gets a couple of blocks inside the 10 he’s got a first down at the
Rowlett 7 yard line a well designed play where he kind of pump fakes and then
tucks it and goes they got some lead blocks yeah you kind of give these plays
up a little bit by having to play a safety over the top you know cuz that
Safety’s not down in the bogs but you know you’d rather have these kind of
plays I think than into long 72 yarders this Drive began back at the 19 of
Fossil Ridge there at their outlet 7 with a first and goal this could be a
big touchdown in this game it’s already a 10 point Panther lead heavens cuts it
at the line of gravity he’s into the secondary and into the end zone
and now the Rowlett deficit is maybe too big to handle got a pancake block right
there and a good shield block he’s just able to find the crease and
get in there seven plays 81 yards only took two minutes 1:55 to go 81 yards extra point from Mercado is coming
plenty high 20 deep and good time out on the field 1:21 left in our third quarter
and our new score Fossil Ridge 30 Rowlett 13 on TRS television and we’re back here at Homer be Johnson
Stadium Thursday Night Football here on GRS television member beginning next
week in district play Leavitt game Thursday and Friday nights that you can
watch all week the following week TRS television just find your channel
and join us we’ll give you that schedule as we go along I’ve got a little bit
here let’s see Thursday night will be south garland in Lakeview and then
Friday night we’ll be naming forests in Garland on the opening week of district
play Bobby and I’ll be here every Thursday night John welborne and I will
be there on Friday nights and around on the kick return gets through the initial
wall and it’s a nice return is that mr. Gillie one more time yeah did you see
how you snuck through everybody right there I mean yeah I thought for sure he
was gonna be tackled I fell Levin yard line and all of a sudden he just slips
right through there playing oh he’s got a cramp I can see his calf muscle just
just not enough right there hey listen hurt let’s take a quick timeout
30:13 Fossil Ridge here on GRS television gilli
comes off the field looks like a little cramp there and he probably will be back
or a little have a first intent there 21 as they take the field trailing by 17 32
13 a minute 12 left third quarter they definitely get some fluids in him his
calf muscles looked like they were just really cramping up there you ever had
one of those Bobby oh my lord yes they are just there’s they’re more painful
than a rake I believe weeks is in trouble don’t know if you wanted to hand
off or not but whatever you want to do it guys disrupted in our hurry in that
backfield what a surge there by the Panthers defensively he had no chance to
do anything from the get-go yeah money Lang would have got tackled as soon as
he caught it too I mean they just really came from that outside two or three guys
were right there lost of for second and 14 three receivers sent two were left
weeks looks right hit as he throws it’s caught for a short gain over the middle
to Jerry Evans who’s down the immediately at the 23 after a gain of
six in Rowlett in a hurry up mode here trailing by 17 they’ll get the wind in
the fourth quarter at their backs yeah if you look over to the left side of the
the rallied eagle line I mean there’s a battle going over there with Reuben if
accan and Fossil Ridge is defensive end and I tell you that guy is just getting
around the outside on point pass call by laying on the screen breaks a tackle
which gives him a chance for the first day that I believe the mark is
everything now the initial mark by the head linesman looks like it’s right at
the point needed let’s see where they put the ball down but first we’ve got
the end of the third quarter so when we come back we’ll see if rally it got the
first down or not or whether they’re gonna have to punt it away
32:13 Fossil Ridge over roulette here on GRS television we’re back at home repeat Johnson any
interesting numbers after three quarters Bobby George well Rowlett has 3,300
total yards and you know Fossil Ridge has 325 so I mean it’s really in that
part of the game has been pretty good and the Eagles have 21 first downs
versus Fossil Ridge just having 12 first down so that the time of possession to
the Eagles the the yardage is really close so it’s been pretty close game
it’s just they’ve had some really deep balls thrown to them this kept you know
the Panthers drives alive and and a couple of misfortunate things for the
Eagles you know a couple of turnovers a blocked field goal things like that this
is just keeping them out of the game weaks wants to throw nobody open now he
rolls a little bit to his left and fires across his body incomplete threw it
behind Jerry Evans by the way they did get the first down on that final play of
the third quarter so now it’ll be second intent time of possession nine and a
half minutes in the third quarter for Rowlett and yet they’ve only got six
points in trail 23 13 excuse me 30 13 they got six points and gave two points
away so now if they’re gonna hold on to the ball for a long time they’ve got to
