GEMINI | Reconciliation Situation | Love Tarot Reading | June 2019

hello Gemini welcome – hello Tarot today we are going to be doing a spread that is going to look into your reconciliation situation this is a general reading for Gemini's something rising in Venus this may or may not resonate please use your best judgement when determining if this is your message because money readings do become very specific okay please also remember that the rules can easily be reversed we're looking at two different energies here okay presumably you and someone else so I'm going to tell you the reading as its as its laid out but it easily can be reversed or think you may have booked a personal reading with me if you want the link to my websites down below in addition to the link for the extended reading alright I'm using the radiant wise Tarot it's a new jack that I got sound very excited to use so messages please for Gemini summarizing Venus messages for Gemini face what's going on with geminis reconciliation situation okay Gemini first card represents basically where things stand right now it can also represent recent events leading up to this point and here we have the tower okay surprise it's a reconciliation situation so most likely some shit went down right the energy or the car representing your energy is the eight of Pentacles the card representing this person's energy is the five of swords the challenge in this reconciliation situation is the queen of cups what you want the Gemini is the seven of swords what this person wants four of cups potential outcome three of cups advice at the bottom of the deck is the moon Wow oh boy Gemini both of you are fed up with one another neither one of you are ready for a reconciliation situation now is not the time it doesn't look like it's a possibility okay I'm just gonna tell you straight off the back alright and I'll tell you why of course but if that's not what you want to hear then you've been forewarned okay so it looks like some shit went down most likely something very dramatic happened okay and there's anger on both sides okay both of you are really fucking pissed off at each other okay it's very clear and the challenge with the queen of cups right it's basically asking you can you be nice to one another can huge chill for a minute that's what I'm seeing there but no both of you are really fucking pissed off on each other therefore not ready for reconciliation okay however I do feel as though here with the three of cups as the outcome I do feel as though eventually you could come around to each other but it's most likely going to happen like most likely you'll become reacquainted with one another you may actually run into them at a social event or something like that you may actually have mutual friends that will most likely bring the two of you together in the future and I feel like it's going to be positive and good like the two of you will most likely let bygones be bygones by that point whether or not you get together as a couple is up to your situation but I do feel like at the very least the two of you will make amends okay I think the moral of this story Gemini is that with the moon here as your advice it's like you're never really gonna have you you are never going to truly receive what you want from this person on an emotional level there's always going to be something that will make you uncertain about this person right which is fine and dandy when you're just friends but when you're romantic with somebody like this when you're sleeping with somebody like this when you're living with somebody like this it's a different story right most likely you were living together maybe have you could have been married or it's still married or whatever you know the tower does really remind me of compromising situations as it surrounds the home okay like and it can be as mundane as like your basement getting flooded right but it can also represent a very disruptive event that shakes up everyone in a household but that can extend to partnerships right where you can it can represent a relationship falling apart right due to very dramatic circumstances and the way it all went down seemed to be pretty dramatic and lots of hurt feelings are between you and this person as a result there may have been things said to each other and anger that you may apologize for in the future but right now neither one of you are wanting to like you're still pissed both of you are both of you are really pissed off at each other I can't really tell what happened now I can just tell that it was a big deal you know and with you having a seven of swords for what you want and then having to find those swords for how they feel this isn't about togetherness right now what's going on between you and this person isn't about togetherness it's about Teddy bullshit it's about getting revenge it's about coming out on top looking out for yourself looking at right which is understandable depending on what happened having to you know have your own back right that's the seven of swords in my opinion five of swords is a bit more malicious okay so I could understand why you had a seven of swords for how you feel I'm sorry for what you want Gemini because this person most likely between the two of you most likely this person was pretty shitty when this all went down okay they may have said some things that were really hurtful okay like unnecessarily hurtful okay and now you're like fuck that I want to give back good you know you're like I can just see you like thinking of all these different little ways you can kiss this person off right it's like you really you really want to get back at them and it's not like this grand scheme you know what I mean but it's like you or you you sort of wish that like something would happen so that this person can get a taste of their own medicine right but you are looking out for yourself which I feel is reasonable considering what we're dealing with here okay I see you taking a more proactive approach to putting your life back together after this you working you know accumulating money perhaps working overtime or getting a second job so that you can afford to live on your own for instance you know you just being on of your financial game right now so that you can move on from this situation without needing any dependence on this person right you may have lost a job this person may have lost a job there could have been a big unfortunate events surrounding money okay this person may