Genesis Chapter 13- Strife

everybody great to be with you firebrand ministries we invite her father to join us here on this study of Genesis chapter 13 that he would open all of our eyes and ears to the truth and to gain what he would have us to gain we pray this in Jesus precious name amen we saw what happened how how Abraham was obedient to the voice of the Lord and listened and we're going to see how Abraham is so blessed because doing because that he would we would do that and his Christians being most blessed people on this earth when we are obedient we have discipline to do what our Father is asked of us to know his word to claim his promises would the same applies to us today or blessed above all people because of who because of our Father so let's get into that knowing this with verse 1 and Abram went out of Egypt he and his wife and all that he had in love with him into the South in Abraham was very rich in cattle and silver and gold and famines over and Abraham comes out very rich he comes out on top with the blessings of God because that's how it works no matter what we go through in our life we come out on top our Father provides a way for us to get through anything why it's so important to trust and confide in the Living God only and being obedient through through the hard times the good times no matter what we go through you know we saw how God's divine protection you know extends to us today as it did through all of his faithful servants in this word and how lucky we are to have our fathers divine protection how lucky we are to to have access to the throne of God to have his counsel the highest counselor that there is to have our intercessor to have everything that we have access to his Christians calling herself by his holy holy name we are so blessed we have nothing to be worried or anxious about our Father through Christ Jesus has foretold us all things and he has never left us wanting he's there to comfort us to get us through all these things that must come to pass in this generation so continue to listen and be obedient to your father it makes his day when you study his word when he make time for him as a world doesn't have for him they don't care and but but we care we do make time for him in that that means the world to her father he just wants our love he can have anything and that he created all things but our Father in that we were created for his pleasure he wants us to return the love that he has shown unto us keep that mind first three and he went on his journeys from the south even to Beth Ellen to the place where his tent had been at the beginning between Bethel and hey I under the place of the altar which he had made there at the first and there abraham called on the name of the Lord why he knew where his blessings came from famine or no famine Abraham you know he knew that God takes care of all things and and that the obedience and that discipline hearing the word of the Lord and following it that's everything that's what we were created for for his will we were brought into existence for his pleasure and when we worship we praise and we give the credit where it belongs to our gracious loving merciful Father we are blessed beyond belief that's the way it works he's our Father he wants to take care of us he set out the conditions for us to claim his promises to have his blessings in her life and and when we do that you know his word is true he and God could not lie and laud also which went with Abram had flocks and herds in tents and the land was not able to bear them that they might dwell together for their substance was great so that they could not dwell together so much blessings the land couldn't handle and you know we're going to see some division we're going to see some some spreading here but we're also going to see the way Satan works we've seen in Genesis even before Genesis and the capital of Satan his motives in that first Earth age we saw in Genesis 3 we saw in Genesis 6 and now we're seeing again Satan trying to ruin the plan of God and we're going to see the strike the division the lies the things that he costs and the lesson in this is he's going to do the same thing that he's always done throughout the Word of God to destroy you and your family separating you from the love that is in Christ and the unity that is in Christ but we know that god holds all power and authority we know we have a personal relationship and a back line two approaches berry thrown through Christ Jesus and we know that Christ has given us power and authority over our enemies to use and to command those evil spirits out of our life and to not let them bring us down and to not hurt us in our families that is the protection of god part of it is putting on that gospel armor knowing his promises claiming them knowing the authority the things that have been given unto us it's beautiful and there was strife between the herdsmen of Abraham's cattle in the herdman of lots cattle and and then in parentheses and the Canaanites and the Perez I've dwelled in the land interesting there's strife between the people's cattle we know what the biggest strife comes from from that evil one Satan that's kind of strike from the beginning of the beginning and we see right here who was in the land if you have a companion Bible points points it out check out appendix 23 and 25 these were the Nephilim we see somehow second influx here we see Satan trying to destroy that bloodline God and Satan knew the plane of God he knew that he had cold Abraham to pull him out of that land out of that confusion out of Babylon into this new land and who was there waiting for them in that land to cause strife and division those Nephilim do your studying understand the way Satan attacks and how we arm ourselves so that those fiery darts do not hurt us they don't even faze us as Christians because we possess the power of the Living God with us we have that gospel armor understand the main objective of Satan and ripping apart your life pulling away from your family and from Christ verse 8 and Abraham said unto lot let there be no strife I pray thee