get points out of every possession to get back in this down by 17 yeah so both
times they kicked a field goal one they gave three points up because it got
blocked then they on the on the on the extra point it got blocked and
returned for two points so now they’ve given up five points that direction plus
well I guess six points so they give they give it the three points up plus
the the extra point would be four and then they gave two points to Fossil
Ridge on that so those are those are big plays when you’re trying to come from
behind hole with a catch low off the turf it’s good for a first down a gain
of 13 on the past from weeks fresh set at the 44 where I let three receivers
out to the right weeks that will hand it off going right is laying pretty good
running room initially breaks a tackle and gets more and almost got the first
down he’s a yard short at the 47 and a half a Fossil Ridge they’ve done pretty
well when they’ve got outside gone outside getting outside those of those
tackles Yelena’s good speed he’s really good on the sweep cuz he can cut it up
off a dime yeah it’s been it’s worked for him pretty well and he’s also a
tough runner he’s broken a lot of tackles tonight the first man he takes a
shot at laying is missed quite a bit tonight
second a yard and a half needed almost a free play here with the win at their
back weeks and shotgun three receivers to this near side the wide side Preston
play-action it’s gonna be a quick out he just that look like it slipped off his
hand intended for Evans and complete again number 49 is just wreaking havoc
around that right that right side you know
the Eagles are just not able to even block him he’s not getting to hand on
him at all and weeks is getting hit every single time he drops back to throw
well keep your eye on that matchup Bobby as you have been I mean that seems to
determine Rolla its fate on every play yeah now you know the Eagles this
quarter they have the wind so they have that opportunity if they’ve got
something to throw deep they can throw it deep here third in the yard handoff
Amos what did he get it he is close right at the point they may have to
measure this now the line judge is saying fourth down initially they got it
yeah weaks does a great job when he hands
that off to actually go through the progression and act like he’s throwing
the ball and it may have given the linebackers just enough stutter step for
him to get that first down 10 20 and Counting in the final quarter Rowlett
needs points in a hurry trailing 32 13 let’s see what happens right here on
this this left side of the rallied Eagle offense wakes pad time that time at the
16 a Fossil Ridge of the Eagles are on the move first time we’ve seen him throw
it deep right there 30 yards on the completion and that’s what happens when
you give him a little bit of time he can throw that deep ball he’s got a nice
spiral on it and he’s got the wind so he can really let it go here McGill was
chasing made the tackle but not before the cats who was made by hole first in
10 at the 16 Eagles looking for points and looking to cut into that deficit
weeks give on a delayed handoff to laying and he’s got nowhere to go as he
reaches right tackle he gets a gain of 1 to the 15 the Panthers are holding those
two linebackers right there just waiting on them and keying on him for that
little handoff it was just bobby’s a different kind of play it really wasn’t
the sweep that was just your deep end off to the tailback kind of a delayed
answer right and it’s the sweep that’s really worked when he cuts it back
against the grain that was not the play won’t like right here where they had the
whole left side of the field that they can really create that window and get a
one-on-one situation he’ll make a Miss there
singing tonight we got a muppet right there now he’ll lay it offshore to
langhu is pounded to the turf just way to 13 just way too late they had him
initially wide open he waits so long to throw the ball that Lange as soon as he
catches it he gets nailed Jacob Fernandez with the nailing and
they’ll give him three to the 13 third and seven coming
definitely for down territory you would think down by seven can he go that ball
right now he waits and then by the time you wait like that then it gives the
defense come on I think that was like a second or third receiver Bobby I think
he was looking into the end zone initially and nothing yeah third and
seven probably four down territory weeks looking has some time fires it to the
deep sigh line incomplete he overshot the short Gilly Dakota kill he’s had a
big night but he’s still only about five eight it appears and he just could not
go up and get that one and fourth down his coming I mean when the game starts
cold Beasley’s 5:8 he’s still five eight in the fourth quarter
that’s a shank as Gilley has done everything else imaginable tonight
returning kicks and catching passes has a couple of touchdowns to boot weeks
will throw on fourth down gotta have this pass what a case juggling act and a
catch by ole first didn’t goal inside the five we used to call this the
