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Hey guys, Jesse Tischauser, OpticsPlanet gear expert here at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Match. So, you can see it’s not quite midnight yet but it’s getting ready to get dark and we’re going to go ahead and talk about this rifle, here, that I use specifically for this match only. What I do for a night match is basically set this thing up so I can see as much as possible at night. A white light is huge. We don’t use night vision in these things so you’ve got to have some heavy duty white light. What I like to do on my rifle is, I’ve actually gone a little overkill here, I have two Streamlight TLR-1 HP set up side by side. I won’t run them on every stage but, when we shoot a little longer distance, I will set these bad boys up so I can light up to about 300 yards. What I’ve got down on the bottom of the rifle is a Streamlight TLR-2 HL. That is a laser light combo in red. What I do with that is I, actually, use it for the up close shots. I will use the laser on the fast stuff. I won’t even shoulder the rifle and shoot like I normally would. I’ll just keep it down here and when the laser’s on target, I’ll let it rip. I’ve also got a bipod here. It’s something that I don’t normally use in matches. I can use that for the long range in conjunction with these long range lights. The other things that I do is I’ve got a different scope set up for the night match. I’ve got the military Steiner M5Xi. It’s a 1-5 variable power illuminated scope. Works really great, it’s got a really great BDC reticle in it and the illumination is perfect for this setting. We had to shoot out to 250 yards at this match, in the dark and this thing did it with ease. Up next, we’re going to talk about the shotgun. This gun is a little bit less fancy than the rifle and the pistol. Basically, what I do to this is I just put illumination on it. I’ve tried some lasers on these guns and they work but, with all the recoil in the fast shooting we do, a lot of times the laser, I don’t want to say the laser loses zero but the mount that mounts it to the shotgun will slide around so a little less trustworthy. So, I just run lights and I run two of them. What will happen is, if you only run one, you’ll get a shadow on the opposite side of that light from the barrel or the magazine extension tube. So if you put two of the TLR-1, from Streamlight, on each side there’s zero shadow and it works the best. One of the cool things about these Streamlights is, if I’m not allowed to start with the lights on, the switches are really easy to activate. If I pick the gun up, I just hit the top and the bottom and they’re ready to go and, of course, you can also get a pressure switch and put it on the side, if that’s what you choose. I really like it like this because most of the time we get to start with it on. One of the other cool things that we do with the shotguns here, since it’s a run what you brung match, is mess around with the extension tubes and the capacity of each. This one, here, holds 12 rounds, so I can get 12 plus 1 in the chamber, and I’ve got two, here, that’ll hold 15, so I can actually get 15 plus 1’s for 16 rounds and I don’t have it with me right now but I’ve got an extension where I can, basically, double this capacity and go all the way up to 21. I haven’t had to use it this year but in years past it would have been beneficial. So, it’s a lot of fun maximizing the firepower you’ve got in your gun. You’ve got some super awesome lasers or lights on these guns, all that shotgun capacity It’s a lot of fun. Alright, now we’re going to talk about the pistol. I’ve got a full on space gun race gun right here. The pistol itself is a custom built STI 2011. It has a compensator to keep the muzzle rise to a minimum, the barrel is ported. This thing is set up to run 9mm factory ammo as well which is really soft shooting. The whole goal of this gun is so I can have really fast follow up shots. One of the cool things about this is I run 170mm magazine. It actually holds 28 rounds, so I pretty much never have to do a reload which is really nice in the dark. As far as the lights and lasers go for this gun, I’ve got a Streamlight TLR-2. It’s got like 630 lumens on it. It’s got a red laser on it, really fast activation. This thing is what I use for shooting from point blank range out to about 20/25 yards. After 25 yards, I’ll transition to my Trijicon RMR. This is the RMO6 model. It is a 3.5 MOA dot. Why I use the red dot over the laser at longer ranges is because when you have the laser on target, you see a lot of shake in the laser which is fine in close targets that are very simple to shoot but once I get up to the longer ranges, I want the gun steadier and that’s where the red dot comes in to play. So, I’ve got this thing set up to shoot fast. I can shoot around corners with the laser and I can shoot out to 50-100 yards with the red dot. It’s really set up to do anything at night. Alright, one of the unsung heroes of 3 gun matches, especially here at night, is having good gear. You’ve got to, obviously, retain your pistol. At night, you can actually lose your pistol and not know it until you need it which has happened at this match. Not to me, thankfully. What I run over here is a Blade Tech WRS 2. It’s got level 2 retention. So, there’s absolutely no way that gun is going to come out of there until I tell it to come out. Alright, next up is the magazine pouches. I run a Blade Tech pouch, here, as well. I’ve got to have maximum security so they’re easy enough to get out when I need them but they don’t fall out when I’m running around because in 3 gun we do a lot of running and gunning and, at night, if you drop a magazine in the dirt, you’re probably not going to find it so you’ve got to keep that stuff secure, same thing goes for the AR magazine pouch. If I’ve got that thing in, really secure then I can get it out if I need to do a reload. The last piece of gear that you’ve got to have is some good hand-held white lights. When you’re working out of a rental car, typically at these matches, it is really easy to have everything in that car and not be able to find anything. So, I run a bunch of different Streamlight flashlights I’ve got a Protac HL, here, in the front pocket, that I use primarily, especially when going on resetting the stages in between. As you well know, one is none and two is one. So, I’ve got a Protac HL-3 back here. From now on, I’ll probably use it until I lose until about 3 stages. So, I keep a 3rd backup down here, a little Protac 2L and, lastly, I’ll wear this headlamp for the whole match so I can quickly, if something happens with my guns, I can flick it on and figure out what’s going on or just as I’m walking around resetting my stuff or getting my gear ready for the next stage. In case you don’t know more in morse code, what I was saying was “I hope this cleared up any questions you had about shooting a nighttime 3 Gun Match. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Thanks for watching.

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