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he's been trying to reorder the world as if he is the creator but that's perhaps because he thinks he is Soros himself admits that from the time he was very young he had of megalomaniacal ideas he said he had messianic fantasies he said he even thought of himself as a kind of God in the alchemy of Finance quote I fancied myself as some kind of God Soros goes further in that he has said that he wanted to be the conscience of the world he was quoted by his biographer Kalin yes I did say that and actually I stand by it I think the world very much needs a conscience I want my foundation Network to be the conscious of the road he was born in Budapest Hungary on August 12 1930 as George Schwartz the son of Orthodox Jews today Soros is an atheist who doesn't embrace his Jewish identity and rarely supports Jewish causes or Israel that of course is something again very very much a part of my psyche anti-semitism you know hatred of Jews I think there are enough to take care of Israel it was actually probably the happiest Europe I life that year of German occupation for me it was a very positive experience it's a strange thing you know because you see incredible suffering around you it's a very happy making exhilarating experience George attended the Fabian socialist London School of Economics he moved to New York in 1956 became a US citizen at 61 and at the age of 39 he started what would become the quantum bump which he would use to attack currencies all across the globe he later would be blamed for the financial collapses in Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Japan and Russia and who could forget that he was the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 because I made on this particular transaction but they estimated about a billion dollars I precipitated the the the event which occurred I think the next day or or within two days so in in a way it was the Marxist way Karl Marx proposition from everybody according to their ability and to everybody according to their needs was a very attractive idea Soros also collapses regimes with his open society fund open society is a desirable form of social organization both as a means to an end and as an end in itself if what your vision that you set out was enacted would we be would we have as one final result a more equal distribution of wealth it would lead to a a more equal distribution of wealth when you try to see improve society you affect different people and different interests differently and they are not actually commensurate so if you very often have all kinds of unintended adverse consequences so I have to experiment and it was it was a learning process the first part was this subversive activity disrupting they repair a repressive regimes that was a lot of fun so what is this target now US America he said it himself on many occasions he said what I have done in other countries in terms of overturning bad governments I'm going to do in this country in one of his books Earls writes quote the main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States George Soros is really the dr. evil of the whole world of left-wing foundation I set up a foundation to promote open society throughout the world I established an American branch for the open society here is a deep-seated conflict between capitalism and open society open society is endangered by by our current leadership in this country and that is when I refocus my attention on the United States how has America got to be different I felt that I have got to get involved in America and that's at the time I felt that if we could terminate President Bush's hold on the white house so I think you need a new world order that China has to be part the question is whether we need and whether mr. Soros said his foundations can help to bring more forward influence into the United States instead of relying on what is essentially a balance between Democrats and conservative Republicans I think you put your finger on a very important flaw in the current world order and and that is that only Americans have a vote in Congress and yet it is in United States that basically determines policy for the world that is a flaw in in the current setup political analysts say the shadow party he has built here greatly resembles those he created in other countries before instigating a coup he created his own party within a party or his shadow party outside of the Democratic Party for the Center for American Progress that was one of the original shadow party terms this group from the beginning was charged with getting control of the conservative media we're not moving to the second issue of this front of the shadow convention the persistence of poverty in the middle of our prosperity and it gives me great pleasure to welcome one of our conveners the Reverend Jim Wallace the head of the cotton renewal a new coalition of churches to fought poverty and the editor of Sojourner our country us and we need people like George Soros who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts these are the open society these are these are just the things that he has donated to I just want to show because we don't have a lot of time so I just wanted to show you the list these are the list of the organizations that are involved you know in these in these five steps and we wrote it out for you but I just wanted to show you that it you know it's no big deal it's not like you're overpowered or anything like this there's more there's this is less than half of them but but other than that there's there's nothing to see here just move on with your lives nothing to see here folks in the things that I am engaged in I'm actually willing to put my life at risk and I think it's it makes me feel much more complete the system we have now has actually broken down only we haven't quite recognized it and so you need to create a new one then this is the time to do and welcome to socialism as anywhere near the President of the United States would you Soros has been granted at least four visits so far to the Obama White House this a man who is repeatedly called for the devaluation of the dollar a slow decline in the value of the dollar and the managed decline he's waged a war against capitalism capitalism is not a directly opposed to open society nevertheless it poses some seriousness this is a man who wants the world to be one global society without borders or individual governments one global society and one over linked people

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  • He is who tipped me off to Obama. I’d never heard of him until I started checking into who was supporting Obama. I was doing that because of how his rise reminded me of how Hitler came to power. And what do you know!? Like Q says “These people are stupid!”