Novacek play remember Novacek with the Dallas Cowboys were 84 he would run up
right at your guy turn inside make the linebacker move to the inside and then
on a dime would just break it back outside so we didn’t used to call that
the Novacek play and that’s exactly right there what he did and it just paid
off perfect great throw great catch first and goal at the four eagles
needing points weeks optioning keeping and it’ll be stopped for no gain that’s
a very slow developing play and it was sniffed out by Marco Olivas I like that
play when it’s on the wide side of the field but when you call that play on the
left hash and you run it to the left you just run out of room you don’t have
enough room to run the play and let it develop this drive is in it
fifth minute started all the way back at the rally at 21 second in gold at the
three they may change the play here got plenty of time on the play clock at 17
but we’re down to 7:40 and Counting here in the fourth they’ve got to get a
touchdown out of this to have any chance weeks and shotgun Long Count wants to
keep it know where to go even lost a yard back to the four it’ll man they’re
gonna give him the five it looks like third down coming yeah I’m not sure I
understand the play call here when you’re fighting the time I mean time is
your worst enemy here and you and you’ve run two or three plays in a row on the
ground that doesn’t really even have a develop play you’re just basically
trying to take this man retreat run weeks is a tall kid he’s pretty decent
runner but he’s not the quickest in the world and that was a very slow
developing play for not a quick runner laying would have been a better idea if
you’re gonna run it get it to your running back to running let’s take a
break 657 left fourth quarter can rally at score we’ll find out in a moment here
on GRS television Rowlett driving on a drive that started
back at their 21 my goodness Bobby this is play number 16 coming up
unfortunately they’ve used a lot of this fourth quarter clock
still down by 17 at 32 13 yeah any chance they’ve got to get in the endzone
here it’s third and go up to 374 total yards they’ve got more yards than fossil
rich weeks what will he do he wants to throw as time a little slant pattern
incomplete through into a lot a lot of traffic lucky it wasn’t picked off
fourth and goal coming that’s a three-possession game but you know you
17 points a field goal does not do you a whole lot of good there was nobody open
during that little route running right there they’re gonna go for the touchdown
down by 17 on fourth and goal weeks looks like you got a lob that let him
run underneath that one now if also Rijal just trying to run out
the clock here 646 left in the ball game yeah the ball just didn’t arrive quick
enough Gilly will had a flash there and then it closed in a hurry Wow what a drive it took a lot of time
and got no points yeah I mean the time of possession is unbelievable here in
the second half fossil Ridge has had the ball for two and a half minutes Bobby
and we have played 18 minutes they’ve had it for two and a half minutes here
in the second half rel head has been able to move the ball between the 20s it
just can’t score enough points tonight and it’s going to end up killing again
it’s going to be hard for them to come back now as if it they had a good chance
in the beginning Evans takes the hand out Fossil Ridge just once
tik-tok at this point sure you’ve got to get in the end zone on those foes they
had four plays inside the six yard line of course they ran twice third
possession of the second half for Fossil Ridge as they’re nearing their three
minute mark of their possession time here in the second half that is
incredible Pickett Pickett pass almost picked on will triple coverage down here
as relic knocked it away the good good news is dead ball kill the clock third
down coming if you’re Fossil Ridge you want that clock running and not stopped
hey does a little flag route it kind of has it right there well that had
everything wrong with it you’re throwing and you’re just too you’re throwing into
traffic an incompletion stops the clock order you do and run the ball third and so dirty oh it’s I pop up on
the pass out of bounds it did cross the line of scrimmage although he was also
in the pocket but where’s your intended receiver there
I don’t know but chase Taylor makes a huge play right there’s the middle yeah
I mean how is that not yes they say 14 was close enough but the ball was thrown
10 yards out of bounds that’s intentional grounding period he was not
out of the pocket he went straight back I think they thought the ball was tipped
on the pass I tell you that just that’s right in the hands of the Eagles you
know they stopped the clock two times right there
oh it drops it for a safety if your fossil rates be glad that was not a
touchdown on a fumble recovery the putter took the punishment but it only
cost them two points instead of six gets loose right there that could’ve really
yeah I mean the difference in 602 is huge right there because then relic
could have kicked the extra point or gone for two so now it’s 32 15 now relat
