he'll friends and today I'm here to discuss a chapter gender religion and cost so today we will discuss we will be discussing the religious division which is you know very different from the one we had just discussed that with the gender division I like the gender division it's particularly and most of the times expressed in politics okay let us see the in let us see in what ways one of them is that Gandhiji said that politics can never be separated from religion by this it did not mean by Hinduism or some ism by this event that the ethics that we won gains from the religion should be the principle basis through principle basis of motivating and you know the guidelines for the politics so the ethics should move the politics then the second the human rights group said that when they are the most of the victims of the communal riots are the minorities and they should be protected the women said that most of the family laws the women movement said that most of the family laws are discriminate discriminate towards the women and the government should change them to make them warring with table so unless and until this these all things happen religion and politics is nothing bad it does not mean that religion and politics together will always form a dangerous faction no sometimes it can be normal and can be sometimes good at work for example ideas ideals and you know the things idea ideas and things drawn from the religion should can and should be should play a role in the politics that means you know they a person should be able to express his or her need as a member of a community and the person who is holding the political part can sometimes regulate the practice of a religion in order to press operation and discrimination these are things are right unless and until all religions are treated equal so when does the problem start the problems start when religion is seen as the principle basis of a nation which can there ever be so let us see what happens when slowly and slowly religion and politics start creating a problem well when religion is when religion is expressed in exclusive and partisan terms in the politics then it can create a problem when really when one religion all the members of the religion are pitted against the others then it can create a problem when you know the beliefs of a religion ours are shown as superior to the other religions then it can cause a problem when you know the demands of one religious religious groups are formed in opposition to the others then it can cross cause a problem and when States power is used to establish dominance of one religion over the other then of course can cause a problem so you see how religion politics can cause a problem so after this I'm gonna discuss communalism communalism is the political organization of a society based on federal communities so how is this expressed in politics what this happens it is based on the idea that the people are one religious community that the people are one religion form a social community second they do not have any differences and all they and first are common and if they do have any interest which are not in common then those are superficial and those are not true and they are trivial in the community lies second if people have two different religion has something in common then that is superficial and that cannot be third that if you know there is something in common between them then that cannot happen of course I've already told you and they are thinking not it just with each other if they are there their interests and their beliefs involves our conflict in its fix extreme cases communicate communalism can also like to believe that the people of different religion cannot live in the same country as equal citizens either the one has to dominate the other but is it true no people of the same religion have only one you know interesting comment that is religion and if they are if they are brought together in a context other than religion then it is sought to it is sought to suppress many voices within that religion that thing is for example if my parents you know my family let's say example of my family we are all the same religion of course but my brother has a different of aspiration I have a distant different aspiration my mother and my father have different aspirations so if we are brought together in all contexts I might not be able to speak my brother night not might be able to speak my father not might be able to speak so you know it you know we we might not be able to express ourselves we might not be able to you know do what we want to so this is what happens if the people of one religion are bought together in a other than religion then this is taught to suppress many voices the most common way in which it is expressed in politics is first of all we that is the religious prejudices and the stereotypes of religious groups and the belief of one's one's religion superiority over the other we all believe it in we all believe it and sometimes we even don't know it second is you know a communal mind is often a on quest for political dominance of his religion if he's a part of majority then he would start having a magic majoritarian dominance is part of a minority then this would lend to I you know this would lead to a desire to have a separate political unit and the third way by which faith is expressed in his politics is political mobilization on religious finds by using they will use special sacred symbols and you know emotional speeches emotional speeches and plain fear to bring the people of one religion on to the political arena and they will also have you know emotional appearance to the interest of the people of one religion in preference to the others so this is what they do to bring the people and have more votes then sometimes the communalism can take its most ugliest form that is you know violence and riots India and Pakistan at the time of the partition experienced some of the worst religion communal rights so this is a very ugly form of the community Smith I hope that you have understood what is communion ISM and what is you know that the divisions with based upon religions till what extent are they good and after which they are trending if you want to know more about the chapter then you've got to see my other videos thank you


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