  • "There is a deep seated conflict between Capitalism and Open Society" says the thug who's made an enormous fortune through Capitalism, and stolen most of the world's wealth.
    When is someone going to pop this insufferable megalomaniac prick.

    Here's an idea – if he wants his own world to control, with him as King on his self-appointed, self-important throne, then take all his Open Society sycophants, all his Fabian Society minions, all his deluded socialists and draconian communists and GTFO.
    Move to Mars.
    You can f**k around to your heart's content up there.
    (I'm sure you can convince NASA or Elon Musk to drop you and your furniture off on a one-way trip).
    Do us all a favor.

  • All I can say to Soros is GOD's got the answers it's the people that aren't listening, an the same GOD knows your heart just like he knows the rest of ours hearts, don't have anything to do with Soros or his evil ways, Jesus Christ is the answer to this whole video, amen.

    Luke 8:17
    17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad

    Matthew 10:26
    26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

    Mark 4:22
    22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

  • Sad but true unions have been infiltrated like the days of Hitler and the workers of Germany unions were also used to put Obama in power our government today is run by infiltrated unions again just like the workers of Germany George Soros was a Nazi collaborator he is connected to the international Bankers Rothschilds they have no accountability shameful playing both sides shame on them

  • Soros selected Obama, he knew it people won't refuse Him because he was Black, He thought He was going to select Hillary also but Trump Is not stupid. Who thought out people would turn their back on us Americans, The Congress, FBI, wonder why they respected McCain so much?

  • They know the public hates Soros so they make him a 'Nazi'. And the suckers take the bait. How can people be so simplistic to fall for a gimmick in which a jew 'confesses' alleged 'crimes' of Germans?
    There was no holocaust, don't let them use your hatred for Soros to rope you into false history.

  • You depict yourself as god? You mean you depicted yourself as Satan. God does not do evil things. How old are you Soros? You're not going to be around for a long time. Hell awaits you!

  • He would be in prison if our FBI wasn’t corrupt and in is pocket, Can’t wait for him to meet his maker let his family go with him. Hope he loses his money before he goes. Pure evil not human.

  • That's a true communist. They all think they know better than everyone else. They will impose their will on everyone else.

  • This is all bullshit. George Soros funded efforts to destroy the USSR and yugoslavia. Bad mouse productions has a video debunking all this. The Koch brothers the Mercer’s are the actual threat. George Soros co-opts left movements to destroy them. Watch it –

  • Umm…i hate to break it to ya George but the position of God has been filled…don't call us , we'll call you!

  • OK George Soros said that was the happiest time in his life when there was war all around him. This guy is trying to make that happiness come back in the world today, the holocaust , this is what he shooting for And it's America hes got his eye on. Our all of our governments has been paid off buy him China and Russia and Saudi Arabia , I think Washington will get the shit blowed out of them 1st , They are snaking in the Muslim brotherhood through the border and new border laws , China will possibly invade California I think Kim will invade Florida Muslim brotherhood the East Coast Russia Alaska In North America Washington. I think he'll take out Denver, Colorado in all of Washington. I think George Soros works for the trillion airs and all these governments work for him. Remember America first.

  • Soros gives philanthropically with one hand, while he is handing arsenic to blindsided individuals in the other!

  • Open Society doesnt mean communism, for Gods sake, its a concept coined by Karl Popper, Soros’ master, and is fiercely opposed to communism or any other antidemocratic ideology.

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