scan again the ball back so it still gives them a slim chance to get back in
this game when we come back we’ll have the free kick from fossil ridge 554
fourth quarter 32 15 on GRS television just reminder next week here on GRS
television will have a doubleheader Thursday night will be at Homer be
Johnson Stadium Bobby George and I’ll have south Garland and Lakeview
Centennial first time to see those two teams and then Friday night I’ll be with
John wellburn over at Williams for namin forest and garland
those are both seven o’clock kickoffs here on GRS TV and we’ll have two games
every week starting next week through the rest of district play yeah a lot of
fun and the weather starts cooling down and you know it starts to become
homecoming and you know all these guys a lot of breast cancer awareness month
October you’re gonna see a lot of pink coming your way yeah just a lot of fun I
love all football you like those coolers also yeah can’t wait for the cool
temperatures and then when you get district play all the games mean
something at that point yeah with the four teams going to the playoffs I mean
every team is in the race to the last week you got rivals palette versus saxy
and south garland and garland what happened here just a short pooch kick we
do have a like nobody went after the ball we have a penalty marker back
around where the ball kick it off again offsides
yeah I’m sorry lucky what else could it be
it has to be outsides Fossil Ridge so break the Eagles okay coaches how about
go down there and coach these kids on what to do when this ball gets kicked
straight up in the air yeah into the wind I might add it’s made it even
harder now it’s the second time they’ve kicked the ball like that straight up in
the air and let their guys go get it your front your front guys they
have to make contact and slow these dudes down and everybody else has got to
be aware that the ball is coming down really slow so you got to get around the
ball 5 yard walk off they’ll kick it from the 15 into this stiff when you
watch them they’ll try to put it right in the very center of that circle right
there they’re smart kicking team the big soccer circle is oh that is yeah I mean
Fossil Ridge special teams had from outplayed the rallied Eagle special
teams all Mercato will kick it again the left
footed kicker Rowlett has two timeouts remaining in
551 left down by 15 it is a two-possession game now so they’re not
out of this but they’ve got to score quickly yeah the Eagles have actually
left a lot of points off oh yeah they haven’t scored nearly as well as they
play defensively they they need to get a lot more points out of what they’ve done
today rotten Miller sir fair catches Oh looks
like Raleigh got it back yes they did and who was that with the fair catch
that looked like number 23 for the Eagles and that was Eli Baker almost a
disaster for rally almost two times in a row almost a disaster and actually you
know they’re kicking off from the 20-yard line this is when you can really
return something and get it really yeah yeah a fair catch when you’re down by 15
and your return mens on the run yeah that’s they’ve really squandered a
couple of opportunities right there off this return yeah you need a big play so
why not return that especially lucky they even caught yeah that’s true
they’re lucky to have the football and here comes weeks in company from the 48
first and 10 time to go deep weeks 547 fourth quarter Alex got two timeouts
they need two times you know the mantle had a step on the defender but he was
led a little bit too much by weeks boy gillies had a heck of a night it was the
right throat what do you got numbers on Gilley receiving he’s got a couple of
touchdowns right do you see the replay play action allowed Gilley to get behind
the secondary oh yeah he’s had several receptions 88 yards two touchdowns and
boy if he would have had that one you would add in another 52 yards to it but
boy they’re hard to come by second and ten for receivers set three of them are to
the right weeks looks right has time but here comes that late rush he’s hit as he
throws it’s incomplete it was thrown way behind the intended receiver and almost
picked off I tell you that 49 is just getting around that that right side over
and over and over I mean look it just gets right around a side of Arnold side
up number 49 has had a big night yeah Preston weeks he’s gonna be sore just
him that one number 49 getting around that left side
can you say hip pointer yeah I think I would have Monday laying sit there and
kind of helped to the left his left hip is pointing towards Saito right now it
was like caught past four first down inside the 40 a Fossil Ridge again
Antonio hole who’s had a big night yeah Rueben that became number 76 just
needs a little bit of help from Aigner Lane right there when he does he gives
him a little more time those are striked hole able to hang on
and stretch it out compression a two downs at the 39 511 and Counting here in
the fourth RAL that needs seven and quickly pass caught as it was thrown
behind hole but he reached back made the catch and hung on at the 26 for another
