Get a Flexible, Affordable and Convenient Mortgage

Everything’s better with theWorks, from Interior Savings.
[music] Wouldn’t it be great if borrowing money
was a hassle-free experience that let you make the big decisions?
Well now it is, with theWorks – our complete loan and mortgage solution
theWorks gives you flexibility and choice in how you borrow, and what you are borrowing
for… a house, home renovations, investments or
even a vacation. No matter what your needs we can help. And it’s all under one easy-to-manage,
one time mortgage package. Here’s what you get with theWorks: Savings.
Save time and money. Avoid future mortgage fees and legal fees.
And at Interior Savings you’ll find our rates competitive.
With theWorks you also get Choice. You can borrow money for any purpose, it’s your
call. [car horn] You can also have a number of different types of loans at the same time
with theWorks including a line of credit. Flexibility. If you are unsure of where rates
are going you can choose to have part of your mortgage in a fixed rate and another part
of your mortgage a variable rate. theWorks is re-advancable for your future
borrowing needs. Set your own repayment including amounts and schedules. Both fixed or variable
rates are available Peace of Mind. Mortgage protection insurance,
life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment insurance are all available
for theWorks. So talk to us today about how theWorks from
Interior Savings can work for you, or visit us at [birds chirping]

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