Gerald Over 40 Alpha and Brotherhood Review

you know funk I've been following your workouts for the past few years now and I've used the 500 abs workout as finisher for the Track Club I help run my athletes love them specialist cherry bombs and star crunches killer man after especially after doing those hill repeats anyhow I'm honored to send this video shout out to you for building a 40 and over workout series for us been over the years I've it's gotten harder for me to recover from workouts especially when doing heavy weights and I tried several on the market I've seem to come back to yours as my top two go or go to workouts when I'm pressed for time or not sure what I want to do I have a number of those workouts on my seconds app on my phone I really enjoy many of the full body short metabolic high-intensity effective 30-minute workouts that's what I'm after it's money it's money baby 30 minute workouts so effective so what I've seen worked out has worked out well for me over the past a few months effective but I don't have to go heavy weights or just just do body weights hit I've been doing it for many many years and I love that you've incorporated that into your workouts you know 45 minutes 45 seconds on 15 seconds off three to five times safe I'm not killing myself and I am able to walk out of that gym whoo refreshed and not beaten down and resourceful man I could use a lot of these workouts with my student athletes both in an offseason so check this out this morning I checked my blood glucose and my Aikido mojo monitor happy to say that my blood glucose is at 71 my hypocrite level is at 45% and my hemoglobin level is at 15.3 grasper tech leader this is a combination of obviously your workouts that I've been incorporating 5 a.m. in the morning 30-minute workouts intermittent fasting keto cycling consuming CVD restful night sleeps and many other implements such as air compression therapy acupuncture infrared and mansion my overall stress level specifically in prayer in adoration not too bad not too bad for a 46 year old mayor for 19 years as two teenage sons and in a full-time gig so keep bringing it funk their workouts the webinars the whole enchilada it's benefiting me and I'm sure it's benefiting the other man I see on Facebook group and maybe one day I'll be with you in Thailand take care brother peace

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