first down yeah hold the sophomore coming up with a
some key catches now he’s coming up with about 80
yards himself he had just 77 in the first three games weeks finally the the
blocking breaks down and he is going to be sacked he needed to roll out there
and just didn’t recognize it in time and it’ll go for a loss back to the 34
that’s the loss of eight as the clock is running we’re at four and a half in
county guess who’s coming in on him right there just generally with two timeouts left weeks
needs a pocket drops it off incomplete look like you want to go for the middle
screen but nothing was there he was trying to hit laying down the middle he
just doesn’t have time number 49 is getting around they’re not not even
getting touched he’s just he doesn’t he had time to set up the screen look at
that just he had to get rid of also had some rush coming up the middle in his
face beside that outside rush from 49 third and 17 make it 18 weeks same play
this one’s batted away and completely tried to go to Gilly on the middle
screen and it’s incomplete I think fossil rich has that play read
yeah they realized what he’s trying to do there and they tried to run it two
times in a row well that’s gonna have to go on fourth and 18 field goals won’t do
any good down by 15 with 4:15 left they’ve got to get the first down which
would be the 16 and a half of fossil rich they’ve got to give him some time
to let these routes develop because these routes have to go 20 yards down
the field side of is making a beeline for weeks and here comes the snap held
off pretty well there week steps up this time fires caught got a evades the
tackle of the 15 and spinning inside the 10 goes Antoniou hole Wow
just a beautiful and again they were being able to make the block right there
Monday Lane comes over and gives a little extra support week steps up in
the pocket throws a strike just a beautiful job all around what a night
for Hall holing Gilliam in the keys for rally defensively fresh set of downs at
the 8 yard line we’re under 4 minutes and Counting weeks
ago deep in zone incomplete hole had a step but it was overthrown in the back
of the end zone we have also got a penalty marker we
haven’t had a lot of penalties today so hold now seven catches 84 yards do we
have a penalty marker they already picked it up I don’t see one well they
did throw it the line to them quickly holding number 23 the deep interest half
the distance and a first down they’ll put it down at the 4 yard line yeah hold
beat him off the line and they just grabbed ahold of it really quick state
to save the touchdown if for Allen has any chance ecstatic you thought you
would have him they’ve got to get six out of this possession week looks into
the end zone drops it off short cop Amos reaching for
the end zone he’s gonna be a little bit short at the one-yard line before he’s
driven back finally got the play to actually work he almost got into the end
zone we’ll see the replay but I think the head is the only thing that got
close here I thought if he brought broke it to the left side he had it it was
sealed it off look like a good run at the clock here yeah we’re under 320 and
Counting and third down coming orality needs to go quickly and Fossil Ridge
looks like they’re calling for a time at least one of their players do now if
they’re gonna run the play here on third and goal at the 2 actually it’s inside
the tube more like the 1 weeks wants to keep it stretching he got it he get it
yes he did touchdown or all that that’s where you use weeks when you need one
yard right there and he knows where he’s going with it it’s a direct snap to
brunt and he’s got that large body he can just lean into the end zone well I
think the usual order you go for the one the first time and
saved the two for next time hoping to avoid it at some point if you can and
yes they will line up for the extra point
well they haven’t been able to execute a kick yet so we’ll see what they can do
that’s a good point Orihime Oh we’ll try it if they can get
it off and wind it is back foot is into it this is deep down the middle and good
time out on the field 301 left at our ball game our new score Fossil Ridge 30
and Rowlett 22 it’s a one-possession game here on GRS television with a 52-yard scoring drive the extra
point good and it’s a one-possession game at 32:22 Rowlett does have to kick
it off to Fossil Ridge I tell you you Scott you would look at the box scores
and you’d think Rowlett along with the game yeah
they have 422 total yards to 328 total yards in the time of possession is
completely lopsided relative it’s just not cashed in on every chance they’ve
had today 340 yards in the air for Preston weeks time out of 52 Fossil
Ridge has helped the ball this half for three minutes and seven seconds that
tells you all you need to know yeah about this game it’s it’s unbelievable
yet they’re down so that’s 20 minutes to three and a half minutes on time of
possession this app I mean that’s what you want the other team can’t score on
you if you got the ball all the time so you know they’ve got the right formula