have done some sideways shit with the money that you share together okay but it can be anything else really but you you know now that the tower moment has happened the dust is still settling I can tell but yet you're there's you're focused on getting yourself back on track so that's good job and I okay I think that's the you know post breakup it's always good to be busy to you know keep your hands busy keep yourself productive right and I see you taking an active approach to keeping your mind busy but it's not just about that you're also making money you're also creating things right you're you're focusing this this unfortunate you know aftershocks of this you're focusing all of that into something more healthy and proactive and then this person you know they feel the v of sores which I've already mentioned they're still really pissed off and like I said they most likely weren't very nice to you and all of this went down you know this person may have done something that you know single-handedly created this tower moment okay they could be the reason why the tower happened okay or it could be you know a number of reasons that why it happened and then this person just acting like an asshole you know like you know this tower moment being a test for your relationship right and this person you know instead of being like a part of your instead of acting like a partnership and like your on each other's team this person decided to take it out on you and to just be in a negative vibration mindset very unproductive energy and finger-pointing like you did this you know that kind of shit it's all it's all bullshit what this person like this person needs to fucking chill out really and I think that eventually they're gonna have to chill out because I don't feel like you I don't really don't think you want to talk to this person right now this person may have a few things to say to you but I really wouldn't I wouldn't engage with them if I were you okay the queen of cups is the challenge here so this is basically telling me that there's like very little compassion or understanding happening between you and this person it is very it's just so hurtful what's going on you know and it's like the tower moment is is hurtful in itself but the aftershocks the after events right are making it so much worse and it's like you or your you're having to look out for yourself like you may actually be blocking this person getting a no-contact order you know you looking out for yourself because this person could potentially even be dangerous okay we didn't put it past the five of swords right it's like you're watching your back you want to watch your back you want to protect yourself because you've seen firsthand how this person can be and you may not have seen that part of this person before and now that you have you're like fuck them okay you know you know there's love here right but the gloves not being embraced you love this person the two if you love them one another okay let's just make that clear but that's not the you know what's more important is how the two of you cooperate with one another as a couple and yeah it's just not it's just all it's just really painful really really painful yeah I really feel like you're disappointed you know but you know because you love this person you may be just wondering like is it possible that this can work out even though it seems impossible because what happens seems to be like I said a pretty big deal because you love this person you're wondering maybe maybe they'll change maybe things will be different down the road things can be different but I really don't think the two of you are gonna be a couple or at least I don't think you should okay I think the two of you are better off as friends okay because there's something about this person especially with this moon card as your advice most likely and what I'm getting here is a developments that exposed them perhaps you make you you know this moon card reminding you of how much you didn't know before this shit went down and the moon card could be telling you as advice like if you think about it what else is there that you don't know right and do you need to know it do you really need to know it right are you a glutton for punishment that's basically what you're asking yourself if you I would leave this alone if I were you I think you are doing the right thing by watching your back and being focused on other things whatever extra precautions you need to take depending on the severity of this situation I would take them okay the four of cups that represents what this person wants and this is basically telling me that this person doesn't want to change they just want to you know feel sorry for themselves play the victim right stubborn they're not they're not moving they're not changing right they they just want to be petty they just want to be stuck they have no intention of apologizing they have no intention of looking at themselves in the mirror you know they have no intention of acknowledging any accountability you know so it's like well between your seven of sorts for what you want and there are five four of cups I mean neither of you are not in the mindset to be in reconciliation with one another okay however the three of cups at the potential outcome I do think is good it does say that you probably will reunite and it probably will be good but I think the moon as your advice is telling you don't get too close to this person this person isn't trustworthy keep them at arm's length yes they're fun to have a drink at happy hour or whatever shooting the shit talking about whatever you know you most likely have things in common with this person you most likely may have even been friends with this person before you started dating and it's like getting back to those basics and and leaving the raw manse out of it or at least you should the cards don't want you to be romantically invested because this person isn't trustworthy but are they you know good enough to have a drink with on a Friday night sure you know but I feel like it's not that that's not gonna happen anytime soon okay it could happen years from now all right but yeah and right now no no the dust hasn't settled yeah Gemini so I am going to start clarifying in the extended video that will be linked below for 2 dollars and 50 cents if this is where we depart thank you so very very much Gemini for coming to visit and if you do purchase the extended reading then I'll see you over there ok bye