between me and Dean between my Herdman and I Herdman 44 we're brothers were family we're not going to do this we're relatives you know we're not like the others in this land that are of evil that the cause strife and we're not going to let Satan come in and cause this division within our family you know we're grounded in the Lord and that is why we include am each and every day leading guiding and directing us we pray that Jesus name claiming our authority or power over our enemies out of the evil spirits those negative thoughts everything out of our lives and we handle it the way God has showed us how to handle it with common sense with wisdom that comes from him seeking his counsel verse 9 is not the whole land before they separate thyself I pray thee from me if that will take the left then I will go to the right ever thou depart to the right hand then I will go to the left very simple give you the choice and lot lifted up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the Garden of the Lord like the land of Egypt as outcome as Jays are so we see it was it was beautiful there was growing cities there was commerce there's green grass and water everything what we're going to see where this leads to and and you know who who is the master masters of trade of deception we know the Kenites from genesis tree 3 and we see what's going to happen in sodom and gomorrah why'd they were destroyed in this evil that was going on that soon approaching where lot is going to go then not chose him all the plain of Jordan and lot journeyed East and they separated themselves the one from the other Abraham dwelt in the land of Canaan and lot dwelled in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom but the man of Sodom were wicked sinners before the Lord exceedingly look into these words what is what is it talking about here hell how disgusting and sick it is right here and and just like it was in Genesis 6 evil continually they were doing the most unnatural most disgusting pure evil corrupt things that that you could do constantly and we know that Sodom is going to be destroyed and it's even talked about in Isaiah chapter 1 verse 9 and 10 and even how Jerusalem another I'd study for you to look into why Jerusalem is called in revelation 11 9 Sodom in Egypt in the end time so study what these things mean the deeper meanings remember the three levels within God's worded of understanding it's absolutely beautiful there's always something that we can gain from our fathers were personally for prophecy for for everything that's why we continue to strive to ask father for his wisdom and we continue studying because this is making us closer to our Father in Jesus name this is blessing us more and more bringing us more into peace and to rest what our very souls desire being in these terrible flesh bodies where all this corruption is possible and is verse 14 and Lord said unto Abram after that lot was separated from him lift up now thine eyes and looked from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward and westward and we're going to see God is making his everlasting covenant with Abram here we're going to Hosea 11 10 numerous as the sands of the sea and what sad as we read this with understanding we know the histories that the goings and comings of Israel but the world is ignorant to where Israel is today who the people's are how they were scattered you know when they were taken into captivity separated from Judah where they moved up into Samaria and how important that is just as we're understanding the beginning to understand the end what happened in the first earth age what happened in the garden to understand the rest of the word of God we have to understand you know Israel in the history of these things most don't have a clue you know and even Christians would call themselves Gentiles out of ignorance and how sad that is when her father's laid it out at Christ you know what he taught it so simple a child can understand but man you know twists and lies and Satan his deception has been poured out through those foreign dynasties and the truth is not topped that's why we're trying to spread and that's why I pray that god blesses you all with wisdom and with knowledge and gives you whatever desire whatever a gift that is you had to go it out into the world and to use that gift you know to show the world the love of for all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it into the icy for ever and i will make die seed as the dust of the earth so if a man can number the desi rear then shall thy seed also be numbered in those with eyes to see and ears to hear see this today and understand this today what it is speaking of 417 arise walk through the land in the length of it and the breadth of it for I would give it to the unto thee then Abraham removed his tent and came and dwelt in the land of Mamre which is in head brawn and built there and altered unto the Lord again to praise God to give him the credit and you know today you know what we have the Holy Spirit with us today to worship and praise God each and every day at any moment that our minds think about it constantly all day long no one can stop us from praying no one can stop us from worshiping God we can do it if you're in school if you're a student they can't tell you not to pray you do it in your head or in your work or wherever you are no one can stop you from praising your father and in that continue to revere your father to hear his word and to give him the glory in the praise that he deserves being the glorious magnificent wonderful father that he is to us god bless you all thank you for watching thank you for encouraging me remember to do your part you have a part in this you have a destiny in this and there there's a reason you have eyes to see and ears to hear your father's called you in and continue getting in this in his word to know his plan so that he can even use you continue studying with me and like and share these videos and get the truth out any way that you can god bless row we'll see you next time

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