they just got to figure out how to get in the end zone
Briella it’s gonna put the ball on the right hash mark on the tee this might
mean some kind of short kick look at Fossil Ridge they got their two deepest
return men are at the 25 and the other nine are within five yards of the 50
waiting for this return there do you know what Ridge does and just pooch it
over the back to the 15 yard line here’s the kick
Rainey on the end zone and they’ll start at the 25 yard line interesting if you
could have kicked it around the 15 yard line just let it drop there and then
have a race to the ball interesting so you know if you’re the
Panthers you you have to run the ball three straight times so you’re gonna
have to get everybody in that box to stop that stop that run and yeah I think
the Eagles have two timeouts so that you may have to use a timeout yeah you don’t
have to but you may have to you don’t want to give up a first down or then
you’re really in the hole here you want a one-two-three punt if you’re Fossil
Ridge you want to run it you want to stay inbounds and keep the clock running
this whole possession craft will just hand off simple handoff to Evans who’s
looking for Running Room and has very little to the 27 for a gain of two so
let’s see if Rowlett will let that clock run or use a timeout here so far the
clock is running at 2:45 in county again a riot with two timeouts if they need
them Fossil Ridge has three now watch how they do the play clock let’s see if
Kraft has his eye on the play clock I’ll tell you I would rather take your
timeouts now you’re gonna let 30 seconds run off the clock each each that’s a
that’s a lot of time that’s a really good point I mean take these timeouts
get a stop and then you know you throw the ball down the field when your child
get your offense go you waste more time by not using them here that’s a good
point gonna go D take it Cobb’s to the outside
the defender yes he did first down at the rallied 46
Stephon Cobbs has been quiet and he comes up with a huge catch here and he’s
also hobbled after the play so this will be an official’s timeout throw it up
it’s just jump ball and top Cobbs will win most of what a gutsy gutsy call
right there or you know because it was an incomplete pass considered off or
anything that’s the only way of looking at you can call it gutsy now what if it
was picked off what would you be saying well that’s what I say see I don’t think
the result has anything to do with it I call it a pretty unusual play call yeah
because I mean even if he would have missed the ball now you’ve got the ball
at the clock stop absolutely the results should not determine what
was a smart call or not in my opinion of course you got a guy that out jumps them
every time you see that the legal coverage again please reset the game
clock to 206 the game clock will be set to 206 it’s at 202 right now we need
that hometown clock keeper to help us out here as they do get it reset well
they’re gonna count it down to two minutes before they reset it how they
reset it but that is running again as soon as they set it to 206 they blew the
whistle and run the claw I gotcha I missed that part my fault first and ten
yeah it’s a it’s a live ball situation here at the 46 Evans takes the hand on a
pretty good hole that closes in a hurry at the 43 for a gang of three mounts now
yeah I agree you definitely gotta use it now because what’s the point if you get
the ball with eight seconds left on the up you got to you’ve got to use a
timeout here this is the clock is just going
I agree Bobbie management this makes no sense at all and I agree with you before
they should have used it even before the long pass second and seven 10 on the play clock
I’ll see how close he gets down before he takes the snap we’re at six five four
craft gets his snap Evans plunges for maybe a yard before he’s up ended and
now they call the timeout well timeout well at least they took out
at some point take a quick break 57 seconds left 32 22 Fossil Ridge over
rallied on GRS television 57 seconds left Fossil Ridge is
undefeated at three and over a left one and two and they may be facing a one in
three record as they hit district play but they’ve got to stop Fossil Ridge
here down by eight with 57 seconds its third and six they might be able to
force a punt here first you got to keep them short of the first down on third
down craft keeps it going crazy and we’ve got an injured eagle back at the
20 that should do it what a run by Kobe current art play it’s
the first time he’s run the ball tonight so second second time okay so it’s just
a smart play they they knew that they would take off and go towards the backs
or you know or whatever you know something I’d be interested in can you
give us some of the highlights stats for Fossil Ridge since Rowlett the ball back
I’d like to know what they’re rushing in there you know what crafts numbers are
just for my own interest more than anything yeah right now they’re setting
it well after that run probably about 360 361 total yards 214 in the air you
know they’ve only they’ve only completed nine passes nine of 22 they were just