9 thoughts on “GEMINI | Reconciliation Situation | Love Tarot Reading | June 2019

  • This GEM has never communicated with her True (TAURUS) TF in 3D (phone, email, snail mail, Fed Ex, telex or carrier pigeon) and we live on opposite sides of the planet. We both each caused 2 tower moments (and I don't even know how I'd caused mine); but understand this can be common in TFs [assuming they want to come into union].

    As for this GEM, am not angry as I don't even know what caused this irreparable scenario (altho' if suspicions counted – this GEM's toxic, narcissistic False (SAG) TF had something to do with it). Was trying to stay hopeful even when the universe moved back their divine timing [forward into union] from Sep/2019 to Dec/2019.

    What is so bewildering is the deafening SILENCE of NOT feeling 'your' TFs presence across thousands of miles. From intense feelings to "nobody home on the entire planet" is disappointing so far as the implied "spiritual foundation" of TFs is concerned. Wish I had some sage advice to proffer everyone for all our efforts, good wishes and fun reading our progression of this now failed union – but there is a very tangible block that, for the life of me – cannot fathom what I may have done to cause this.

    However, karma being what it is, will certainly not begrudge a heartfelt APOLOGY for whatever it was I'd done or said to cause such a bewildering overnight termination of our connection, while this GEM also forgives her TF for not telling her WHY (so she could learn from her mistake/s) but then, communication was not 'my' TF's forte, either.

    I only hope my failure to succeed in working with such an enlightened soul will not discourage others who may be having difficulty with their own TF experience.

    Namaste' to all of YouTube's fantastic intuitives who made this a fascinating learning experience, and to all those globally who benefit from their gifts as well.


  • There’s so much I didn’t know but found out at the end of the relationship, after I invested so much and helped this person . I know in my heart there’s still so much I don’t know . He’s playing the victim making it seem as if I left him in the cold when he’s the reason I left in the first place .

  • Idk why the hell he would be pissed when he got what he wanted . He caused me to nearly lose everything. He was a shitty person when I left and will remain shitty after it’s all said and done .

  • I was living with a narcissistic Scorpio and left him TWICE right where he stood . Truly believe his end goal was to destroy me . Everything he has said or done thus far , has been to hurt me or bring me down . He’s now claiming he wants to move into ANOTHER place together. He’s delusional. Sending threading texts looking for a reaction out of me but it’s not happening. He says things then retracts whenever he’s confronted talking about he said it out of anger . 🙄. So tired of the back & forth . Ice spoiled him too long he thinks I’ll keep taking him back with open arms but I have to let him see that hurting me was the BIGGEST mistake he could’ve made .

  • So~~~right ~~~~
    When we are friends everything went soothe..
    But when we become lovers. He changed and I changed.
    There are always some gate between us.
    Yes. We both have different thoughts with one thing and it is a big event for both of us.
    I am not really know do we need to reconcile again.
    He really said something hurt me lots. The feelings just gone in second.
    You are so right that I need to focus on making money.
    I just rest myself in this moment.
    Thank you for the reading.
    Totally useful.❤️

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