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Payne was in every part of my body for many many years I thought needing a doctor I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they could not find any traces that had ever existed in my body I had over 80 allergies and was allergic to the world basics like I am not allergic to anything I can eat anything under [Music] EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques and it’s an emotional version of acupuncture except we don’t use needles instead we address emotional issues the emotional contributor to disease and ailments and physical things is far greater than the impotent misma given to it to date all of us know intuitively that if we’re carrying around angers and griefs and guilts and traumas it shows up physically if somebody is really angry their stomach is tight maybe the vein is down out on their neck their blood pressure goes up emotions cause physical things well you keep that body long period of time now you’re looking at diseases you know my own case I got tired of giving medications which were doing just treat the symptoms and didn’t really address what I thought was an aligned problem EFT on the other hand zere was right in on it and I think that’s why we get results were nothing else will it’s possible to clear emotional issues at a deep enough level that physical feeling resolved acupuncture relies on the fact that there are subtle energies that run throughout the body called meridians if they’re not flowing well the body’s health does not do well and what I found was something just very stunning if we stimulate these meridians happening on them with our fingertips it tends to balance things out and people that would have an intense emotional issue it would just fade sometimes it would happen in minutes once you start taking care of these emotional issues and doing it correctly and really resolving them physical things start to subside as well immediately I could control my pain level my migraine was gone in 10 minutes I don’t have diabetes anymore I don’t have to check my blood anymore I gave my blood meter to my sister who’d cat has died because he’s overweight haha what we’ve already done is taken a very ancient very well-established process the ancient Chinese way of going about healing we’ve dusted it off and we’ve got an innovation or two and this is the new forefront to me we’re on the ground floor of this new healing high-rise when I was 10 years old I fell down a 25-foot hey shoot that letters in a sitting position on a concrete land compressing my spine underwent my first back operation in 1971 the second one in 1972 a third one in 1979 a fourth of in 1984 a fifth one in 1992 and a sixth in 2002 with each surgery that pain just got worse I lived in pain my entire life I lived on tylenol with codeine for I took them like candy I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which was another devastating blow and my response to that was God how much can I take I was totally wheelchair bound for five years the FT brought me out of the wheelchair put me on arm crutches which my doctor said would never happen went from arm crutches to giving up Social Security disability and returning to work I’m 54 and I’m doing jumping jacks now I’m not saying by that we cure everything in a minute or two and in a session or two and so on and some things take a lot longer than others but we get astonishing results often so what we’re going to do today is take a finger prick of blood from a few different people we’re going to take a look at it under a dark field microscope and actually look at what their live blood looks like a person is healthy they’re like blood will look like clean flowing river and a sick person clumping in just murky swamp those six people three had one picture that looks like there’s some health issues that should be addressed so we have those three people go through five minutes of EFT this and all this resentment we do there but again looked at it and saw just total different blood pictures another sign of clumping I was speechless when I could finally think again I thought I’m going to go home and just take my certificates like degrees it took me years to just terrible offenses let’s learn about this dancing normally as a nutritionist I want to put you on two or three months of mineral supplementation but yes to five minutes people on the outside they look at some of the things we do as as miracles and I’m not really a miracle worker at all or you know it’s just the body will kind of heal itself if if energies are allowed to flow the biggest thing of lockset flow of energy is how emotional issues and past traumas are held in the body so we’re getting to the core that’s why you can use it for everything the diction issues a mission vision issues chronic fatigue fear of flying a preferred relation cravings are Beauty diverticulitis hook strike stress disorder a vendetta publication insomnia performing in any capacity the first time I can probably say I truly and genuinely like myself love myself have acceptance people as but what kind of enter depresses I’m on and I say EFT I do believe anything is possible now because I’ve seen one that was really fun to do with the vision experiment I did 75% had an improvement in their vision but keep getting emails from people by the way Carol I’m not using my glasses to look at the piano music anymore deputies with us by ourselves as well one of the great things about EFT is it’s easy to learn by anyone I thought well I don’t know if I believe this but what if I just suspended my disbelief well the EFT tutorial is free on our website because I want the world to know how to do it do you want more than that

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