always some amazing you know they were they were always you know for 38 yards
or so that’s a minute he’s he’s eight if to see nine of 21 187 yards and a
touchdown that’s what he’s got right there so unbelievable rushing only 116
and then 31 for craft again so they’re average per play has not been been
23 yards per pass how about that yeah yeah and per rush six-point-seven yeah
that’s the key they’ve made a lot out of the few plays they’ve been yeah 361
total yards to RAL it’s 400 we’ve got dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct number
11 why dead ball more unsportsmanlike conduct
number 97 read that’s their first unsportsmanlike of the game we’ve still
got an injured eagle let’s take a timeout back in a moment here on well
let’s keep it right here yeah let’s keep it right here Thank You mr. director is
this all the injured Eagle get up right as I was about to take a break Baker
being helped off there to carry him he tried to walk it off and could not p80
to come for the Panthers right now it’s a 14 point lead well the Eagles have fought really hard
the second half to to close the gap and you know they played a really a pretty
good game they just weren’t able to convert you know the field goal at the
end of the half and that you couple of these touchdown possessions that they
weren’t able to to get into the end zone when they were inside the twenty one
note I have that I hadn’t used yet I’ll use it after the timeout which is coming
at first we got our next report back a return that’s gonna be stopped at the 26
but that’ll keep the score at 36 to 22 Fossil Ridge let’s take a break 43
seconds left we’ll be back for the final few plays in a moment here on GRS
television Bobby how about a look at some morale
and highlight statuses we’re gonna have a short post game so why don’t we see
some of it like Gilley’s numbers for the night and some of the other leaders for
outlet offensively tonight yeah let’s go with rushing Monday Lane 12 rushes 62
yards 5 yards of carry and then Chauncey Chauncey on almost a MOS seven attempts
12 yards and then Preston weeks of course had 14 attempts 6 yards so you
know that defensive front 4 and those two linebackers really put a stymie on
our rushing game receiving wise remember the sacks come off of the rushing that’s
true – Antonio hole eight eight receptions 110 yards big positive there
yeah big positive sophomore Dakota Gilley 7 for 88 yards Jerry Evans 8 for
67 – Gilly touchdown – Gilly touchdowns he spread it around Monty Lane got a got
a catch Slade mater got a catch
this is like golf returnee went all the way across the field look like a lot
longer than the actual return and they will mark him out yeah
34 seconds only one timeout for the Eagles down 36 22 yeah so Preston weeks
actually spread the ball around to a lot of different receivers tonight so you
know they did they did a good job of offense and keeping the ball out of the
Panthers hands it just wasn’t enough tonight just didn’t get enough points
for their possessions that’s true use too much time and came up short a couple
of times of course it’s non-district so you know
these are basically a practice game so these are these are tough games these
are some good players Fossil Ridge you know gonna be three and oh here we gave
you that note that I’ve been sitting on all night I don’t think you know this
after this play weeks wants to throw here comes that usual pass rusher and
number 49 one more time puts a hurting on weeks Arnold
saddened sat off sa I do V Tony BA Carini was the receivers coach at South
garland in the late 80s under Don Poe and what his receivers was now his
offensive coordinator Jay Freeman so a little bit of garland connections on
that Fossil Ridge sidelines tonight 25 seconds let’s take what will probably be
our final break 36 22 Fossil Ridge on gr s TV 25 seconds left to Rowlett with the ball
bit down by 14 weeks is passes caught over here on the sidelines for a first
down by m’dear stops the clock with 19 seconds what you
call empty stats right now for the Eagles that’s right they’re gonna go
down tonight and go 1 in 3 in 2 district play yeah Fossil Ridge got four guys
playing deep so you just throw 15 yard passes our own deer another catch in
front of the charging defender that’ll move the chains again one more reminder
next Thursday night these are seven o’clock games we’ll have two games every
week next Thursday south Garland in Lakeview
from a home Ruby Johnson Bobbie George and I’ll do that one and then I’ll be
with John Willborn next Friday 7 o’clock from Williams will have namin forests in
Garland he could watch him the following week at GRS television here’s a sack and
kind of an appropriate weight in this game Bobby pressure on the quarterback
and relic cannot stop the clock that’s gonna do it so RAL it falls to one in
three keller Fossil Ridge will remain undefeated at four no the 15th ranked
team in the area and district play will start next week for the garland ISD
again a reminder our final score fossil reads 36 Rowlett 22 for Bobby George I’m
Scott Powell so long everybody

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