34 thoughts on “George Fenton and Jonas Gwangwa – Cry Freedom

  • I’ve got the film and soundtrack c/o iTunes, it’s impressive, Jonas complemented George’s music well, George is multi-skilled, and so versatile.

  • what a great man was Steve Biko,rest in peace brother,Dr Milton Felix,La Vega,Rep.Dom.

  • Fenton opens the song, followed by the great South African trombonist and jazz supremo, JONAS GWANGWA and his talented choir. Gwangwa sings: "The Africans are coming. They are armed with their spears. Take a new step. Leave all your burdens behind. Go to foreign lands and tell the people there about our struggle for freedom. We are fighting for freedom in South Africa."

  • This great nation has come a long way. We cannot let it slip away again. We need a new direction. We need the power of one! Phambili maAfrika!!

  • now i know that "circle of life" from the lion king has been copied (don´t want to say "inspired") by this song

  • This is just great… emotional and moving – as the movie was. Have it on DVD. I would like to understand the African words in it…

  • as far as i know it is not George Fenton singing – he''s an amAzing guy – he wrote a children's opera for me back in the 80's

  • i just saw fenton in dallas with the DSO, and they played this song, and fenton himself sang. it was incredible.

  • I listen to this track every single day and I still get the chills….the lyrics, the arrangement, the voices, aahhh!!!! Being South African…I suppose that adds to the emotion, especially having lived through those times. Thanks George, Thanks Jonas.

  • I just stumbled this video whistl looking for music by George Fenton. I remember watching this film when I was 12! I didn't relise that that George Fenton Had writen this!! = )

  • The Cry Freedom soundtrack is a wonderful, sometime stirring mix if traditional, African pop and Western motifs. I've owned the LP version of it since 1990 and its in mint condition. Some day, I'll digitize it. An equally exciting soundtrack from an Africa-based movie is "No Where in Africa." You can find it here on YouTube. The German film won an American Oscar for best foreign film a vew years back. When traditional and pop African sounds are recruited, magic happens.

  • yah it is ok I already got the soundtrack, someone brought it into a used music store and had no idea it was out of print so it was like 3 dollars

  • By the way, I want to dedicate this song to Pablo Emilio Moncayo, Gilad Shalit, Hu Jia, and the rest of the people who is fighting for their freedom, against violence and revenge.

  • This music is a beautiful tribute for an exciting movie of the greatest fighters and heroes of South Africa.

    Thank you for this gift

  • I would love to get a video of this unforgettable, must-see movie. The song is so haunting, it touches my soul!

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