10 thoughts on “GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy On Its Head

  • Things I learned from this video:

    • With a 98% rate of election, a seat in congress is one of the most secure jobs in the state of Virginia.

    • Gerrymandering is the manipulation of boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class.

    • Gerrymandering causes districts to be irregular and contorted.

    • How the district lines are drawn every 10 years is left to the discretion of state legislators.

    • Legislators now pick their voters instead of voters picking the legislators.

    • If districts are manipulated to be drawn in a manner that promotes the self-interest of legislators, while ignoring the interests of the citizens, your vote doesn’t matter and your vote doesn’t count.

    • Gerrymandering is the process of turning democracy on its head.

    • Gerrymandering doesn’t produce competition, so if a legislator is in a non-competitive seat, he doesn’t have to listen to his constituents.

    • 32 seats out of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives is considered “competitive”; of those 32, only seven were considered to be toss-ups.

    • Suppresses minority groups’ votes.

    • Maryland is 63% Democrat and 33% Republican, 7 Democratic seats and 1 Republican

  • How do you propose to keep partisanship from entering into an independent redistricting commission, so that it does not become an arm of a political party, be that party Democrat or Republican?

  • As someone who works in races in northern va, this is pure bullshit.
    Mark Warner and gov. McAuliffe both took part in Gerry meandering.
    How about instead of discussing the first case in at the founding of the country. Focus on the worst case in recent history, Martin O’Mally and his dragon stretching across the bay.
    Mcauliff didn’t gain massive seats cause his Toll’s of 60 of up to 60 bucks on the express lanes.
    Also his very interesting decision to restore voting rights to felons with no review just in time for the election.
    What one Virgina won’t tell you is they are not bi partisan, they are very partisan. Hence why fewer republicans are in this documentary. Virginia is contrived by the democrats. Regardless of the House. They own the governorship and they Gerry lander NOVA like you wouldn’t believe and own it.
    This group is run by progressive democrats.
    It’s funny that they bring up racism. Virginia is dominated by democrats who have run the state for a long time.
    And Nova the democrat strong hold and home of Don Breyer is very white? Also the highest income. No comment on that I guess.
    Interesting note this movement, not this group but the new Gerry meandering advocacy group. There solution is a bi partisan board. That draws the map. Well if you live in blue nova those people will draw blue favoring maps.
    And to act like the republicans invented this is insane. Terry mcauliff and the Clintons redefined gerrymandering.
    Ohhh, but no comment poor terry is just trying to do what’s right by blindly authorizing thousands of felons to vote right before the 2016 elections.
    I got free tickets to a screening here.
    No dice. This is what you call.
    Ironically no one cared about this argument when the tea party was screaming about it.

  • In 1999, the Economist magazine, described America's problem as "gerrymandering."  Almost 20 years later, here we are.  Thank you Gov. Arnold S, for taking gerrymandering to the voters in California 3 different times.  Bravo!  PS. This is your one good thing!

  • If you agree with Regan, Bush 41, Bush 43, Obama, and most Virginia politicians that voters should pick their elected officials, not the other way around, join us at www.onevirginia2021.org. OneVirginia is a highly respected, bipartisan group working for fairness in redistricting.

  • I want to do a private screening of this documentary to raise money for the Virginia elections. Do you have any idea how I can get a better quality video?

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